How to transfer money from Sberbank card on Yandex Wallet: Conditions

Good day, all our subscribers and visitors page, who is interested in financial topic. How to transfer money from the Sberbank card to Yandex Wallet, find the best solution for this question, everyone wants to make online purchases from electronic wallets. At the same time, through the EPS, it is also convenient to pay utility services, telephone, taxes and even fines. How to use bank cards to replenish the e-wallet, find out by reading the article to the end.

So far, only Sberbank offers effective methods for transferring funds to an electronic wallet without charging additional payments.

How to translate money with the service Internet bank with Sberbank card on Yandex wallets

How to transfer money from the Sberbank card on Yandex Wallet via the Internet Bank

You can use the service after registration in Sberbank online, where you need to assign a password and login. After logging in, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Go to the Translations tab.
  2. Select the team "Transfer to the account in Yandex.Money".
  3. An indication of the account for writing off the money.
  4. Enter the purse number.
  5. Record the transfer amount.
  6. Press the inscription "Continue".

When the capital is derived from the currency card, the money goes to the ruble wallet after the product of conversion.

How to transfer money from the card to Yandex Wallet through Sberbank ATMs

The replenishment of the Yandex Wallet Balance through the Sberbank ATM is free and without holding the commission. The operation is performed as follows:

  • After inserting a card to an ATM, the PIN code is entered;
  • In the menu that appears, select "Payments and Translations" item;
  • On the Electronic Money tab, check the EPS Yandex;
  • Enter the number of the Yandex wallet (which you want to replenish);
  • By clicking clicking "Next", specify the amount.

After checking the accuracy of the data entered into the device, you can choose the "Pay" command. In this situation, ATMs do not accept cash, so you need to pay only from the card.

Self-service terminals

In the terminals, there is also an electronic money point, although these devices are more often used for cash operations. Therefore, insert the Sberbank Card and follow these steps:

  • Enter the card password;
  • Through the "Payments and Translations" section, go to the Electronic Money tab;
  • Select the service to replenish Yandex.Corsselk.

Next, you can follow the instructions of the system and transfer money to Yandex Wallet from the Sberbank card. Upon completion of the calculation, the apparatus release a check.

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Security rules when using the card

Any operation related to the bank card is carried out according to privacy conditions. In this case, the client should not provide information about his password, identification number or IDU card code to other persons. You can also not enter this data on the questionnaire proposed by not proven services.

Even when using exchangers, to translate from a card account to the Yandex balance, it is necessary to check the legality of the resource, the availability of a license and other documents. Operators who are asked to report this data, but call from an unknown number or from the phone that is not specified on the EPS or Bank website, too, cannot be transmitted this data.

It is even better to use only Sberbank applications (official website, mobile program or Internet bank) and Yandex-money systems. Financial operations in electronic format are recommended to confirm via SMS notifications. This will help overcome the risk of unauthorized access to personal balance. Therefore, to tie to the account you need the actual phone number.

Option on the website on Yandex-Wallet: Transferring money from the Sberbank card

How to transfer money from Sberbank card on Yandex Wallet on the Yandex Wallet website

After entering the office, you can see the inscription "replenish" next to the wallet. After switching through it, the menu will open with the list of available payment systems. There you need to select Sberbank card. This option allows you to make a listing from the phone to the wallet balance.

Can be replenished without commission

Literally everyone faces the question of how to transfer money from the Sberbank card on Yandex Wallet and not pay extra collection? The problem is especially relevant when it is required to translate a significant amount.

The commission is absent, when using the Bank's service services available on the official website, through the mobile application and online Sberbank.

Free translation of money equivalent is available if the client uses his own card issued to its name.

Why do you need a binding card

On the EPS website, the Sberbank Card Binding option is available, you can only connect up to 5 cards. The service is activated by the "Tied Maps" tab, there you can add a list of plastic media.

After binding your own card to the Yandex.Money service, the system will start automatically transfer money to the electronic wallet. Equivalent enrollment occurs precisely as much as required to pay for the selected product or service.

Section "Fast Payment" on Sberbank

If the Sberbank-online service has a personal account, then you can replenish your account through the quick payment section. The input to the Cabinet may occur after the two-factor transition of identification. For access, specify the NIK-NAME and password.

Then open the quick payment menu and find the Yandex.Cool icon there. Next, the system requires to specify the account number and the amount. Disposable password will be sent by SMS to a mobile phone.

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How to transfer money from Sberbank card on Yandex Wallet through Exchanges

Exchangers will also serve as a good option to address the issue, how to transfer money from the Sberbank card to Yandex Wallet quickly and without registration. But these services usually charge the commission for the services provided. The following resources can be proven as convenient options:

Translation conditions from the map on Yandex Wallet through Exchanges

Name TRANSFER24. F-Change FastChange.
Benefits Translation from 100 p. up to 90 thousand rubles.

Commission 0.3%, there are discounts on the storage system.

Fast translation without registration. Money comes within 3 minutes. Minimum Commission from 0.4%.

Registration is not required.

Methods of translation from the card to the account in Yandex are also available on the NETEX24 exchangers, exchange 24 and Babasiki. Each resource offers different tariffs for replenishing the EPS balance.

Limits when replenishing Yandex Wallet Cancer card

Sberbank has established a limit on card transfer to 10 thousand rubles. This allows the transaction without paying commissions. And in the Yandex system, the following restrictions apply for card operations:

Replenishment limits Yandex Wallet from Sberbank card

Name of service One-time payment In a day In 1 month
Replenishment from the card 15000 p. 100000 p. 200000 p.

Mobile application for transferring money

How to transfer money from Sberbank card on Yandex Wallet through Mobile Application

In the mobile application, you can save the finished pattern. At the first transaction, you need to open the section "Payments" and select the item "Other". In the window that appears, find the Yandex icon and fill out the proposed fields. We need to enter a phone number attached to the wallet. Translation is free.


