What a surprise can be made a friend's birthday: 35 ideas

Think of what a surprise can be made your dear friend's birthday, you need to be in advance. We refuse beaten ideas like figurines and other items that are designed to collect dust. Make an emphasis on an unusual and cool surprise, which will have to my soul every birthday, regardless of age. Of the variety of ideas, pick up a gift to taste and wallet.

Creative ideas of surprises for the birthday of a friend do it yourself


If you want to please and surprise a girlfriend, make her a gift-surprise with your own hands. Attach the original congratulations from the bottom of my heart, so that the girlfriend understand how the road you.

Slideshow with musical accompaniment

If you live well with your computer, you will simply cook such an unusual gift. Make a slide show from the photographs of the girlfriend and your common. Complete the music and send the nameunice by email. You can give personally by writing on a flash drive or disk. If you are celebrating DR in a public place, ask to bring the slide show to the big screen to see everything.

Poem of own essay

If you have poetic talent and know how to write poetry, then the question is what a surprise to make a close person, you should not have. In the creation dedicated to the culprit of the celebration, tell us about your attitude towards her. Be sure to complete the verse with original congratulations on your birthday, the girlfriend will really like it.

Festive room decoration girlfriend

Turn on the fantasy, come up with any pretext and make the birthday girl left his home. While it will be absent, decorate the room with congratulatory posters, lots of balloons, garlands and other decorations. Returning, she will come to the real delight.

Garmoshka postcard with photos

It seems that you present the usual postcard, but it looks a bit volumetric. That's right, because the center in the form of clamshells are embedded and the most valuable photographs, which are depicted with you together. In the future, the opening-harmonica in the unfolded form, it can hang on the wall.

Stickers across the apartment

Do not know how to surprise a girlfriend on her birthday? Write warm words and wishes on small stickers. Stick them on all visible and even invisible areas of the apartment. Let the culprit of the celebration in his holiday make sure you love her and appreciate.

Homemade Quest

In advance, hide in a secret place a gift cooked for a birthday room. Invite her to find a present, using tips - riddles and encrypted passwords that you have come up with. The main thing is that the tasks are not too difficult, and instead of the fun girlfriend will be boring.

Wall newspaper with congratulations

Take a sheet of Watman, paint, markers, turn on your fantasy and start creating. On different parts of the paper, write poems, jokes and wishes. You can draw something dedicated to the culprit of the celebration. Stick photos and make signatures to them with humor.

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Choose a cool and inexpensive gift friend for your birthday


If you do not have the ability to spend a large amount for congratulations to a friend, not trouble! Our ideas will help make a surprise surprise a friend and brought many positive emotions. Even the most inexpensive gift throws up to the tears, if it is presented from the bottom of my heart.

Collect all friends

Make a friend an unexpected, but very pleasant surprise, calling people who are truly close to her. You facilitate the task - calls or sending messages through social networks. You can get together in a cafe where you should call a girlfriend.

Inscription under the window

Messages in chalk on asphalt write not only fans, but also close friends. Leave the inscription "Congratulations, your favorite friend!" And send her a message to look out the window. If you want a friend to remember congratulations for a long time, email it under the paint window. The birthday girl will be pleasantly surprised to such an unusual gift.


Many are interested in to give their best friend for his birthday inexpensive. As a budget surprise, present balloons. Just hand their birthday is boring. It is better to surprise it in this way - stick with a transparent tesch tape inflated helium balls to the entrance door and call. Girlfriend will open, and they will fly beautifully into the house.

Flashmob with friends

If you want to surprise your girlfriend, you can independently compose a scenario of some kind of draw, the completion of what congratulations will be with a common dance. You can attract a stranger friend of people to flashmob. It is enough to place your wishes on popular bulletin boards for a symbolic fee.

Audio surprise

Since it is possible to congratulate the girlfriend on the radio, take advantage of this opportunity. If you are confident that the culprit of the celebration listens to the radio, and you know exactly what a wave, send an SMS message with congratulations and order her favorite song.

Butterflies in a greeting box

In the warm season, they can be caught on their own, and in the winter to purchase in a specialized store. The birthday girl opens the packaging and will come to indescribable delight ... everything around will become colorful because of bright wings.

Pyrotechnic fountain

We tell what a surprise can be made a friend to be for her birthday to be truly surprised. Book a pyrotechnic fountain. Such fireworks explodes with a large number of sparks to a height of up to 5 meters. Call a girlfriend to the street in the dark time of the day (for the maximum effect) and congratulate in such a bright atmosphere.

Courier with gift

It is not always possible to congratulate a close person personally. But even if your girlfriend is far away, you can still make her an original surprise, for example - to send a basket of favorite colors. And you can transfer a gift by courier service. As a supplement, order the box of the Capps and a sparkling bottle.

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How and what to surprise a birthday friend - Extreme surprises


If your friend adores extreme, dreams of adventure adventures, give her the opportunity to raise the level of adrenaline and get an unforgettable feeling.

