How to measure the size of the head (for buying a headdress)

Many want to find out the head size for the selection and order of the head. Measurement methods can be found on the Internet, but after reading a large number of those, I realized that there are not so many information.

I will try to describe in more detail how to do it:

Required devices - "meter" (measuring tape with a scale) - it is possible to purchase in any kind of needlework and sewing.

How to measure the size of the head for the purchase of headdress, photo number 1

To determine the correct size of the head of the head, you need to take into account the method or "manner" of the socks of the head. Do not forget about the proportions: if you have a high forehead, you should not climb a hat on the back, and vice versa.

So, we determine the size of the head: Wrap the tape - centimeter at a distance of 1.5-2.5 centimeters above the eyebrows, slightly higher than the ears and at that point on the back of the head, which gives you the greatest circumference length (as shown in the figure below). Measure your head several times to avoid mistakes and find the maximum circumference length. The tape should closely lay down to the head, but not be stretched, because as you feel the tape, so you will feel your hat.

How to measure the size of the head for the purchase of a headdress, photo number 2

If there is no "meter" at hand, but I really want to know the size of the head, then you can resort to the second measurement version of the undergraduate means - but note that this method is less accurate!

The necessary devices are shyut, braid, tape, dense thread (the main thing - should not be elastic, i.e. not stretching), and a ruler:

How to measure the size of the head to buy a headdress, photo number 3

We do the operation as described in the first embodiment with a thread or harness, after that we measure the line length from one to another point of contact.

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