After reading the article, you probably managed to solve the problem how to transfer money from the Sberbank card to Yandex Wallet and not pay extra. And now you know that without the commission you can replenish your wallet with a mobile application, service Sberbank online or ATMs. And you always have the opportunity to join the group of our subscribers and offer other, more convenient options for replenishing an account in EPS. Note in the comments, yours Information can become priceless for our readers.

Video. How to transfer money from the Sberbank card on Yandex Wallet

Yandex moneyIt is easy to spend money, but sometimes an inverse situation occurs - account replenishment. If there is a Sberbank card, then there will be no problems, because options, how to translate funds from the card to the wallet, abound. In order not to pay the commission, you should use terminals or ATMs of such financial organizations as:

  • Sberbank of the Russian Federation;
  • Moscow bank;
  • Connected;
  • Ural Bank;
  • MTS Bank.

In addition, the Commission does not take the Euroset Salons Network. If the translated translation is more than 15,000 rubles, then in any case you will have to pay the percentage, the value of which can be clarified by the operator.

"Sberbank Online"

In the branches of Sberbank, in addition to ordinary ATMs, you can meet terminals for online work. Entering the system using the identifier and password, to the left in the "Fast Payment" panel you need to find Yandex.Money.

Next, the system will propose to choose the card with which the account will be replenished, and will ask you to specify the account number in Yandex. By filling out the "Amount" field, it will only be left to confirm the operation of a disposable password that will come to the phone in the SMS message.

If you do not want to leave the house, this operation can be spent from a stationary computer. The procedure will be similar.

Terminal Sberbank

You can replenish the score from the card of any bank (not in cash), the Commission is not charged, and the funds will come to the account immediately. After the introduction of the PIN code, you need to perform the following algorithm:

  1. In the main menu, go to "Payments and Translations".
  2. On the Payment Service page to find the item "Electronic Money". If it is not on the first page, use the "Next" button to go to the second - there the desired line will necessarily find.
  3. Select Yandex, specify the account number that needs to be replenished, and the amount of payment.
  4. After checking the details, confirm the payment by clicking the "Next" button.


Mobile application from Sberbank

The smartphone is a real chopper, especially if you need to quickly spend payment. With the help of the installed mobile application anywhere where there is access to the Internet, you can replenish the Yandex wallet account for several simple steps.

  1. Open application, select the "Payments" section, go to the "Other" menu.
  2. Through the search system to find Yandex.
  3. To transfer funds to your own account, it is enough to specify the number of the phone associated with it and the amount. If the translation goes to a wallet of another person, you will need to specify its number, after which you confirm the operation.

Important! In this embodiment, the translation can come with a delay of two hours.

The convenience of the application is also in the fact that to replenish the account in Yandex from the Sberbank card, you can simply send an SMS. True, for this you need to configure the translation template in advance. If this is done, then the message "Yandex" message is sent to the number 900, and the funds will soon be enrolled.

Be always connected and to be able to quickly solve problems - it means to meet the requirements of time. Knowledge of the features of the transfer of funds from a card to an electronic wallet can help you out at the right moment.

Shopping in online stores - the usual case for many Russians. But to protect yourself from fraudsters and insure a family budget, to pay for orders it is better to use a non-usable bank card, but an electronic wallet Yandex.Money. The benefit for its creation does not need to be in line, nor seek an accredited mediator company. This material will help choose the appropriate option and learn how to transfer money from Sberbank card to Yandex.Money.

All ways to replenish the wallet from the Sberbank card

There are several main algorithms for transferring funds from a bank card accountable account in the electronic money system:

  • ATMs and self-service terminals.
  • Mobile online applications on the phone.
  • Official Internet resources companies.

Consider them in detail.

Method number 1: through an ATM

The most obvious option. To transfer money from the Sberbank card to Yandex-Wallet through an ATM, you need:

  • Go to the compartment, insert a map in the Dammat Card and drive PIN.
  • Go to the "Payments" section and click on the "Electronic Money" icon.
  • Click on the payment system logo, enter the Yandex wallet number and choose the amount.
  • Confirm translation, pick up the card and take the check.

The Commission will be 1.5%. Funds will be enrolled within 10-15 minutes. You can send money in an ATM not only on your Yandex-wallet, but also on a wallet belonging to another person.

Method number 2: through Sberbank online

A diagram that comes up if the client has access to a virtual account. The procedure for transferring money to Yandex-Wallet through Sberbank Online looks like this:

  • Go to the Internet Bank on your computer or download your mobile application on your phone or tablet. Enter the login and password attached to your account.
  • In the main menu, select the Transfers and Payments tab.
  • Click on the link "Transfer to the account in Yandex.Money."
  • Fill out the questionnaire and specify the props belonging to your wallet.
  • Check the data, click the Next button, and then confirm on SMS.
  • Wait for the phone notifications, enter the code and complete the operation.

To transfer money to this method, you will not need to pay for the Commission. The fact that the transaction is registered will tell you the status of "accepted for execution". You can wait for the replenishment as 5-10 minutes and 3-4 hours. Application processing time depends on the uploading of the banking system.

Method number 3: through the site and application Yandex.Money

If you can't replenish the Yandex Wallet through Sberbank online, you can try to do it on the official website of the payment system or download the application to the phone. Next you will be authorized, and then:

  • Go to the "Top up" section.
  • Select a translation method (click on the link "Replenishment through a bank card").
  • Fill in the template, specify the amount and details of the card.
  • Confirm operation via SMS.

Bring the card at the same time not necessarily. When using the mobile application, the Commission is temporarily not charged.

Method number 4: via SMS

Sberbank customers can send money transfers from the phone using SMS commands. This scheme will come to your aid if the transfer from the card to Yandex.Money through the Sberbank application is temporarily not available. To take advantage of this option, you first need:

  • Go to the personal Internet office on the Sberbank PJSC and go to the "My Templates" tab.
  • Click on the "Create SMS template" item.
  • Go to the "Electronic Money" window and click on the Yandex.Money icon.
  • Fill out the form by specifying the payment number and other details.
  • Enter the name of the template and the amount. Translation by 1000 rubles. You can call "Yandex1000", for 2000 rubles. - "Yandex2000", etc.
  • Confirm your actions through SMS.