Aerodynamic tube

For a friend who loves extreme entertainment, an excellent gift will be a certificate of flight in the aeroterba. This is a wonderful surprise for people who want to relax from everyday life and gain new impressions.

Day in aquapark.

If a friend has a birthday in the cold season, such an unusual surprise will be as if the way. Call the birthday girl in the water park. She will receive an unforgettable impression, riding the pipes and jumping along the waves. And you can relax in the jacuzzi or sit for a cup of tea in a cafe.

Paraglane flight

Surprise will certainly please the girl who loves adventure with the release of adrenaline. By choosing such a gift, you will not only surprise a girlfriend, but also to have positive emotions themselves, watching the flight. Endurn will not end. And if you take a camera with you, there will be also excellent frames from adventure, which will remind this event for a long time.

Air balloon

What to give a girlfriend, who, according to her, everything is there, if not a dizzying flight in a balloon. Note that the gift is quite expensive. But such an adventure captures the spirit and gives unforgettable emotions. As a supplement, take a bottle of champagne, do not forget to fall at the camera.

Horseback riding

If a friend loves horses, such a surprise will bring truly joyful emotions. In contact with a strong animal there is something more, truly wonderful, impregnated with magic. If the girlfriend has a boyfriend, give her a certificate for a joint equestrian walk.


A girl who loves adventures can be surprised by inviting such an exciting event. Be sure that such a gift will remember for a long time. The subjects of the quests are the most diverse - from interesting puzzles to horror.

Unusual and original gifts-surprises girlfriend for a birthday


If the financial position allows, you can come up with something original, able to surprise the culprit of the celebration and remember for many years. So, what kind of surprise can be made a friend really unusual for a birthday? Consider ideas that surprise it.

Musicians under the windows

If among your friends there are those who know how to sing and play musical instruments, then such a gift will not be costly. If you order a professional team, for example, "Mexicans" in national costumes, you will have to spend a rather large amount. But the girlfriend will be delighted.

Ticket for event

If the birthday girl likes to go out, attend concerts, theaters, circus performances, musicals, exhibitions, then give it the opportunity to relax from everyday life. It is advisable to present 2 tickets to her not be bored alone.

Personal glossy magazine

How to surprise a girlfriend if she is a fan of glamor? A pleasant surprise will receive the magazine about it. Cover with its image, articles about her life, etc. But it must be borne in mind that the preparation of the circulation consisting of a single copy will cost a round sum.

Limousine order

If you break your head over how cool to congratulate your best girlfriend happy birthday, the idea with limousine will be by the way. The highest class is to go on a chic car in the company of close people in the evening city. Ask the driver to drive up straight to the entrance of the girlfriend, call her and tell me to go outside. Such an unexpected surprise will certainly lead it to delight. Do not forget to capture a bottle of champagne and turn on your favorite music.

Cake with fireworks

Of course, the focus should be to decorate and taste the dessert. It is advisable to make an individual order. A large number of cortex, decoration made of sugar mastic - all this will make it and surprise the birthday girl. But the surprise will not come out without the most important element - sparkling salute on the cake.

Certificate for SPA procedures

If your friend gets tired at work, make an unforgettable surprise for it. Give it the opportunity to relax and restore the strength in the SPA-salon. Such a gift will be delighted by any representative of the beautiful sex. Massage, wraps, phytobochka and other procedures - all this allows the girl to get out of the cabin completely updated.

Congratulatory banner

Understanding the preferences of the birthday girl, it will not have to think for a long time, what a surprise can and need to make a friend's birthday. If it is impressionable and appreciates attention, this idea will have to taste the birthday. At such a surprise will have to spend a fairly large amount, but he will surely be impressed by the girlfriend. The main thing is that the banner is located not far from the house of the conviction of the celebration, and better - before its windows. You can also order a banner at the road, in which a friend gets to the place of study or work.

Certificate on master class

You can surprise the birthday boy, presenting her certificate. In this case, you need to know about hobbies so that the gift is pleased with the girlfriend, and did not bring disappointments. The choice of lessons is huge - clay modeling, scrapbooking, cooking, decoration of cakes, pottery, floristry, vocal lessons or games on musical instruments, acting art, decoupage, making soft toys and much more. Choose your soul. Please your girlfriend, and you can go to the lesson with her.


If a friend is a lover to pose, give her a certificate for the services of a professional photographer. Surprise will give her double pleasure. First, it will wonderfully spend time trying on various images. Secondly, after this event there will be many beautiful pictures that will warmly warm the soul with pleasant memories.

Flower-Style Party

A very original idea that can surprise and please the culprit of the celebration. If the birthday of a friend in winter can be taken to decorate the room are not real flowers, but made by hand from a variety of materials. We obtained floral compositions decorate the room where the party will be held.


