How to win on the flop in poker

The flop in poker is the second stage of the game, when the dealer lays three common cards on the table. This stage can only be in those species of poker, where common cards are used, for example, in Texas Hold'em or Omaha. The flop can also be called the first round of trading on postflop - All the streets following the preflop.

It is very important to know what flop in poker and how to play on this street. The fact is that it is this stage of the game that is key, because On it, players can determine the potential of their hands. Indeed, the likelihood is that one or more cards from three will complement your pocket cards, forming a stronger combination. On the next two streets - the Turn and River, it is laid out only on one map, so they have less potential to improve their hands.

flop in poker

Flop game

The flop is considered to be Aggressive stage of the game And trade, therefore, with the right draw of their cards, you can win on the Poker flop, without waiting for Schowdaun. At the same time, it is very important to act aggressively not only on the flop, but also preflop - the first street. By laying the initiative at the beginning of the game, you can continue it to the flop, confirming the strengths of its combination with the stakes. Even if you did not get into the flop, you can force the rest of the players to reset the cards. To do this should be used Continued bid or accompaniment - The bid on the flop after you were the first to put on the preflop.

However, if you build a strong combination on the second street, then you will not need a victory on the flop in poker - you need to try to get from rivals to the maximum and get to Schowan, taking a huge stack. For example, you had two suited pocket cards with ace, and all three cards opened the same suit on the flop. It is quite logical to play a check to allow opponents to make a bet, provoking them on a bluff or semi-bloof. If they are whistled, it is quite possible that Tern or River will bring them at least some coincidence and will already be the chances to call your bets. Therefore, by collecting a strong combination on the flop, often favorable action will be Slopley - Imitation of weakness of hand with the aim of the kind of chips from the opponent.

Naturally, it is not always you will get to win on the Poker flop, however much more often on this street you will collect unfinished hands with good potential - Street Dro, Flash Dro. It is important to be able to calculate the probabilities in the poker to know when you should reset your incomplete combination at the opponent's bet, and when it is necessary to call it, or even rearrange.

FLOP structure

Maps on the flop in poker can have thousands of variations, and naturally, all of them cannot be disassembled. However, each flop can be attributed to some structure, thereby realizing its potential for the opponent and learning the chances of the opponent got into the flop. All existing Poker flops can be divided into two large groups: dry and wet.

Dry flops They differ in that they do not have paired, suited or next in order of increasing cards. Thus, such a FLOP structure is safe, because your rival with a smaller probability of probability will collect the top three, full house, flash or street.

Wet flops , or as they are also called coordinated, have high chances for the formation of strong combinations, so they are dangerous. For example, if three suited cards fell on the board, then the opponent may well be flash. Therefore, the strategy of playing the flop depends on what is its structure, and how much we hit the flop.

Between these extreme groups of the FLOP structures are all the others - Intermediate .

FLOP structures

To act as efficiently as possible, or even win the flop in poker, it is necessary to study the structures more fully. So, flops in poker may be the following types:

  • With overkarta . If at least one map dropped on the flop above your older, let it even be part of the pair, the opponent may be stronger steam. However, it should be understood that the aggressor on the preflop, seeing or to the flop, will often be a controversy.
  • Nonsente . Even three suited cards will very rarely give a flash opponent to River, not to mention the two cards of the same suit. Therefore, if you have a strong finished hand, you should put on the flop, so as not to give the opponent to have a flush draw.
  • Connected flop. Borders with type 4 5 8 or 5 7 10 maps have the potential to improve to Street. However, it is necessary to take into account the chances of a good enemy - Gatshot is, or a bilateral Street-Dro, whether there are overcards on the board. With a large number of outs, it is advisable to play carefully - to check and split on the boost. If the outputs are not so much, the optimal action will raise with the finished hand to force the opponent to choose a card or call not to chances.
  • Spray flop. It has the potential for the trips and full houses. Therefore, even your Street-Dro or Flash Dro on such boards may be less profitable. Such flops are good for bluff, but there is always a risk of stumble upon a really strong hand.