In the future, to replenish the Yandex Wallet to the amount specified in the template, you will need to just send a message from the phone with its name to number 900.

How to translate funds from a currency card

Top up the balance of Yandex.Money is possible not only from the ruble card. If you keep money in dollars or euros, you can translate funds to an electronic wallet without opening an additional account. Just specify the translation size and enter details through Sberbank online or use the ATM nearest you. During the transaction, the currency will be converted on the inner course currently relevant.

Commission and limits for translation

For making funds to a wallet through an ATM or Self-Service Terminal, the Bank charges the Commission. At the moment it is 1.5% of the translation. The commission is accrued and on the Yandex.Money website. It will be 1%.

If you want to transfer money from the Sberbank card on the Yandex-Wallet through a telephone without a commission, you can use SMS service or download Sberbank online mobile application in GooglePlay or AppStore. To date, this is the most profitable and convenient method.

The replenishment of the Yandex wallet is the limits. Once it is impossible to translate more than 10,000 rubles. During the day, you can send no more than 100,000 rubles., And in one month - no more than 200,000 rubles. The rules are valid for all debit and credit cards of Sberbank, regardless of the selected payment system client (Visa, MasterCard, etc.).

Promotion until March 10! You can replenish the wallet for free through Mobile Application Yandex.Money
Promotion until March 10! You can replenish the wallet for free through Mobile Application Yandex.Money


To find out how to transfer money from the Sberbank card on Yandex.Money, it is not necessary to go to the bank's office or seek help on a hotline. Access to the personal account and installed on the smartphone "Sberbank online" or Yandex.Money - everything you need to replenish the account. Well, if you can not download the program and pass the authorization, you can always use an ATM or self-service terminal.

Sberbank bank card is used by each fifth Russian citizen. However, paying for a number of goods and services through the map is quite difficult and unreliable, so customers prefer to translate funds to the Yandex money account. There are several ways to do this, consider the most popular and practically not used of them. Top up Yandex Wallet through Sberbank Online

  1. Translation on Sberbank
  2. In mobile application
  3. Other ways for Sberbank Customers
  4. Limits? and Commission
  5. How to replenish without commission?

Top up the account of the Yandex electronic wallet using Sberbank online in the following ways:

  • On Sberbank website
  • In mobile application
  • Through electronic exchangers

Consider each of the ways separately indicating the advantages and disadvantages.

Translation on Sberbank

If there is a card of Sberbank, you can replenish the account on Yandex Money without a commission and with minimal expectations:

  • To do this, go to the site and enter the identification code and password.
  • In the "Fast Payment" section you need to click Yandex Money.
  • Next, you need to click on the card with which cash will be transferred.
  • Indicate the account on the Yandex payment system and introduce the amount of payment, click "Continue".
  • Then, confirm the operation with a disposable password by SMS.

In the event of a failure in the operation, it is recommended to repeat the request. Sberbank may also require additional payment confirmation through the operator, for this you need to know the code word.

For the convenience of users, enter the sum of translation directly on the Yandex Money website. Then there will be a transition to Sberbank online, where you can confirm the payment. You will need to enter a login and password. The invoice will be seen on the main page.

By clicking on the link "Replenish another wallet", the user independently indicates the recipient's wallet. Next, the Sberbank website needs to confirm the payment, the money comes instantly, you can use electronic money to pay for goods and services via the Internet.

In mobile application

The convenience of transferring funds through the mobile application is to use the finished template. If the translation is performed for the first time and there is no template, then you can specify Yandex.Money and issue instant transfer of funds. In a wallet on Yandex, you can translate the amount up to 10 thousand rubles. When you need to add a phone number attached to the wallet. When you add an operation to your favorites, it is no longer necessary to repeat the output.

Money Transfer through Sberbank Online or Mobile Application Simony - Most convenient and most convenient ways to replenish the electronic wallet. Nevertheless, these ways are not always available to Sberbank customers for a number of reasons: the bank card has finished its action, the payment does not pass due to problems with access to the service. We recommend to familiarize yourself with other ways to transfer funds.

Other ways for Sberbank Customers

Sberbank customers may well use the services? Online? Exchangers. To find out the most profitable course you need to go to the site? Best? Change, where there is information about all popular cash exchange services, reserve data are indicated? and the minimum transfer amount. Information is constantly updated, so it is important to clarify the information immediately before making the exchange. One of the most advantageous companies on translating operations from the Sberbank card to? Yandex? Wallet is recognized by Transfer24 ,? Minimum payment amount begins with 100 rubles, you can maximize up to 90 thousand rubles. Here it is worth paying attention to the commission for the transfer of funds, which removes? Exchanger? When making a transfer and the Bank's commission for using the service. Registered users have the right to a discount, which is accumulative and can reach 0.3%.

You can use other NETEX24, Babasiki, 24, F-Change, Fastcan or Cashex exchange. It is necessary to pay close attention to the size of the minimum payment, reserve. Money transfer through the F-Change system is made much faster, and registration is not required. Enrollment of own funds occurs within 3 minutes. The service of high-quality and fast currency exchanges FastChange offers a profitable transfer of funds to the minimum commission. For example, when exchanging 50 thousand rubles, the collection will be a little less than 200 rubles. Registration on the portal is not required.

Limits? and Commission

When transferring funds from a bank card of Sberbank, a limit is set in the amount of 10? 000 rubles, while no commission is missing.? Although before the translation commission was approximately 3%. The situation does not differ when using mobile? Banking? Or Sberbank? Online.?

How to replenish without commission?

When using other services, such as electronic? Exchanges, the other procedure and additional fees are present.? Is it practically not felt when translating small amounts, but? He strongly affects the amount of payment in the output of large amounts.? Exchange 10? 000 rubles Commission, on average, will be from 50 to 200 rubles.?

Sberbank and? Yandex? Are partners, therefore customers receive bonuses from such cooperation.? Under such conditions, the use of electronic money becomes only popular.