The portrait is quite unusual, original, and in some cases, even with humor, a girlfriend's birthday present. Her image on the canvas created by the professional artist will look expensive and tastefully. You can depict a girl in the image of a favorite hero from a movie or book. To make a gift, you need to make a good quality photo in advance and attribute to his master. Alternatively, you can order a caricature, its execution will cost cheaper.

Certificate in a restaurant

Not everyone likes to celebrate your birthday (for example, due to monetary difficulties or surging depressive state). But if you want the girlfriend to have a real holiday, order a table in the restaurant. The birthday girl will be very nice. Throw away with money with other friends, who also want to surprise the culprit of the celebration. Conduct the present feast.

A ticket on the turbase

If your girlfriend from those people who visit public institutions prefer a peaceful and quiet rest in nature, remove a small house on the weekend. Well, if there is a lake or river nearby, or if it is possible, for example, ride horses or quad bikes.

We told what a surprise can be made a friend to make her birthday to make her for a year. Of course, this is not all the ideas of gifts. You can come up with many more ways to surprise the birthday boy. Whatever you choose, it is necessary that the gift is to the place. When you do a surprise, do not forget about hugs and sincere congratulations.

Options for jokes and draws for congratulations to girlfriend happy birthday.

Girlfriend is one of the closest people. It is she who will support in a difficult moment and tell how to do it better. It is with a friend that you can cry, complain to life. The coolest parties are obtained in the company's girlfriend. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity and vividly congratulate her on your birthday.

How to cool to congratulate a friend happy birthday?

There are a lot of congratulations options. Boring poems will surprise anyone, so come up with something unusual.

Congratulations options:

  • Voice greetings. The easiest option to record a voice message, but you can do everything much more interesting. There are special services and programs that will help voice congratulations to the voice of favorite actors or stars.
  • Flashmob. To do this, you will have to attract all friends and acquaintances. Prepare a congratulatory program in advance and under the windows arrange a dance with umbrellas or something more interesting.
  • All have forgotten. Agree with friends not to call and do not write a girlfriend. And in the evening, come all with the balls and champagne. She will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Collage. It must be made from photos. Just print and glue to a large sheet. It must be bright and memorable moments. You can create a collage in electronic form.
  • Portrait. Now many masters create beautiful portraits by photography, you can order such a picture.
  • Pirate congratulations. Attack suddenly on a girlfriend on the street and drag her to the river bank. Prepare a small picnic on the lawn.
  • Quest. Unusual version of congratulations. Hide gifts in different places and give the first tip. In the last point, expect a girlfriend with flowers and champagne.
How to cool to congratulate a friend happy birthday?
How to cool to congratulate a friend happy birthday?

Jokes and draws for a birthday friend: cool gifts

There is a lot of jokes and scenes for a drawing day.

Draw options:

  • Box. This version of the joke came up with students when money for a gift is completely small. It is necessary to put a small box in a slightly large. A birthday one for the other will open the packaging until it gets to the main prize.
  • Vase. This is a lot of famous option. It is necessary to paint a variety of fragments beautifully and during the presentation to drop the box to the floor. It is necessary to show the regret that the vase crashed. After that, a real gift should be made to the hall.
  • Collective congratulations. It is necessary to negotiate with several unfamiliar people for congratulations. When a birthday girl will go to work, unfamiliar people should shout out greetings and give flowers. In turn, it is worth writing the reaction of the birthday girl and bring her a disk with a record.
Jokes and draws for a birthday friend: cool gifts
Jokes and draws for a birthday friend: cool gifts

How to play a birthday gift girlfriend scene?

There is a lot of fun options. Try to make the draw not offended girlfriend.


  • Kinder. Cheerful draw. For him, you need to purchase the kinder surprise and carefully remove the packaging and chocolate. After that, pull the toy from the capsule and put the jewelry. Now clog again and give your friend. Sorry for a modest gift and ask him to eat in your presence.
  • Pizza. Gather in the evening at the girlfriend and order pizza. It is necessary that the pizza pedder is a stripper. Play a girlfriend and invite pizza peders to the house and start shooting clothes from it. Girlfriend will be delighted.
  • Punishment of the chief. It is necessary to negotiate in advance with the leader and ask him to shout on colleagues in the morning. Then the boss should be strictly inviting birthday to himself. In the office should wait for her flowers, champagne and friendly team.
How to play a birthday gift girlfriend scene?
How to play a birthday gift girlfriend scene?

Funny scenes-draws for a birthday girlfriend

In general, you can use a few extreme variants of the draw. But for this, the birthday girl should be with good nerves and a sense of humor.