Related and suited are often referred to as wood floors, because They will often participate in the creation of dar-hands - Street-Dro and Flash Dro, respectively. From the table below you can find out what the chances are that the flop will fall out with a particular structure:

FLOP structure

So, we learned what flop in poker, what FLOP structures are, and why it is so important to correctly play this street.

Poker has always been and remains one of the most popular card games. In Russia, he became popular not so long ago - mostly our compatriots learned about him from literature or Hollywood films. What lures this game of your supporters, how is it so interesting? There is an expression: "You can learn to play poker in half an hour - I will learn to play all my life." Perhaps here and lung on.

Playing poker

A bit of history

The first poker mentions belong to the XVI century - this game is one of the oldest in the history of mankind. Someone believes that Poker originated in China, there are also supporters of European origin. Now establish unambiguously, which country has become the generic team of the game, no longer seems possible

If you take the first references to poker in the literature, then these are notes of the English traveler Jonathan Green. Filming on the Mississippi River, he learned about a fascinating game, with whom the sailors introduced him. 2-4 people took part in the game, and in description it is as much as possible to Texas Hold'em.

Poker has acquired the greatest popularity in the United States. It is because of this that many consider it a typical American game.

Poker in American Saluns

Entrepreneurial players with the spread of Internet popularity were able to see the enormous potential benefit of poker, if it was converted to the online mode. After all, not everyone had the opportunity to come to the casino and sit at the table. And on January 1, 1998, the first poker distribution of such a plan was played.

The attitude to online poker was, to put it mildly, at that time skeptical. But in 2003 there is an event that turned over and the world of online poker and attitude towards it all over the world. Chris Maimäicker was a simple American affection - one of the millions. It distinguished his hobby - online poker. And here in 2003, passing a series of qualifying tournaments, he ranks first in World Series of Poker and receives megaprise - it becomes the owner of 2.5 million dollars. Real man, real money. The game begins to trust. From this point on, there are full careers of famous players known now in online poker.

Streets in poker: Preflop, Flop, Turn, River

In poker there are so-called streets. This is the stage of distribution of cards to players and the opening of general maps. In such poker disciplines, like Hold'em and Omaha, four of them. In the future, studying poker terms and features of the game, we will do it on the basis of Texas Hold'em. Streets wear the following names: Preflop, Flop, Turn and River.

Preflop is the first round of trading in most poker varieties. Maps players are already handed over, but there are no time on the table. The situation of players is evaluated based on the first of all from the cards received.

Flop - second round of trading; The step of opening the general cards. During this round, the first three cards are opened on the table. Having on the hands of 2 cards handed over during the preflflow + 3 opened on the table, players make up compositions.

Turn - the stage of opening another general card, after which the third round of trades follow.

River - stage of opening the last card out of five. If you take the Texas Hold'em, now on the table lie in open five cards, and two each player. The last, fourth trading range is connected with River.

The value of the right flop game

What is a flop for poker players? This is a very important stage of distribution, because After opening three cards on the total desk, the player already has information about 71% of the cards with which it will deal with this distribution. Looking at your "pocket" cards and estimating the newly discovered, you can already say for sure whether the initial position of the flop has strengthened. Poker in Texas Hold'em is a game where 5 cards are estimated, and therefore part of the players already understands whether they have collected a successful composition at the moment or not yet.

Varieties of the Flop

  1. Rainbow. Three fleet cards are laid on the table and all three are different suits.
  2. Two-way. What is a bim's flop, becomes clear already out of the name. It means that two of the three cards posted on the table of one suit. In this case, having two cards on the hands of the same suit, the player is going to the so-called flash draw - Flash without one card. You can try to "reach" to such a winning combination on the Turn or River. Two bikes
  3. Sustainable. It happens only in 5% of cases. All cards on the flop of one suit. You can rejoice, collecting a strong flash. Or worry, if he was gathered from opponents. Nature flop
  4. Paired. In this case, on the flop we have two cards of one dignity. Seth, Full House, Kare - you can collect any of these winning combinations here
  5. Twoconnete. When opening this flop, two cards appear on the table, following each other. Having on his hands, for example, the top three and four, and seeing the top five and six on the flop, we have already built a street-drawn, which can intensify (and may not intensify) to Street.
  6. Triponnector. Three consecutive cards appear on the table. Someone from the players can already have a finished street.
  7. Wood. No, he has nothing to do with firewood. What is a flop in poker, called wood? This is the flop by which you can make up both Street and Flash. Wood flop
  8. Dry. The situation where the three cards that have discovered do not give perspective nor a flush, and do not even fold in the draw.

