Tackle on especially large specimens.


For our brother Fisherman, the word electroform is like the blasphemy for the father in the temple of God . The appearance of this poaching fishing causes only indignation, and someone has even rage attacks. As it would be no pleasant to talk about it, but it is not possible to eradicate this vice, even in a modern, educated society. And no methods / ways to deal with these types of poachers unfortunately do not give tangible results. "Electricians" continue to make their black things and continue to destroy small rivers and reservoirs. I think that at the sight of such poachers on the river, only one desire arises from a normal fisherman. Desire ....... shove ....., and then click on the "Start" button. And the magic pendall to send the poacher-electrician to romantic swimming.

When I was a small and inexperienced fishing fisherman, it always seemed to me that the electric flow was a fishing rod with a motor and she would feed from the battery. Now, by the way, they began to sell such fishing rods, and they are called electronic, using the built-in micro motor and the program, they are able to set the desired frequency and the amplitude of the oscillations of your moron. About this.

Electronic Fishing
Electronic Fishing

For what I thought Eë and is called the power lifting. Later I found out the truth ... and not from the textbook and not from the stories of fishermen. And so to speak on your own skin. It was a matter: I got to go fishing with a friend, and there was sitting with the Donkees on the banks of the river Wires. And the fish rightly herself in the subcarriage. Only here is the superscript is not simple, but with a wire. And how they sailed, so the fishing was over. Clap cut off completely. We would know then that these are marriages-electricians. Stones would throw out from the shore.

But the story in this article is not about them, but about the unique method of using electric current in industrial fisheries.

Recently, reading interesting studies on the effect of electric current to fish, deciding to expand your horizons, I came across a very interesting description of the industrial fishing of the fish using an electric current. By the way, I would never think that there is a permitted fishing of fish in which an electric current is applied. But it is so. And this tackle is called a pulse electrofood. And applied when fishing especially large copies of fish and marine animals. And what is the most interesting, it does not hit the surrounding flora and fauna to the current, but acts selectively on the object of Lov.

The meaning of its use is that while catching the classical methods of particularly large and strong marine fish often, strongly injured and gathering of the very fish itself occurs. It is torn by Bagrami, injury to her "jaw apparatus" and conduct "other executions" to overcome it and drag on board. But a lot of fish breaks down and leaves with terrible injuries.

The essence of the work of the pulsed fishing rod is: on board the boat clings one of the electrodes - metal plate. The fishing line of this rod, it is an isolated wire that goes to the hook and is an electric current conductor. The float is the highlight of the tackle. When a bone float occurred sink and closes the electrical network. A major predator grabbed the bait gets a blow to the current within 20-40 seconds. He stuns and he stops pulling the float, the float pops up and turns off the current. Fish caught.

This method prevents the injury and gathering of large fish when it is captured. It simplifies the mastery of large fish and lifting it on board. For example, this way I learned catch a large and strong tuna. And some foreign clubs of sharkolov, based on the information I found, use it to capture a very large shark. This is the way there is a way to use current in industrial fisheries. The method in which the action takes place selectively and is not damage to the environment, unlike poaching tackle that ruins everything around and is able to inflict irreparable harm to a small water.

Pulse electronics of selective action. Tackle on especially large specimens.

Greetings, amateur radio amateurs!

People living beyond the city, in villages and villages leading the farm, should be familiar with the problem of pasture fence. If the elevation is built as sufficient height and has a harvested design, there is a risk that animals can move to it and run away to the will. Or another problem is possible - wild predators, for example, foxes, can climb into the territory of pastures and squat the cattle, the danger of this situation is aggravated by the fact that foxes and other wild animals can be messenger carriers - deadly disease. If the number of livestock is rather big, then the construction of the fence or hedges of pastures can become a serious problem, especially if it is necessary to build high for large animals. However, it is possible to do without labor-intensive construction of the fence, if you use the electricity - it is a fencing consisting of several curtain wires fixed on supports. Thus, for the construction of an electro-cultivation, a minimum of material investments and time is required - just put pillars and pull the wires between them. The principle of work is that the animal, touching the cereal wires, will get a weak, but tangible blow to the current, thus, overcoming the hedge will not be possible both domestic cattle and wild animals outside. For the operation of the electro-culture, a high voltage source is needed. It is convenient to use a car ignition coil - it has small dimensions, a suitable output voltage, the ability to adjust the power. You can find and buy the ignition coil on any authorization. Different ignition coils can have different dimensions, different designs, but combines them that all of them are intended to generate high voltage, at the level of 20-30 square meters. The photo shows the view of the coil.