  • Hen. It is necessary on the holiday to disguise someone from the guests in the suit of the chicken and give 2 Kinder Surprise. At the same time, the chicken must demolish the testicle and hand the birthday. It is advisable to put the toy, for this, see the series from toys.
  • Waiter. It is necessary to move someone from guests to the waiter and ask for a birthday dessert. Under the jelly layer can lie box with decoration or some note. It should indicate where a gift is.
  • You need to "steal" at the birthday receipt to pay utility services, and make it a copy, but only with such debts to pay and not pay all your life. And on her birthday to send it this check, but you can deliver a passing postman.
  • You can also make a copy of the letter from the bailiff, where it is said that the birthday girl should the bank on the loan a huge amount, and if she won't give it today, the collectors will arrive by 6 pm (and this is the time when the beginning of the holiday) and "congratulate" her happy Birthday. And at the end of the letter, specify your number for reference.
Funny scenes-draws for a birthday girlfriend
Funny scenes-draws for a birthday girlfriend

Cool scenarios-draws for a birthday friend

If you wish, the girlfriend can be played. Of course, a serious script requires careful planning and thinking of parts. In fact, it is worth preparing a favorite friend something extraordinary.


  • Abduction. It is necessary to meet the birthday girl in a mask and put on her bag on the head, tie his hands and take into the forest. Put the victim under the tree and leave. Nearby should be noise and fire. The victim will definitely go to the noise and see the company of friends. Such an unusual picnic version.
  • Disinfection. It is necessary that men burst into the costumes in the costumes of the Chemical Protection and began to take brutal strokes from the walls, tables. After that, all employees give jars in which you need to do not care. The jars are carrying on the analysis, and they say that the virus is in the office. It is urgent to carry out disinfection. After that, everyone sprinkle confetti and congratulate the birthday girl.
  • An important person. It is necessary to invite the culprit of the celebration to the restaurant. Around the surrounding attract attention should be expecting an important person. After all the bustle, it is necessary that journalists and security come to the birthday girl and congratulated her happy birthday.
Cool scenarios-draws for a birthday friend
Cool scenarios-draws for a birthday friend

Funny toasts for a birthday girlfriend

To the decoration and the highlight of any holiday will be toasts. It is necessary to prepare in advance, and learn several fun toasts and scenes. Below are interesting toasts in poetic form.


I wish you a slim and sexy, so that I didn't hang a rag of breasts, role-playing, classic, oral ... You gave you stable anyone. Cat on dawn in the morning sunny, beautiful, when to open your eyes enough forces, you are a man, muscular, daring, strong-siza , a passionate cupcake woke up. We wish you, girlfriends and steep leisure, sophisticated rose in the life of a satellite satellite in life in life.

Funny toasts for a birthday girlfriend
Funny toasts for a birthday girlfriend

Happy birthday, girlfriend: jokes, drawing birthday

There is a lot of jokes and options for congratulations for a friend. Before choosing a scene or joke, make sure that the birthday room is not offended. The video presents possible jokes for congratulations to the birthday girl.

Video: jokes and draws of the birthday

As you can see, you can congregate your favorite girlfriend. To make it interesting, show a little fantasy and use our advice.

Video: Congratulations girlfriend

How original, cool and interesting to congratulate a friend's friend's birthday?

At your favorite friend is approaching another holiday, and you want to surprise her nice? We have in stock there are several creative ideas that you can use to originally congratulate your birthday girlfriend!

How original, cool and interesting to congratulate a friend of birthday

Three components of interesting congratulations to her friend

First of all, let's note that there are three components of bright and interesting congratulations. Let us dwell on them.

  • The effect of surprise. This is perhaps the most important component, since the strongest emotions are manifested only when a person is absolutely not prepared for what he is waiting for him. Often, a first reaction is some confusion, but then the moment of delight and joy comes.
  • Creativity. Of course, bright and original congratulations are unlikely to succeed without connecting fantasy. In addition, all sorts of creative abilities can be useful, which will make congratulations for a friend more interesting.
  • Pleasant emotions. Congratulations should cause joy, and not scare or worse, disappoint a birthday party. So, if you for a modest and shy girl, arrange a scene with the participation of a variety of characters, accompanied by increased attention to her person - it is unlikely that it will appreciate it. Therefore, thinking how to originally congratulate your birthday friend, take into account her nature and warehouse of character.

25 ways to cool happy birthday girlfriend

1. Voice greetings

This is the easiest and most convenient way to cool happy birthday girlfriend. You can order a congratulation from famous people, stars, politicians. Choose a call time to follow the reaction of the girlfriend, which will undoubtedly be shocked, and better remove it at this moment on the camera!

2. Nominal gifts

Of course, the birthday can not do without gifts. You can hand the envelope with money or the certificate to the store. But it is too trite. And our goal is originally congratulated a friend of birthday. Therefore, we propose to pay attention to the nominal presents.

The name of the girlfriend can be applied for anything:

In addition to the name, you can apply a photo, cool inscription, short congratulations.

A nominal gift will demonstrate your special attitude. Girlfriend will note that you have not bought the first thing, but showed an individual approach to the choice of the present.