How to translate to Yandex.Money from Sberbank

Option 1: Translation through Sberbank Online

It is most convenient to make a money transfer to YuMoney from Sberbank - use Sberbank online. All operation can be made literally a few clicks, but a method is suitable for users who have already registered in this service.

Go to the official Sberbank website online

  1. Open the online bank on the link above. Enter the login and password to enter. If you do not have an account here, click on the button "Check in" And follow the recommendations of the site.
  2. Authorization in Sberbank Online to transfer money for Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

  3. When using the SMS login confirmation, wait until the password message.
  4. Entering confirmation code when authorizing in Sberbank online to transfer money to Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

  5. Switch to the tab "Payments" .
  6. Go to the Payments tab in Sberbank online to transfer money to Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

  7. From the category list you need "Electronic products and entertainment" .
  8. Choice of category with electronic money in Sberbank online to transfer money for Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

  9. Select subsection "Electronic money" .
  10. Selecting a section of e-wallets in Sberbank online to transfer money on Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

  11. Only two options are available here, from which you click on Yumoney.

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  12. Selection of service in Sberbank online to transfer money to Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

  13. No services except for replenishing the wallet at the moment there are no, so click on the only available tile.
  14. Selecting an accessible function in Sberbank online to transfer money to Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

  15. Specify a map tied to your Sberbank online. If it is only one, then it will be automatically exhibited. Enter or insert the wallet number and the amount you want to translate without taking into account the commission (no minimum value). When everything is filled correctly, press "Proceed" .
  16. Filling data to transfer to Sberbank online to transfer money to Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

    Copy the wallet number if it belongs to you, in this way: Open the YuMoney service and click on the button with your avatar in the upper right corner of the window.

    Go to view the number of the wallet in the service YuMoney to transfer the money from Sberbank

    The panel is displayed, where the first line and the wallet number will be written.

    View Numbers Wallet in service YuMoney to transfer money from Sberbank

  17. We return to our translation, the next step of which will be the verification of the correctness of all data entered. If you are sure that you are ready to send the specified amount, click the button. "Pay" .
  18. Transition to payment in Sberbank online to transfer money to Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

  19. The system will ask for confirmation in the form of SMS. Wait for the password to the tied phone number, enter it and confirm the fact that the translation is carried out by the owner of the card.
  20. Payment confirmation in Sberbank online to transfer money on Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

  21. Payment status will change to "Executed" The following will be details and details of the payment that you can view, make a screenshot as confirmation of this operation, or just close this window.
  22. Completed payment in Sberbank online when transferring money to Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

  23. Open Yumoney and on the main page of your profile, check the balance. Make sure the replenishment will also help the block "Story" in the lower part.
  24. Checking the availability of incoming translation from Sberbank in Yumoney history

Option 2: Replenishment Flow in YuMoney

Through the Yumoney service itself, you can also participate in money transfer, and it is done in different ways. The method is equally suitable for the owners of Sberbank online and those who have not yet created their account there. Total action for both options is the transition to the Main Page Yumoney.

Go to the official website of Yumoney

Open your Yumoney wallet and click on the link "How to replenish" Located under the current balance. Further options will differ and depend on your capabilities / preferences.

Button of transition to methods of replenishment Wallet in Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

Sending an account for Sberbank online

To implement such a translation, in any case, you will need to go to Sberbank online, otherwise it will not work payment. However, if the replenished account on YuMoney is not yours, please post payment in some cases may be more convenient, because at least you will not need to enter the wallet number and check the amount for translation.

  1. From the list of options, select "Through Sberbank online" .
  2. Replenishment of the wallet in YuMoney (Yandex.Money) through an invoice for Sberbank online

  3. Enter the amount where the bottom threshold is 50 rubles, and then click "Proceed" .
  4. Introduction amounts to invoice when replenishing your wallet in Yumoney (Yandex.Money) through Sberbank online

  5. Sberbank page will open, in which you need to log in to pay the invoice. If the score was not exhibited, and the second person, he will need, not authorized, copy the full address from the address bar and send you. In turn, you, opening this link, you will need to see the same message about the entry to pay an account, as in the screenshot below.
  6. Request authorization in the Sberbank online system to pay an invoice via Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

  7. Specify the card with which payment will be made, even if it is only one. Carefully check the amount and click "Pay" .
  8. Check the invoice in Sberbank online for Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

  9. As in the previous way, it will only be left to confirm this SMS operation.
  10. Confirmation of payment on SMS invoice for Sberbank online through (Yandex.Money)

Of course, we remind you that it is important to carry out such operations only with those people you trust. Do not agree to such ways to place an account in order to accidentally not be on fraudulent sites imitating the official service of the Sber.

Payment by card number

In the absence of Sberbank online you can always replenish the wallet Yumoney by selecting the item "From a bank card" . Enter your card number, the date to which it works, the CVC code and the amount. After entering the first digits of the card number, the system will automatically determine that the selection is used. Checking the loyalty to the information entered, click on "Top up" .

Filling data to transfer money to Yumoney (Yandex.Money) by bank card Sberbank

A window will open with a transaction confirmation. Wait for the security code to the mobile device, enter it and click "Send" . The payment will be processed, and you will see the details of the translation and can save them as a check.

Confirmation of the transfer of money on Yumoney (Yandex.Money) on the bank card Sberbank

The minus of this method is the lack of commission only with a relatively high amount of translation (from 4,000 rubles). Other methods described offer more loyal replenishment methods.

Option 3: Mobile Sberbank Online

In the updated version of Mobile Sberbank online, unfortunately, so far there is no separate category with translations for electronic money. In the future, this opportunity should appear, and then look for it in the section "Payments" When switching to it through the bottom panel. Most likely, YuMoney will be either in the relevant section, or in "Rest" or by analogy with the desktop version of this service (see Method 1 ).