In order for the coil to start generate high voltage, it must be powered through a special driver. It is presented below.

It can be seen that the scheme is a rectangular pulse generator, built on two NE555 chips, which are sold at any radiostic store. The diagram also contains two trimming resistors, R5 and R6, they are needed to adjust the width of the pulses, and, accordingly, the power of the ignition coil. The more the width of the pulses, the stronger there will be discharges at the exit, the more pains will be. It is not necessary to remake with this parameter, since there is a risk of getting or dealt with an electrician with an animal. In the left side of the circuit, two contacts - GND and + 12V, are shown, they are supplied to the supply voltage of 12V. The scheme can feed from any source to this voltage, with current at least 2-3A. Ideal for food, a computer power supply is suitable. It is advisable to accurately comply with all the nominal components indicated in the diagram, because the frequency and duality of the generation of rectangular pulses will depend on them, which are fed to the ignition coil. But some replacements are possible, for example, C6 and C8 capacitors - power filters, their nominal may vary in large limits. The LED1 LED indicates that the diagram is powered. The Q1 transistor commutes directly the ignition coil itself. Here you will need a powerful field transistor, for example, IRF840. You can also use almost any field transistors, designed for current more than 5a and voltage more than 400V. The primary winding of the ignition coil is connected to the "Induction COIL" contacts. From the high voltage yield of the coil, we remove the high voltage to use in electrical equipment.

Neon light bulb and LEDs are not mandatory elements, if desired, they can be excluded. In the photo below the view of the board without LEDs and light bulbs.

The circuit can be collected on the printed circuit board, the type of the finished collected board is shown in the picture above. You can collect both on SMD components, in this case the board will be compact and on ordinary output details. The neon light bulb on the diagram is invited to indicate that the diagram works and voltage pulses are fed to the coil. If desired, the scheme can be placed in the waterproof case and use even on the street. LEDs, two of which serve as an indicator of generation of pulses, and one - the indicator of power availability, can be sought on or off on the body. As variables, resistors can also be used either rapiders on the board, or output potentiometers to the housing for a quick and convenient change in the power of electrical equipment. The transistor Q1 with long-term operation of the scheme can be buried slightly. If its temperature exceeds 40-50 degrees, it is necessary to install it on the radiator. In addition to controls and indications, the board will contain two wires or a power supply connector, and two more to connect the coil.

A few words about the manufacture of the hedge itself. It should be parallel to the racing curtain wires. They must be fixed on the supports so that there is no contact between the segments themselves, as well as between wires and the earth. You can use both aluminum and steel or copper wire. It should not be too thin - because if at least in one place the wire will break, the electro-drug will stop working and the animals will be able to go without any problems through it. By the way, this moment is a reason for one of the modifications of the scheme - adding an indicator that will be asked if a break occurred in an electromagorod. The picture below shows the location options for use with different animals.

After assembling the scheme, you should not hurry to immediately connect it to the ignition coil and the wires of the hedge. First of all, it is advisable to control the generation of pulses at the output of the circuit, see whether the pulses duration is adjusted by trimmed resistors. If everything is normal, you can connect the scheme to the ignition coil, while it may be heard the characteristic "rustle" of high voltage. Do not try to measure it with a multimeter or oscilloscope, otherwise the devices can fail. If someone risks "to touch" high voltage for yourself - do not forget to set adjustments to the minimum power.

Thus, it turns out quite simple, the depletive design of the electrical equipment. The diagram of the pulse generator generator for the ignition coil is universal, and allows you to run coils for use for any purpose, not only in electrical equipment. When you turn on the electrical reclamation to a permanent job, it is necessary to provide it throughout the perimeter with the appropriate signs indicating that there is a high voltage on the curtain wires. Successful assembly!

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Electrotok came to change the dynamite. "Electrophemia" is a set of conventional fishing pads, pairs of wires and a car battery with a transformer - a transducer that gives the output of 1000-1500 volts! It is a terrible weapon - a deadly surprise for all the aquatic livery. The killer radius of the "Tackle" - up to 12 meters, although even for twenty-thirty meters from the "Electrofitter" to strike the current may be sensitive!