If a nominal gift for some reason is not suitable, buy really original thing:

3. Video congratulations

A good option - video spending from relatives and friends, mounted in one roller. For this you need:

  • Ask your friend's close to your girlfriend to the smartphone camera and send it to you.
  • Mount the rollers in one video. It can be supplemented with beautiful songs and photos of the birthday girl.
  • Send a friend video recreation. It can also show him during the celebration on the occasion of the birthday.

4. Flashmob


Very bright and memorable will be a congratulation for a friend in the form of flashmob. In order for everything to go "like oil", a good organization is needed.

For example, a mass of bright impressions will receive a friend, when in the morning it looks out the window and see the company of dancing friends with umbrellas. At each umbrella, it is necessary to attach the letters that will make congratulations, and at the end of the dancing become so that it happens "Happy Birthday". But for such a congratulations, it is necessary to pre-train or entrust this work to professionals.

You can do without umbrellas. Let each Flashmob participant take a sheet in which a large letter or word from congratulations will be printed. Execute the dance, at the end of which you need to show sheets. They will form the inscription "Happy Birthday!" Or congratulations.

You can arrange flashmob on the Internet. For example, let friends in social networks send a friend identical congratulations.

5. Forgotten holiday

It is necessary to contend all friends and acquaintances, so that no one congratulates the birthday party with the holiday. When a confused girlfriend is already very scattered, you need to come to her with balloons, gifts and champagne.

6. Congratulations in photos

Congratulations on the holiday

You will need a camera, posters and markers. Write on the posters congratulations, warm words, compliments and wishes of the girlfriend. Let someone take pictures of you with each of them. Photos can be placed on social networks, and you can invest in a photo album and hand a friend.

7. Portrait by photo

A photo portrait will be an excellent surprise for a birthday room. You can order it on the Internet. Ask the artist to write a few wishes from you.

Such a gift will be happy to delight the birthday boy for a long time, and remind of the past holiday. You can still print on a T-shirt photo with your girlfriend and write a marker directly on it your wishes.

If the birthday girl has a good sense of humor, you can order a cartoon from a photo.

8. Pirate Party

pirate Party

This congratulation is suitable for a girlfriend. Nothing in advance is a birthday party, organize a pirated party: Prepare clothes, pirate hats, rum and other attributes.

Miss to visit anyone unsuspecting a friend or unexpectedly "attack" on her on the street. If the birthday in the summer, you can celebrate the holiday on the banks of the river or the lake.

For a party you can choose any other subject. Or do without the subject without the subject and arrange a regular surprise party. Cover on the table, invite relatives and friends of the girlfriend. Do not forget to call on the controversial and culprit of the celebration. When she enters the decorated room or cafe, shine all together: "Surprise!".

9. Festive quest

This is not just a congratulation, but an exciting adventure. It is simply organized enough. Prepare with friends gifts for the birthday girl and spread them in different places. Do not forget to attach a note with further instructions and search route.

Where can I hide gifts? Yes, anywhere! In the storage cell in the shopping center, in the park under the bench, in the mailbox, etc.

Pass the girlfriend instructions with a point of the first point. Let it go to a fascinating journey and enjoys. In the last destination, you must meet a girlfriend with flowers, balls and champagne.

10. Poster for girlfriend

You can originally congratulate your birthday friend with a poster or stretch marks with congratulations and a photo of the birthday girl who can be placed nearby her house. Surely such a surprise she will love.

There are so many options for festive posters. You can print joint photos and make a poster of them. So you remind your friend about joint bright emotions.

You can write all the qualities on Watman for which you love and appreciate your girlfriend.

You can leave a poster at the entrance to the cafe, in which the holiday will be celebrated on the occasion of the birthday. Let every guest writes on the poster of their congratulations.

If the birthday is celebrated at home, then hang a poster in the hallway. Each guest by entering the apartment, the first thing will write a few words for the birthday girl. Congratulations can be read at the end of the holiday.

11. Gift with delivery

Gift with delivery

Book a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a friend, put a greeting card with congratulations and signature. Let the bouquet deliver early in the morning so that it was the first nice impression on a festive day. Instead of colors there can be any other gift - cake, dress or beautiful shoes.

Especially it will be a pleasant lonely girlfriend if the present will deliver a cute young man and tells her some nice words and compliments. Positive charge will be secured for all day!

A gift can deliver a real climber. Imagine how your girlfriend is surprised when a pretty young man with a bouquet of flowers go down to her window?

11. do it yourself

This is perhaps the most mental way. After all, what is created with warmth and attention always gives a lot of pleasure.

You can make a "book of wishes and desires", using various techniques and a variety of materials. It must be written in it and leave a place for the desires of the girlfriend. In addition, it is the most economical, but not inferior in its originality. You can also make an unusual postcard with your own hands.

The gift option depends on what you can. If you are familiar with the confectionery business, bake a cake! Do you know how to sew? Slow for a girlfriend blouse or dress! Knit? Tie a sweater, cap, scene.