Download Sberbank Online from Google Play Market Sberbank online from App Store

  1. Now you can easily pay for the electronic wallet, through any tab of the application by activating the search box from above.
  2. Go to the search section in mobile Sberbank online to transfer money to Yumoney (Yandex.Money)

  3. Start typing Yumoney or Yandex.Money and select the appropriate result from the block "Organizations and services" .
  4. Choosing a Yumoney organization (Yandex.Money) to transfer money through Mobile Sberbank Online

  5. Enter the wallet number, the amount, when necessary, change the card with which you will translate, and click "Proceed" .
  6. Filling data to make money on Yumoney (Yandex.Money) via Mobile Sberbank Online

  7. The transaction will remain check and confirm. All items regarding this are written at the beginning of the article and are not particularly different from the capabilities of the mobile application.
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If you are used to using multiple payment systems at the same time, and you needed to transfer to Yandex Map from the Sberbank card, you can use simple ways that we consider below. It should be taken into account that the plastic card and the Yandex wallet have a common balance, which expands the possibilities of operations.

Translation through Sberbank Online

It is difficult to come up with a more convenient mechanism to replenish Yandex Wallet than through the Personal Cabinet of the Sberbank Online. To work with this system, you will not even need to install additional software - access occurs using a Web interface in any browser. In order to put money on Yandex.Money card, first go to the official website :

  1. The system will propose to log in.
  2. After login in the left side of your screen, Inex.Money item should be found.
  3. If the Inex icon is problematic, you can choose "Transfers and payments" in the upper horizontal bar, and, already get there, click on the account in Yandex.Money, or "on the map in another bank." Moreover, the transfer to plastic in another bank is even more convenient, since it will only be necessary to enter a number that has your Yandex card. But in fact, there is no principled difference, because the balance of the wallet and the "plastic" is common.
  4. After filling out all the fields of the form, you can press the "Translate" button to perform the operation. Transfer of funds to Yandex Card through Sberbank Service Online

For the final confirmation of the transfer of funds, you will need to specify the password that will come to SMS on a tied mobile phone.

It is important to remember that the transfer to the purse's account from the Sberbank card is made without commission. And when sending directly to the card (at its number), it will additionally be written off 30 p.

Therefore, to replenish Yandex it is more profitable to transfer money to the electronic wallet.

You can also pay Yandex.Money through the Sberbank mobile app online. This is a specialized software designed for quick and convenient to make any payments. It is available on Android and iOS smartphones. The procedure for carrying out operations is similar to a personal account on the site, but the interface is slightly simplified.

To log in to the mobile application, the same login and password are used as through the site. However, you will additionally need to come up with a 5-digit access code to the program.

Payment can be made both to the Yandex account (in the "Payments" section, search by name) and on the bank card. To translate to the account, in the "Payments" section, follow the name, then enter the account number and the amount. Your phone will also receive an SMS message containing the code for confirmation. This is done as help in protecting your operation.

You can also transfer money to Yandex.Money plastic by number through the "Translation to another bank card" menu, similar to the personal account of Sberbank online.

Commissions in the mobile application are charged the same as when working with the Internet version of the system.

Translation through the Sberbank Terminal

This method will be convenient for those who have no mobile device at hand, that is, to make a listing and replenish the electronic Yandex wallet, resorting to the help of Sberbank online will not work. If you are in the Sberbank branch, its consultants will quickly help you in such an operation. If you approached an ATM on the street, you must do the following:

  1. Insert the Sberbank Card into the ATM and enter the PIN code.
  2. Go to the "Electronic Money" section.
  3. Select Yandex.Money, then specify a wallet number or a tied phone. Transfer of funds to Yandex Card through the Sberbank Terminal
  4. In addition, if you wish, you can send money from the Sberbank Terminal to Yandex.Money just by the map number by selecting the appropriate terminal menu.

After entering the number of the wallet or card and the amount of payment, the funds will be credited to your account. If any difficulties occur, if the terminal does not give a map or your listing "hung up", simply contact the support service on a hotline, and you will be provided with highly qualified and fast help.

Mobile Bank

This is another convenient way to pay products or services if there is no payment terminal in the store, for example. Its configuration is carried out through Sberbank online. The service is nothing more than the execution of template operations by SMS user request. The setup instruction is as follows:

  1. The first thing to do, going to your Sberbank online, is to go to the settings menu - it is there that templates are created.
  2. In the window that opens, you need to select the "Mobile Bank" item in the left column. You will have a form to create a template. Click "Create an SMS template". Replenishment of the Yandex card through the service "Mobile Bank" from Sberbank
  3. In the menu that opens, click on the creation of a new template.
  4. The system provides a standard template shape to transfer funds to the wallet. Select "Electronic Money".
  5. Choose Yandex.Money.
  6. In the window that opens, you will need to fill in all details, specifying the wallet number to which you want to translate money by SMS request. The created template will need to be saved by clicking on the appropriate menu item.
  7. Finally, you need to connect the created template using SMS confirmation.

Now you can use the created template at any time convenient for you, sending a request to the number 900 in the form of an SMS message with the text "Yandex 1 [The amount of translation] 8203. And your Yandex Wallet will be rapped instantly.

For translations to the card number, you can use the template: Perevod [4 Posses of the number of the DV R A V I T E LA number] [4 Posses NIE NIGHT NUMBER CARD NUMBER INTERNET PHE CE A T E LE] [Amount per in oh yes], for example: Perevod 9876 7876 600.

What I want to note separately, the Commission when replenishing the Yandex.Money wallet from the cards of the Sberbank, through the mobile bank or Sberbank online is 0%, the money is credited instantly. In the case of transferring to the card at its number, the Commission 30 p is written off.

In November 2020, Yandex.Money conducted rebranding and moved to a new site. However, the conditions of Y.Money on all items remained the same. Therefore, users, as before, can replenish Yandex.Corshek through Sberbank-online without commission. It is only necessary to determine the method that uses the user.

How to replenish Yandex wallet through Sberbank online

How to replenish yandex.kolek through Sberbank-online

Advantages of replenishing a virtual wallet from Sberbank card:

  • speed, because Money arrive instantly (delay - up to 2 hours);
  • lack of commission when paying from a debit card;
  • Reliability, because In the Personal Account remains information about the payment;
  • Easy procedure.

There are 3 options, how to replenish Yandex.Corshek through Sberbank-online. But everyone works equally.