Sad statistics: Up to 30 poachers dies in Ukraine every year, decided to go fishing with electric lifework in leaky boots or rinsing hands near the working installation. In the Dnipropetrovsk region, the case of the death of the underwater hunter, which fell into the zone of action "Electrofits" was recorded.

From the side of the beating of electric shocks of the water inhabitants looks like this. Dark night on the river here, then bright lanterns flashed there. This is "Electrographer", processing the water branch site, look out for the affected fish, hurry snaps of instances of the copies of more. At some waters, overnight swims up to 5-7 poachers, with a guarantee, knocking out the remaining "uncooked" fish.

"Electrical Worker" takes the nature of the patient epidemic. In Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia - thousands of "Electrophes" work everywhere. The results of hellish work immediately affected. A huge space of water bodies avoids, not only does not go there spousy, but also does not feed there.

A large number of fish when exposed to electric flow sink and poachers is not selected. Familiar submariners told about dozens of kilograms of rotting fish (from five-per-meter bulls to meter soms), ribbons of ribbon reservoir. Most on the bottom of the Tolstolobik ... The long-term consequences of the electric shock on the few surviving fish (mostly those who will be the case on the periphery of the shock) are impressive: there is an irreversible transformation of the genital ducts, the formation of adhesions crosses the subsequent possibility of fish. There is one more terrible consequence from fish from entering a strong electric field - this is a sharp reduction in all muscle groups. Lightning seizures - and the vertebrae is shifted, the spine breaks. Even if the unfortunate fishing and surviving (and no more than 5% of the affected fish surrounds), then she will have to take her short eyelid. Therefore, increasingly fishermen with disgust is observed in the reservoirs of Ukraine "curves of fish". And no it is not "mutants" - these are poor things that "lucky enough to swim by ElectroCraccanoire.

The volume of damage from this kind of "fishing" is difficult to calculate. Electrotok does not spare no fish nor her feed base. Plankton dies, water invertebrates, die algae.

Today, the electrical is the threat of N 1 for the aquatic environment, and if Rybinxia still somehow can forgive the peasant with a "TV" or a leap, then a two-way predator with the "electric" will be given to the court without having a heart. What is paradoxically: all poachers are well aware of the terrible consequences of the use of "Electrophemia", it is noted that the fish in the cherished places has become little. But ... thirst for harvesters are indestructible. "After me, at least a flood", "Fishes for my age will be enough", etc. etc.

Many specialized fishing editions published information about the invention of the special device "Antielectrolov". The unit is able to clearly note the fact of the use of "Electrophemia", the direction of movement of the poacher, its remoteness from the instrument. Perhaps in the future, all inspections of fisheries and public inspections will be armed with "anti-electrone". In the meantime of malicious poachers, fishering in the raids reveals visually and cares the most shared. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prove the fact of electrolyts ...

And we complain, they say, crushed the fish in the Dnieper, almost disappeared, not catching on the fishing rods. Probably, Chernobyl is to blame, or, at worst, some pipe or chemical plant. Yes No, most often the last word remains for the human factor. Recall the same Rhine is a monstrously polluted river, it would seem lost for descendants irrevocably. People thought, took the mind - and here in the revived river caught salmon - the inhabitant of very clean water ...

... do not spit into the well, from which you will have to get drunk ...

Roman Novitsky, ichthyologist.

Option "on a stitch of the sacc .


ATTENTION! In the nodes of the switch produced Dangerous for good health VOLTAGE!

Observe the security technique!

This option is so small as the weight and weight that it can be placed right on the stick-anode handle. Weight together with battery - 436 gr. The scheme is made using SMD elements (including transistors of the converter) and small-sized parts, similar to the "Dame" option. The form of pulses is a rectangle and "comb". If you connect the "pike" console, the rectangle receives an additional voltage emission at the very beginning of the pulse. Such a combination is well suited for pike fishing.