12. Congratulations on Billboard

Congratulations on the Billboard for Girlfriend

Everyone can rent an advertising shield. It is possible to use it not only for commercial purposes. Place congratulations on your birthday on the billboard. You can print a photo and poem in honor of the girlfriend.

It should be carefully approaching the location of the billboard. Choose an advertising shield so that the girlfriend see exactly it. For example, you can choose a billboard that can be seen from the window of its office or apartment.

13. Merry trip

The trip format depends on your budget and availability. You can go to a passage trip, on the sea, in the mountains, hike. You can arrange a fascinating tour to the next city.

Birthday, spent outside the house, will be remembered for a long time and leaves good memories after herself.

14. Interesting event

The format of the event depends on the hobbies of your girlfriend. Think: what is it wondering?

Maybe your friend adores the work of a particular rock group or pop artist. Then give her a concert tickets. If you can, go together.

Perhaps your girlfriend loves museums and galleries. Then give her tickets to the exhibition.

Maybe she likes the theater or classical music? Then boldly go to the theater or philharmonic.

15. Bright emotions

You can arrange extreme entertainment for a friend, for example, give it a certificate for a parachute jump or bungee jumping (jump from the bridge). You can also go to the water park, amusement park, climbing park, etc.

When choosing an extreme gift worth considering the fears of your girlfriend. If it is afraid of heights, then a jump with a parachute or from the bridge it is definitely not suitable.

16. Creative greeting

If you know how to write poems, you write a poem in honor of the girlfriend. It will be even better if you impose words to music and perform a song.

17. Congratulations at work, at the university, at school.

If the birthday of the girlfriend fell on a weekday, then you can come with a gift for her to work or study. Also take balls and flowers. If your girlfriend is studying, then choose the time of change. Not every teacher will be happy if you interrupt the learning process.

If you do not have the opportunity to personally bring a gift, you can order courier delivery.

18. Decorated room

This option is perfectly suitable if you rent an apartment together with my girlfriend. In the absence of a birthday room, decorate her room with balls, flowers, stretch marks and posters. Leave a gift in the prominent place and wait for the arrival of the conviction.

If you live separately, then for the organization of such a surprise you will need the help of someone who lives together with the girlfriend.

19. Photo session

Hand girlfriend certificate for a photo session with an open date. Let the birthday girl choose the day and shooting time. A photo session will raise the mood and self-esteem. She will also leave behind good memories, bright emotions and beautiful photos.

20. Photocollazh

This is the name of several pictures combined into one photo. Photocollage is not difficult to do it yourself. On the Internet you will find many free services for its creation.

You can print the photo collage of the A5 or A4 format. You can also make a huge collage of the wall size.

21. Cake at the end of the holiday

At the end of the celebration, hide the light and take a festive cake with candles. It is important that the girlfriend will not guess the surprise. Cake can be baked independently or order in confectioner.

22. Fireworks and Laser Show

At the end of the holiday, call the birthday and guests to breathe fresh air outside. When everyone comes out, the show should begin. Salute and laser show look very spectacular. Girlfriend exactly like this surprise!

23. Unusual gift packaging

It does not matter that you will give your girlfriend. The value has how you pack a gift. There are interesting options:

  • Many boxes . Take boxes of different sizes and fold them alone to the other type of matryoshki. A gift should hide in the smallest and last box. The girlfriend will have to try to get to it. Boxes can be blocked with multi-colored paper. You can also write congratulations on them.
  • Newspaper lists . Pack the present in many newspaper sheets. You can order a newspaper about the birthday and pack a gift to it. While your girlfriend will unpack a gift, will be able to read about myself notes and congratulations in honor of the birthday.

24. Birthday in the SPA

Hand a friend certificate for conducting different procedures in the SPA-salon. Let it bring beauty to the holiday in honor of the birthday. You can go to the SPA salon together.

25. Holiday in Limousine

Collect a female company and go on a trip around the evening. Do not forget to buy champagne.

Scene for congratulations to the girlfriend "Back to childhood"

The host brings the birthday to the center and says:

In a wonderful day (date of birth), the girl appeared on the light, and the sun in this wonderful day in the sky brightly lit up!

He puts on his head birthday cap, rattle on the neck and a pacifier in his mouth.

The girl was immediately loved, her gifts were presented!

Gives a beautiful doll in a box.

Grew (name) to joy to everyone! But it does not happen without any problems! For his disobedient, received (name) punishment.

Puts in an angle, jokingly "wipe" belt.

Here we have grown up (name), it's time for her to go to school, learn and try!

The teacher with the magazine comes out and reads the items:

Friendship - Five, Help - Five, Merryology - Five, Misensing - Five! For diligent learning will be (name) award!

Gives a diploma "best friend."

Well, now (name), an adult maiden, so now let's have fun!

And we wish our (name) always remain so, and our strong friendship, it is not broken!