In the Personal Cabinet Sberbank-Online

To replenish the account Y.Money through the browser version of online banking you need:

  1. Log in Sberbank online. To protect the data, two-factor authorization with a password and one-time code is inserted, which comes in SMS.
  2. Find the section "Transfer to the account in Yandex.Money". This unit may be in the Quick Payment section. However, if there is no corresponding shortcut there, you need to go to "Translations and payments".

Note! After rebranding, the terms Y.Money and Yandex.Money are used on a par, so do not look for a section with the exact name. The label of the wallet has also changed, so the search must be carried out attentively.

  1. In the translation unit, the data is indicated: the number of the wallet or the phone to which it is tied, a card for writing off means and the amount of the transaction.
  2. To confirm the operation, a disposable code is entered, which is sent to the owner of the Sberbank-online owner.

Reference! When paying through a credit card, the Commission may be charged from the account. The size will be calculated automatically and will be displayed until the transaction is confirmed.

Through a mobile application

The Sberbank application for smartphones has the same options as the desktop version. The replenishment scheme of the Yandex.Money wallet has not changed, but there are nuances:

  • After authorization, you need to go to the "Payments" section -> "Other";
  • You can use the "Search" option to find the section to replenish Y.Money;
  • If a template was created earlier in the desktop version to replenish a virtual wallet, it is enough to go to the section with templates and choose the name you need.

The remaining actions in the desktop and mobile version coincide. You must enter data for translation and confirm the operation.

Through the personal account Yandex.Money

It is not necessary to use the Sberbank-online website to replenish Yandex.Corsselk. The option is on the J.Money website. Need to: enter the wallet of Yumoney.

Note! If a citizen has not yet enjoyed Yandex. Cool and did not know about changes, you will have to configure the personal account Y.Money and get a new password, because Old from Yandex.Money is already invalid.

  1. Go to the "Top" section.
  2. Select the item "Through Sberbank-online."
  3. Specify the transfer amount.
  4. Enter login and password for authorization in Sberbank online.
  5. Specify the card and confirm the operation.

If earlier the user tied the Sberbank card to the virtual wallet account, then the money will be automatically written off from it.

It is useful to know how to transfer money from webmoney to a Sberbank card

How to replenish yandex.kolek from the card of Sberbank

If the holder has a card card, there is no access to the Internet, then the replenishment of the virtual account is possible through an ATM or self-service terminal. Here is the instruction for this:

  1. Insert the Sberbank Card in the Cartewear.
  2. Enter the PIN code.
  3. Go to the "Payments and Translations" section.
  4. Select "Electronic Money".
  5. Find in the Yumoney list (it is at the top of the list).
  6. Specify the account number and the amount for replenishment.
  7. Click the "Continue" button to complete the transaction.
  8. Print check and pick up a bank card.

Conditions for making funds through an ATM are the same as for online transactions. Money comes instantly and no commission. In the event of problems, it is necessary to contact the technical support of Sberbank, as well as the company that is responsible for the terminal. The phone number is last indicated on the check.

Virtual account replenishment nuances

There are limits when replenishing Yandex.Money. Bank card holders can make no more than 15 thousand per transaction. This rule is valid for all customers, but the amount can be limited to a smaller direction if the owner of Yumoney has a topic too much. Balance restrictions are different for users with different types of identification:

  • up to 15 thousand for anonymous;
  • up to 60 thousand for nominal;
  • up to 500 thousand for identified.

If you need to make an amount of more than 15 thousand rubles, you can break up replenishment into several transactions. Their quantity is not limited, but limits also act - up to 100 thousand per day and up to 200 thousand per month.

Each Bank works with a specific payment system or systems. As a result of such cooperation, his clients have the opportunity to translate funds from their bank cards to e-wallets without paying commission remuneration or with a minimum commission. One of the payment systems with which Sberbank allows you to work, is Yandex.Money.

Methods for transferring money on the Yandex wallet through the Sberbank system online

Translation of money on a wallet

It is worth starting with the fact that Sberbank provides for its customers a number of opportunities for working with Yandex.Money. So, transfer funds to an electronic account in the following ways:

  • Translation through Sberbank online;
  • transmission using an ATM;
  • Sending in cash (by means of the "Mobile Bank" application).

To make financial transactions between the Bank and the payment system, it is useful to know how to properly transfer money to Yandex.Money through Sberbank online. Required conditions for monetary translation, this is:

  • Registration in Yandex.Money;
  • the presence of the e-wallet Yandex.Money;
  • Connecting to the online service.

Replenishment Wallet through a computer

If the specified items are observed, then you can replenish the Yandex wallet from the Sberbank card. To begin with, go to your office in Sberbank online, specifying the parameters of your account.

Entering the system, you need to go to the "Yandex.Money" section from the "Translations and Payments" panel. Next to replenish the account on the payment form you should select from the list of the Card. Then, specifying the number of the electronic wallet, enter the transfer amount.

Methods for transferring money on the Yandex wallet through the Sberbank system online

After all the steps done on the Sberbank client's phone, a disposable SMS password will come. It should be entered into the corresponding dialog box to confirm the operation. If all actions have been completed correctly, all fields for entering are correctly filled, and the confirmation code is correctly specified - the message "accepted to execution" appears on the screen.

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There is another way to transfer money from the Sberbank card on Yandex.Money. To do this, you need to choose the Yandex.Money icon on the left side of the "Fast Payment" panel. After that, the system displays the form of payment, which is filled in the same sequence of steps as in the first case.

After confirmation of the operation, the money will turn to an electronic account within 24 hours. However, in practice, this is significantly faster - in just a few hours, and even instantly.

Money Transfer from Mobile Device

If a person urgently needs to transfer funds from Sberbank to Yandex account, but he does not have access to a personal computer, then it can be done from any mobile device.

To do this, the device, for example, on the phone, establishes a special application - "Mobile Bank". Through it will be made to the bank service.

Important. It is worth noting that, in addition to the availability of registration on the Sberbank service online, registration is required and in the mobile banking system.

To start working with the application, it must be activated by specifying my identification data. Then, when it is ready to go to the tab "Payments".