Translation of the word Flop.

The word is English and can not only be used in poker. Yes, most think about the card game, having heard it. Translated "flop" does not give reference to gambling. So, look in the Russian-English dictionary.

What is "flop" if for a while forget about poker? Literally is a verb, meaning "flourish", "fall out", "fall".

What is FLOP outside poker?

This word can be heard in an informal conversation about some kind of music performer. But not about any, but only about those whose positions dropped sharply. For example, if an album of a popular artist fell in the ranking, failed at the box office - it can be called flop. At one time, the American youth called Britney Spears and Madonna - they also had failed singles. In America, if you take such a context, the word "flop" in Slalen is very popular among adolescents.

Flop is in computer drawing. Here the word means the drawing created quickly. Often, when creating it does not use the fill or make it in one color.

If you study the tight American slang, you can learn the third value of the word FLOP. Moreover, it replaces the surround description of the personality, describing a person who gives an order at the last minute.


The choice of game tactics for preflop from newbies is associated with smaller problems than in postflop. In the first round of trading, you can use standard draws, use charts that take into account the position and action of rivals. Next, the task of the player becomes more complicated - the finished recommendations do not provide for all possible game situations. We recommend finding what flop in poker, how to play at this stage of distribution.

The value of the term

Definition combines two values. The flop simultaneously refers to the first three common cards laid down on the board (board), and bidding starting after that. This city street is in postflop. It is incorrect to assume that postflop begins with the Tern! Threaded on the board three cards are common - simultaneously used by the participants of the distribution to compile combinations.


Bordea scheme

Types of flop texture

Under the texture, the quality of the map composition is the possibilities provided to compile combinations, DRO. Some combinations have a low probability of collecting strong layouts. Other boards are dangerous. A classic poker theory allocates two types of board texture:

Dry - does not allow you to make a flash, Street and DRO listed layouts. Consist of a high map and two small, do not have two, three coincidences of masters. Some boards, allowing to collect small street, are considered dry, if the likelihood that the opponent played with suitable starters, extremely small. For example, the tight opponent was a raise from an early position, and three minor cards fell on the table. Most players acting similarly will not rise in early position with small pairs, connector.

Example 1.

Dry texture

Opponents that went from early, middle positions will be more often overpars on dry beard, or nothing. A continued rate should be done - at the distance brings profit.

Wet (wood) - contains two major cards, two or three coincidences by masters, senior connectors. Provides a rival high chances of drawing up strong layouts, DRO. It is often dangerous, regardless of the position used to enter the opponent's trading. Starters that can enhance wet texture are played from any positions.

Example 2.

Wet texture

On the wet beard, it follows often to abandon bluff. If the player decides to use a tactical deception, it is necessary to declare a bet of size, a disadvantaged enemy on the chance of the bank when drawing a draw. Take into account - often the opponent will play with a finished strong combination.

Position post-fag

The order of moves in postflop should be considered in the preflop. On the first street distribution, the first voluntary move is made early positions. Blinds that made blind rates take voluntary solutions to the latest, having information about the action of all opponents. Their advantage on the flop disappears - go first, without having information about the plans, the size of the bids of opponents.

To less likely enter the flop in poker at a disadvantageous position, play the blinds and in the early positions a narrow range of cards.

Flop game strategy

If the poker is playing hands on the fact of their strength, it is impossible to earn profit. For example, newcomers often make Fold, without making a combination and put, collecting a strong hand. Playing situations are much more.