Scene congratulations to girlfriend "Ambulance"

The room includes two in white coats - a doctor and nurse.

Pronounce: "Camely called? Where is the patient? Urgently on inspection! "

There is a birthday room.

The doctor taught the pulse:

"Oh, yes pulse we have a rapid! This is a dangerous symptom! "

Listens to breath:

"And the breath is frequent, which is also dangerous sign!"

Examines eyes, ears, knocking the lame on the knees:

"Yes, the diagnosis here is one and errors can not be!"

Nurse frightened: "What is the diagnosis, doctor?"

Doctor: "Malisism syndrome and extensive daybore in acute form! Patient can infect everyone a good mood! "

Nurse: "What to do?"

Doctor: "The case is hopeless! I can only recommend this tool (pulls champagne) for 200 grams inside all guests right now! For the health of the patient! "

Happy birthday girlfriend in prose in your own words

My dear friend! I wish you health, well-being, joys, inspiration and love. But most importantly - I wish you a big female happiness! Stay as optimistic, cheerful, bright. Know, you can always rely on me. I am very grateful to you for the care and support that you give me. Let all your dreams come true!

My girlfriend! Only you will understand and support me in any situations. Our friendship has passed the test for years. I am glad that I have such a girlfriend like you. In your birthday, I wish you happiness, execution of desires, bright emotions. Let only joyful moments be in your life, and the bad weather bypass you.

Happy birthday girlfriend in verse

The years will be sold, the winter will pass, the spring will be held. But our friendship is unchanged - we are next to you forever.

Today, a pretty girlfriend, you wish you beauty, love magic, warm friendship, and let all dreams come true!

Always a mountain for each other, with you we do not break the water. Today, a sweet girlfriend, I want to congratulate you.

I wish to be a loved one, always men crazy. And the look of the captivation-playful, I will save my whole life!

You have a girlfriend, fun today, we did not wait for a day to congratulate you together. We can be able to you, in a legitimate holiday - your birthday! We wish you a sadness not to know, the costs of favorite things do not count, walk, love and trouble do not meet, so that there is no Locks to smoke. Druzh, do not forget your girlfriends, do not lose myself, let the happiness of the house fill yours, let the bad weather run.

In the world you are one such, there is no friend better on Earth. And you always understand me, you do not remain aside.

I wish you happiness, mutual sincere love, and in the days of anxiety and the badness number just take.

In your eyes, the joy will be sparkled, the holiday has come today. And I wish you happiness, and I will come out with you.

Giving the sun with a gentle light, worship the evening with magic. Your life will replenish one beautiful day!

Native, cute girlfriend, congratulate you, I want you, I bring you a tasty cheese, and "Happy Birthday!" - Crychot. In the life of the blizzards, do not sweat, but at home, let the relatives wait, I wish the favor of fate, and the achievement of success without struggle! Let there be a close person, and surrounds you by the care of forever, let all dreams come true, and so that you don't know all the dreams!

Happy birthday greeting friends are funny in their own words

Well, what, Krasapeet? Your dream came true - to collect friends and excuse me, and not just like that, and not even on the occasion of the next outfit, but on the beautiful and respectable occasion.

We are still kind and noble, but it will take quite a bit of time - just two or three bottles! - And the faces will be repositted, the conversations will acquire the most comfortable degree of frankness, and the fun will become unrestrained.

Today is your birthday. Congratulations, dear girlfriend, and wish you to always have fun and cozy in your house, as today, so that you always cherish the most rainbow dreams, as you did it yesterday, and that in your memory always remained the best memories - such as You will have tomorrow! Happy Birthday!

Posted by: Alexey Revikov


The most faithful, best and most devoted girlfriend! You are a bright, honest, kind and wonderful little man who is always happy to share his spiritual warmth! Stay such and please the neighbors neighbor in our eyes, hardworking character, sensitive heart and trembling soul. In your birthday, I wish you the most sincere and cloudless personal happiness, family well-being, comfort in the house and peace of mind!

Let all the rainbow of the world be sprinkled in front of you, let the birds are twisted at your windows about the good news, let all the problems are solved in your favor and native people are trying to support! Be cheerful, patient, wise and unfading - neither soul, nor thoughts! Happy Birthday, dear, from a pure heart!

Posted by: Elena Tikhonova


My best girlfriend, congratulations on your birthday! Despite the fact that you have aged today for another year, I will also love you and I will not tell anyone about it. I want to wish you to stay all the same beautiful and cute and never stop being as cheerful. I wish you strong-prevail love that will never end. And also I want to wish you good health, which will not be broken under the adversities of this cruel world, sincere happiness and success in all your endeavors and continues!


Girlfriend, today you have become even more, not in direct, but in the age sense of the word! Today, the most important day in your life is your birthday! I think that you now have exactly everything, so that ahead is in all grave! Try everything in the world while there is such an opportunity! I wish you to keep your unique beauty that overshadows many and attracts handsome boys, to stay always in a good mood so that your misfortunes have a teeth from envy! I wish you good health, breathtaking success in all and universal well-being!