It should select the "rest" item (with the magnifier icon), and then in the input field, indicate Yandex.Money. After selecting the desired result from the list that appears, the transition to the form will be automatically implemented.

Methods for transferring money on the Yandex wallet through the Sberbank system online

Next, you need to fill the "Amount" field and specify the number of the plastic card with which the cash will be written off. After entering the data, click on the "Confirm" button and activate the SMS code received on the phone number. Thus, the translation operation will be confirmed.

Replenishment of the wallet account can be made through the phone number attached to the site. If there is no this binding, you can transfer money to the wallet number. It also needs to be indicated in the case when the translation occurs on someone else's account.

Commission fees

Of course, many are interested in how to put money on Yandex account without a commission. Such an opportunity is definitely there. The bank will not take any card holder, nor from the owner of the commission fee, if the transfer will be made through the bank service.

Important. If the money transfer is performed through an ATM or terminal, then 1.5% of the transfer amount will be written off the card holder.

However, working with the service of electronic payments from Yandex, it is worth considering the fact that some limit (limit) is established on the sum of translations between it and Sberbank. So, if an unlimited number of operations (transactions) per day is allowed, then at a time can be translated at no more than 10,000 rubles.

If the card number is tied to the electronic wallet number, the specified limit will be increased to 15,000 rubles. With such a limit in 24 hours, not more than 150,000 rubles can be translated. In addition, there is a limit and money transfer within a month. You can read this in more detail in the Yandex.Money reference system.

Alternative method replenishment wallet

Sometimes it happens that there is no PC at hand, there is no access to the Internet, and then the question of how to replenish the Yandex wallet through Sberbank. You can do this through an ATM or a specialized terminal.

After entering the password in the ATM (terminal), you need to go to the "Electronic Payments" tab and select Yandex.Money. Next, specify the wallet number and the sum of the translation. By clicking on the "Run" button, the money transfer procedure will be launched. It will only be left to pick up a card and check.

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Yandex.Money electronic payments and Russian Sberbank have been collaborating for a long time, so operations between these financial structures are optimized and beneficial for customers. Each client can easily replenish his Yandex wallet from the Sberbank's account / card, or vice versa, transfer money from Yandex Wallet to Sberbank Card. In this article we will talk about the first case, i.e. On translating money from Sberbank to Yandex Money.

When replenishing the poison balance through the terminals and ATMs of Sberbank, the Commission is not removed. Therefore, such operations are very profitable.

Methods of replenishing Yandex Wallet with Sberbank

In total, three methods of such a transaction are provided:

  • Online translation on the site.
  • In a mobile application.
  • Through the personal account of the poison.
  • Through the terminal.

For funds to be enrolled, a registered Yandex Wallet is needed.

How to transfer money to Yandex wallet through Sberbank

How to replenish Yandex wallet through Sberbank online

This is the most convenient way to replenish your e-wallet. The replenishment of the poison is performed elementary simply. You need to make several actions:

  • Go to the Personal Cabinet Sberbank.

How to transfer money to Yandex wallet through Sberbank

  • Click on the "Transfer to the account in Yandex.Money" icon.
  • A new window will open to replenish the poison.

How to transfer money to Yandex wallet through Sberbank

  • Specify your wallet number in the account number line.
  • Enter the transfer amount in the ruble "amount".
  • Click on the "Continue" button. A sms-message attached to the mobile phone tied to the system, specify the password from this message in the appropriate field.

If the status of your Yandex Wallet is anonymous, then for one operation you will not be able to translate more than 15,000 rubles.

Translation from Sberbank to Yandex Wallet through the application

You can use the Sberbank mobile app to replenish your Yandex Money Wallet. The process is fully identical to the previous method. Therefore, problems with this should not have any problems. Just in case, use the instructions:

  • Run the application and log in in it.
  • Go to "Translations and Payments".
  • Select "Electronic Money".
  • Click on Yandex.Money.
  • Specify the number of your wallet in the poison and the desired amount of money.
  • Click on the link "Pay."

Immediately after that, money should be instantly translated into account.

How to replenish Yandex Wallet through an ATM / Sberbank Terminal

If you do not have access to a mobile application or a bank site, or you have no money on the map, you can use an ATM or terminal to replenish your Yandex Wallet. The process of transferring funds from an ATM elementally simple:

  • Insert the card into an ATM.
  • Go to the "Payments and Translations" section.
  • Enter your Yandex wallet number
  • Enter the transfer amount and click on "Pay".

In the case of the terminal, everything is the same, only money needs to pay for cash. Translation comes instantly.

Limits for storage and replenishment

Depending on what the status of your account in Yandex.Money may differ and the maximum amount of storage of money may be different:

  • An anonymous wallet cannot be stored over 15,000 rubles.
  • On the name account, the restriction is 60.000 rubles.
  • Identified wallet allows you to store up to 500.000 rubles.

When trying to transfer a large amount, the payment will be rejected.

During the day you can translate no more than 100 thousand rubles for anonymous and registered status. One-time transport is limited to 15,000 rubles. A month can be made payments worth up to 200 thousand rubles. Commission when replenishing Yandex Wallet through Sberbank in ATM is missing.

If necessary, keep and translate large amounts, you need to pass the wallet identification. To do this, it is enough to connect the "Mobile Bank" and have an account in Sberbank. The application and wallet are tied to the same phone number. Possible passport data from Sberbank to Yandex money. This is absolutely safe - the data will be saved, and you do not have to make extra television and spend your time.

What can go wrong

And although the process of transferring money from a Sberbank card to Yandex Wallet as simple as possible, some difficulties may occur. When you specify the number of the poison wallet, it is better not to reprint it manually, but copy to the numbers to be accurately indicated. When transferring money to someone else's account, be sure to make a screenshot of the check after the transaction is completed . This check will be transferred to the recipient as confirmation of the translation.

If an error was allowed when translated, which you found later, be sure to write to Sberbank's support. The sooner you do, the greater the likelihood that the money will be returned.