Drawing ready-made hands

If you have made a ready-made combination, it is necessary to estimate its strength against the possible hands of the enemy. Finished hands: Couple, two couples, triple and older. The following options are considered strong hands to play aggressively:

  • Top steam - one pocket card coincided in rank with senior on the board.
  • Overhead - pocket couple, senior rank of any common card.
  • Two pairs - promising is the option made using two starters. If one pair is assembled from general cards, the opponent can make a similar hand with a senior kicker, a three or two pairs of older.
  • The rest of the senior layouts - Seth, Street, Flash, etc.

It is necessary to comprehensively assess the strength of senior combinations. Troika, compiled with two common cards, is dangerous because the opponent can be gathered by Full House, the top three with the elder kicker.

Street, floss should include a senior pocket card - otherwise there is a chance that the opponent assembled a similar hand, but stronger or will get it on the Turn, River. Playing such hands should be highlighted in 2/3 -3/4 from the size of the bank, so that the opponent is unprofitable to complete the draw on the following streets.

Raffle Natsa

NATS allows you to win on the flop in poker big money - an invincible combination. Natz may be Street, Flash, Kare and other layouts. The hand is considered invincible if the board does not allow an opponent to assemble the hand stronger. Used passive and aggressive draw.

  • Aggressive - should more often use this method. Making a bet, pokerist increases profits from the situation at the distance, does not allow the enemy to go cheap to the turn, River, where NATS can depreciate due to new cards.
  • Passive - used when drawing NATsa, when the probability of its depreciation is extremely small. For example, a full-house is composed with a strong set, Kare. Effective in the game against the aggressor, which always or often puts first.

Draw draw

Having obtained unfinished alignment (DRO), it is necessary to calculate the outages - the number of cards that allow it to complete. For bilateral street, the draw of them will be 8, for the "holey" 4, and for flash 9. Sometimes two draws are made on one hand at the same time - there are ways on Street and Flash. Having calculated the autows, you can define the chances against the winning table.

Table Auts, probabilities, chances

Chances against winnings allow you to evaluate the prospects of drawing a hand. They are compared with Pot-Odda - the chances of the bank. Pot-Oddas - fractional ratio of the size of the rival rate and the size of the bank. If the bet is $ 20, and in a $ 100 bank, the sweat-odds are 20/100 or 1/5. They compare with the chances of winning:

  • Oddas above - it is more profitable to reset.
  • Oddas below - it is more profitable to put.

Tactical techniques and bluff

The flop in poker is a suitable street for bluff, tactical techniques. The substrate rate is the most common reception. The player, the last raise on the preflop, is the first to put in new bidding, demonstrating a strong starting hand and finished alignment. To receive, you should choose dry beards and a wet texture that is not suitable for strengthening the hand range of the position in which the opponent is located compared to the preflop.

When using a bluff, follow the recommendations:

  • Do not bluff with too high jars.
  • Blef's best position - late.
  • The best situations are hand draw, which can intensify on the following streets (half-bonding).
  • Do not bluff against several players.
  • Do not bluff if the image is spoiled - there were openings in the previous distributions, Fold after Bluff.

Some tactical techniques in the NATA draw, strong layouts are effective in suitable situations. Passive drawing (slapley) is the transfer of the initiative to opponents in order to collect rates from them on several streets. Used to Rivera. On the river passively playing strong cards dangerous - opponents may not put and reveal free.

  • Check-call - Pokzer comes, playing against an aggressive opponent, which will put with a high probability. The opponent's rate is compared to continue to increase the bank on the next street.
  • Check-raise - the player acts similarly to the previous reception, but does not compare, but increases the opponent's bet. This allows you to pick up the bank immediately or well increase it for the draw on the next street.
  • Beth call or bet-raise - techniques are similar to the previous one, but it makes a small bet instead of a check. Low increases increase the likelihood of getting a call from a tight player. Low opponents minimal rates often provoke on aggression, and they make high raises.

Being in position, the poker driver can simply compare with opponents, imitating the behavior of the autocollar - this is the type of an inexperienced player comparing the rates to Rivera, in the hope of improving the hand, regardless of the number of auto.

The success of the poker player depends on the competent strategy, the ability to use tactics. We recommend reading an overview article, acquainting the basics of playing stars in Texas Hold'em.

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