Girlfriend, happy birthday to you! I do not even know what to wish you, so I will not want absolutely nothing! This, of course, is a stupid and unbearable joke, but you really have nothing to wish ... You're a beauty, clever, you are doing sports, do not smoke and do not drink, you have an apartment, car and fiance, good work! After all, there or am I confused with someone? Even if I do not confuse, I wish you just just all and more, yes so more so that no giant of the fabulous world can not carry it all good in your huge pacifications! Congratulations!


Girlfriend, open the ice champagne and carcasses light, because now this room will sparkle from smiles and warm up from warm words! We congratulate you with your personal holiday, which only happens every year - with your birthday! On this day, all your innermost dreams will come true, or almost everything, or half of them, it does not matter, it is important that your friends are with you and you have nothing to be afraid while we are near! We wish you unlimited love, disobedic happiness, immense health and huge success in life!


My dear, today is your day in every sense of this word! Today is your birthday, and no one will dare to take it away from you! Just close your eyes and imagine yourself on the coast of the Southern Ocean, where you sit in a soft chair and dwell the most delicious cocktail in the world. Introduced? And now open your eyes! So this will all be, but then, in some other time, and now you approached this beautiful life for a year! So I wish you the most pleasant dreams and dreams that will definitely come true in the near future! And I also wish you love, health, happiness, well-being and everything else that you yourself want to wish yourself!


Today there is an excellent reason for fun and joy, because the best friend celebrates his birthday. From the whole of the heart, the best congratulations and wishes. Be always so cheerful, kind and attractive. Let only a pleasant compliments and good news always make you. Pretty girlfriend, you are worthy of all the best. Let the mutual and beautiful love come to you, let the good angel cover you from the troubles with its wing. Let fate be favorable to you.


I was very lucky in the life that I have such a wonderful friend. Today you have a birthday, this is a wonderful reason to gather my friends, and will have fun from the soul. I wish you girlfriend, great happiness, good luck in everything, beautiful, light love. Let everything they conceived, be sure to come true. Be always beautiful, smart and cheerful. Let it bring to you in everything, always. Good health to you, excellent mood and faithful satellite in life. Let a kind angel always protects you.

I want to congratulate my ride, my favorite girlfriend, with which we are tied up for many years of friendship. Thanks to her, I learned how to restrain my emotions, to truly enjoy this life. She can inspire and give forces. My favorite, I congratulate you with the fact that you have become another year older. But we will not talk about how old you really are, because after eighteen the girl ceases to call her age. I have an unrealistly cool, so funny and energetic, that I always want to look at you and take an example with you. By the way, if you remember, today the anniversary of our friendship, because we met with you in your birthday. My relative, I want to wish you the most important - health. Believe that everything else will not have any meaning for a person if he has no health.


I want to congratulate my crazy girlfriend, who will ever really conquer this world as she constantly wants it. I want to say that there are already no such as she, because she is insanely kindly, responsive and honey, but at the same time she is a little and crazy and even abnormal. But in the good sense of the word. She wants to conquer this world, she even had drawings somewhere, as she was going to arrange it all. I want to wish you the most necessary - health. You also know that everything else is under the power, but it's better not to joke with health. In addition, you need a lot of energy in order to conquer this world. You will be tired for the entire capture period, so I wish you an unlimited stock of energy and strength. Let all in your life be folded as you want. I congratulate you, my relative, with a festive!


I think that this day you need to make a weekend, because today a unmatched girl was born! Once day is not a day off, I just congratulate you with this holiday and wish you to rest more - especially today!


Girlfriend, congratulations on your birthday! I want to wish your life to be so beautiful, as far as you are beautiful yourself, and as diverse and interesting as you!


You are worthy of chic bouquets and expensive cars, but I just send you a pleasant message. Happy Birthday to You. I wish good health, more joyful moments, gorgeous bouquets and expensive cars!

Congratulations to the most charming, attractive, cheerful, company, cool, appetizing and just awesome girl happy birthday! Keep it up, {name}! Hurrah!!!


My dear, girlfriend! Accept my most sincere congratulations on your birthday! I wish you great happiness, love and good luck. Let a strong health and the joy of creativity will always be with you!


Happy Birthday! Let the cheerful company of friends and girlfriends will give you a real holiday so that the memories are enough until the next birth. I wish good gifts and a sea of ​​positive emotions.


Beauty, charm, an excellent sense of humor is not all your advantages, but you have no shortcomings. It's nice that the best girlfriend was born on this day. Happy birthday to you, be happy and cheerful, well, how can I help you in this!


Dear girlfriend, happy birthday! Be healthy, happy and prosperous. Let your heart overwhelm joy, and soul sings from love! You are the best, and worthy of all the best!

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