If your attempts to transfer funds are deviated, most likely, the limit is exceeded. Remember that an anonymous status can be stored no more than 15 thousand rubles. The system in this case should warn you that the balance is overflowing. To access larger transactions, increase the status of the poison.

Another common error when translating from Sberbank on YandexCresses is an insufficient balance. Naturally, you will not be able to translate the amount greater than you have on your account. Therefore, check your Sberbank's balance sheet.

As you can see, transfer money from the card to Yandex Wallet is a simple task. It can be executed online through the Sberbank website, using a mobile application, Yandex.Money system, or through an ATM / Sberbank terminal.

Translation to Yandex Money from Sberbank card: 3 ways

Sberbank of Russia today is the largest financial organization in the country. As for electronic payment systems, the Yandex resource uses high popularity. Money". Therefore, the most frequent task with which many clients of both organizations are facing is the process of transferring funds from the Sberbank card to Yandex Wallet and vice versa.

To perform the operation there are different ways, but most often uses the transfer of money through Internet banking. And let's immediately clarify: the replenishment of the Yandex wallet from the Sberbank credit card is impossible! Since any translations are prohibited from credit cards of this bank, it is only for payment of goods and services.

There are 3 ways to transfer money from the Sberbank card on Yandex Wallet

So, we found out that Yandex's wallet from Sberbank's card can be left to choose the most convenient way. They differ depending on the amount of the listing, the Commission. The rate of receipt of money on the account of the wallet is usually no different, so you do not have to wait long.

Sberbank offers customers a wide range of possibilities (not only transactions within the network), among which there is an option to transfer money to the Yandex electronic wallet. To make such a banking operation there are several ways:

  • Transferring funds through Sberbank online;
  • Translation using an ATM or self-service terminal;
  • Sending cash using a special mobile application.

Sberbank's mobile bank is not suitable for such purposes, since the SMS to number 900 can be translated by enemy to a telephone or another client of the bank. All! On a card that does not belong to Sberbank Translation is performed through an application where you need to log in login and password.

Top up Yandex Wallet through Sberbank Online

The easiest, convenient and profitable way to list money from the Sberbank card on the Yandex wallet is an option via an Internet banking or a personal account. In order for them to take advantage of the client registered in the system. (How to register in Sberbank online is described here)

After authorization in the Sberbank Personal Account online for login and password, it is necessary to act according to such instructions:

  1. In your personal account from the main menu, select the "Transfers and Payments" section. Instructions for the transfer of money from Sberbank on Yandex
  2. Next, follow in the operations subsection and click on the item "At the expense of Yandex.Money". Translation of money through Sberbank online on the Yandex wallet
  3. Correctly and carefully fill out the proposed form by entering the following data: the plastic number from which the means is sent; props Wallet Yandex (its number); The amount of enumeration. How to transfer money from Sberbank on Yandex Wallet
  4. After filling out the form, click on the "Continue" button.
  5. Confirm the action using an SMS notification, code from which to the appropriate field.
  6. After all manipulations are executed, you will see a message "taken to execution", indicating the successful completion of the transaction.

Translation into Yandex Money from Sberbank Card through the application

You can do the entrance to Sberbank online not only through the official website of the bank, but also through a special mobile application that is available for downloading to the smartphone. It is enough to find it in Play Markete (Andrin) or App Store (iOS) and download. Then pass the registration procedure and then you can perform any operations with your own accounts through the phone (transfers, payment for services, checking the balance, opening and closing of cards / accounts, etc.).

Instructions, how to transfer to Yandex Wallet through the Sberbank mobile app:

1. Log in to the Sberbank application online and the "Payments" menu, which is located at the top of the screen. Then scroll down the tape and select the "rest", as Yandex refers to other services;

Menu "Payments" s mobile application Sberbank

2. A search window will open where I enter Yandex Money to perform the transaction you need;

Search by mobile application Sberbank

3. A list of additional options will open, from which you need to choose Yandex Money, respectively.

List of additional services in Sberbank's mobile application

4. The last step is to fill the details. Here you specify something one recipient: account number / account tied to the phone number or payment code. Then we enter the amount itself and choose the write-off map, if we have several of them.

Translation to Yandex via Sberbank

The receipt of money, as a rule, happens instantly, so long to wait for payment from the Sberbank card to Yandex Wallet does not have to do, although in the conditions the probability of the payment delay up to 2 hours is indicated.

Replenishment through the ATM Sberbank

In the absence of the Internet or if it is impossible for any reason to use Internet banking Sberbank online, you can replenish Yandex Wallet through Sberbank ATM. To do this, follow such a guide:

  1. Insert the plastic into a special receiving compartment of the ATM;
  2. Enter a four-digit individual IDU code card;
  3. In the menu that opens, click on the "Electronic Payments" tab;
  4. From the list of services, select Yandex.Money;
  5. Enter the wallet number, as well as the amount of departure;
  6. Click "Run", thereby completing the operation.

Do not forget to pick up your card, as well as a check about the executed transaction!

How much does the translation take?

On the official website of Yandex, the receipt of money in the account is set in the range of 24 hours. However, as practice shows, the listing is performed much faster - in most cases funds will arrive at the expense during the coming hours if the translation was performed during working hours.

Commission 0% for replenishment of the Yandex.Money account

Previously, the most advantageous way to transfer money from the Sberbank plastic to the Yandex e-wallet was through Sberbank online. It quickly and the Commission was minimal. But recently Sberbank canceled the commission for replenishing Yandex Money !

Now you can replenish the Yandex.Money wallet from an ATM, through the application in the phone or the website of the bank without a commission.


On the amount of remittances from the Sberbank card on the Yandex wallet, certain limitations are established.

So, if the number of transactions per day is not limited, then the maximum amount of one translation is the limit of 10,000 Russian rubles.

However, this amount increases slightly if the departure is carried out on plastic, tied to the electronic case in advance (more, how to bind the Sberbank card to the phone). In this case, the transfer limit is 15,000 rubles. At the same time, you can send no more than 150 thousand rubles per day. As for restrictions per month, it has been established at the level of 300,000 rubles.

Fast application application

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