A Li-PO battery used to power radio-controlled models is used as a power source. This type of batteries have the most "advanced" characteristics - low weight, greater capacity and greater current-matt. However, their operation requires strict compliance with certain rules. The main unpleasant feature of the Li-Po batteries is that Li is very well lit (it does not steal water), and to ignite the lipopac, it is enough to damage it mechanically, recharging above the allowable voltage or to move the pole. The second unpleasant feature is that when the battery is discharged below a certain voltage, the battery comes into disrepair. Nevertheless, today there are no alternatives to Li-Po batteries yet, and with proper charging, discharge and circulation, they serve for a long time and reliably. In this rod, use the battery "Zippy FlightMax 2200mAh 3S1P 25C",

Which means: Capacity 2200mAh, the number of cans 3 (3.7 volts each - total voltage 11.1 V), discharge current - 25c (2.2x25 = 55 amps), weight - 173 grams. You can apply a larger capacitance battery, but it will be more weight. More convenient to take another 2-3 similar batteries and change them when discharged. The balancing connector (serves to connect to the charger) connects "Device to control the HXT Lipo 3S voltage". This is a miniature card with three pairs of LEDs, the luminescence of which signals the voltage on each bank. As soon as the red lights, you need to change the battery.

The SMD elements made a transducer and pulse generator. They are located on the same board along with the separation transformer (separate module). The converter transformer ring has increased magnetic permeability and reduced (compared to options 1 and 2) dimensions. The current consumed indicator is also more compact, performed on 3 LEDs, the alternate connection of which, gives an idea of ​​which current is consumed (approximate). The fishing rod together with the battery is fixed with a scotchpie (or something else) on the cacchis-anode handle, the wire of the anode goes inside the rod to the saccue, and the cathode wire is departed and immersed in water. The length of the latter depends on the conditions of fishing - if the shore overgrown, the length of the wire must be several meters so that the river can be chopped in both sides of the cathode immersion location. If you apply a "Chinese" method, then the cathode wire will be no more than one meter - in one hand of a sump (with a fishing rod), in another cathode in the form of a pin on a stick. Both electrodes are immersed in water right in the place of catch fish. Like that:

(More details - see Videos with Examples of Electrolov).

************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************************

Note: E / optional scheme "On the Saccha handle" is the ownership of the author and applies to commercial terms - 300. rubles.

************************************************** ******************************* ************************************************** *************************************************

Installation, setup, assembly

************************************************** *************************************************

Option "on a sacket handle_1"

This option of the electrofood is different from the above described above that the pike prefix is ​​embedded in the rod body, and the switching between the two modes is performed using a push-button switch. In the "Comb" mode, the output voltage is doubled (600-760 volts), and in the "Rectangle" mode automatically connects the "Pike" prefix. In addition, modern power SMD transistors that roll directly on the fee are applied in the converter. Video reviews can be viewed by reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lwbonnllea or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1igF0HWRBG ring cores of the transformer transformer and inductance of the Pike consoles have magnetic Permeability of 6000, which allows to reduce the size of the "pike" console and take more power from the converter.

Important! - Since the power of the fishing rod does not exceed 100 watts, the "capture zone" directly depends on the water resistance of the water, where the fishing is produced. The more water resistance, the greater the "capture zone" and the more effective there will be fishing. With a small water resistance, the radius of the action of email. The fields around the anode (capture zone) decreases and the efficiency of the fishing rod. In other words, the more in the water of different salts and impurities, the worse it catches the electrofood. This can be in the regions where many oil and it is intensively mined. In the process of oil production, a salt solution that falls into the river is often used. So that our fishing rod is good, you need to focus on the equivalent of the load in the form of a 500 watt incandescent lamp. With low water resistance, the equivalent can be 1000-2000 watts. To successfully catch in such water, the Fishing Power must be 300-500 or more watts. The best option for our fishing rod is small clean taiga, northern or mountain rivers.

Video "Assembly, Setup, Check" - 70 MB

Note: E / option "Option" on the handle Saccha_1 "is the ownership of the author and applies to commercial terms - 300 rubles.

PCB (for surface mounting) + scheme - 600 rubles.

************************************************** ************************************************** *

Option "on a sacket handle_2"

This option is different from the previous one that all parts are placed on a single (double-sided) board with a size of 32 x 152 mm. Used small capacitors and rectifying diodes in SMD execution. The current consumed indicator is made on two Hall sensors and is also placed on the board. There is only one mode (with a "pike" prefix). The "comb" mode is lacking, since the advantages compared to the mode with the "Pike" prefix "is not marked (in our region).





Option "on a stitch knob_roid"

This option is different from the previous one that instead of ferrite rings applied (two half) Ferita hearts like RM-10. It simplifies the manufacture of a traffic fifteer and choke. The length of the board has become shorter.

Option "On the saccha knob_impulse 4t"

This option is different from the preceding the fact that the output key is assembled at 4-z thyristors. The shape of the impulse at the output is also another - a single or split exhibitor.

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