How to create a presentation on your own on a computer or laptop?

Our step-by-step instructions will tell how to create beautiful presentations using PowerPoint on a laptop or computer. It will show how to insert a video, a picture on the slide, write text and draw diagrams using the built-in visualization tools and add animated transition templates.


  1. Create a good presentation using PowerPoint templates
  2. Create a new presentation with photos, videos and videos
  3. We work with fonts, set up visual design
  4. Create a colorful animation of transitions between slides
  5. Add audio support presentation

In our example, we will use one of the most accessible and convenient programs for creating presentations - PowerPoint included in the Microsoft Office office package (the package also contains an already familiar to each text editor Microsoft Office Word, an Excel tabular processor).

With the external simplicity and minimum time spent on the study of the interface, the program allows you to implement any fantasy on the graphic design of the report, an abstract containing, including a plurality of graphic elements - graphs, schemes, illustrations, clips in any quantities and quickly accompany it with graphic and sound Effects.

When the content and editing of the content is completed, the application will allow you to start the demonstration mode to view the slides of the finished presentation clearly, edit some of them when errors are detected, save to the PC hard drive, print or send to the Microsoft OneDrive Storage (in the new versions of the office package). After performing the recommendations described below, the presentations created by your hands will not differ from high-quality presentations decorated with designers and advertising specialists!

So, proceed. Before creating a presentation, we will have to clearly think about what form of information reporting to the interlocutor we will choose, because the PowerPoint program presents a large number of templates, from a successful choice of which, often depends the success of the presentation.

The most briefly formulate the main theses of the presentation themes on the slides, do not overstepify them with text and complex images. Slides are just a short illustration for your report.

We highly recommend using template samples already created, including templates on, which are automatically tightened by PowerPoint, because the use of template-based presentations significantly saves the time to create a report structure. In addition, the editor allows you to download new templates from the Internet and add them to your database.

The more interesting templates are the already specified structure of your presentation, in which there are selected in style colors of the elements, font size and their color, selected similar formatting of various pages and other parts whose aggregate and forms the overall impression of the presentation.

Make sure the font size, its color, as well as background - are easily readable for the entire audience, including far rows. If on the background of color drawing , Tex and other graphical information becomes difficult to find.

To create a presentation, go to the menu File - Create - Sample patterns And then choose the most suitable from the templates, helping to effectively present the topic and correctly make an accent. In our example, we use the template "advertising booklet".

Note the dialog box with the tabs "Slides" and "Structure" in the left side of the window.

Using the "Structure" button, it is convenient to edit all the text in the resulting presentation, without being distracted by various design.

After selecting a template, in the "Design" tab, you can easily change the preset sets of color solutions by selecting a suitable color scheme to change only appearance, keeping the previous structure of the document.

And of course, the Create Slide commands use to add the first slide and each subsequent desired slide. Step by step.

In the following example, it is shown how it is easy to apply color schemes in an existing document. They will begin to appear immediately after use and help instantly see the effect until editing.

Well, of course, the developers left users wide opportunities for independent design of presentations and hotel slides with drawings and photos that are easy not only to download from a PC or copy from the flash drive, but also to choose on the Internet. In addition to the section "Colors", you can change the styles of the background and generally remove the background drawings, leaving the fill of the document in monophonic color.

Opportunities with fonts in Power Point are absolutely similar to those in the Microsoft Word editor.

We mark the changeable text element to be configured, after which from the list of fonts installed in the system, select the appropriate and specify the main parameters - size, color and formatting.

How best to make a presentation: the optimal font size for the text of the headlines: 22 - 28; The subtitles and numbers are better to choose sizes: 20 - 24; Signatures in the tables and axes of coordinates in charts: 16 - 18; Use fatty font to highlight headers; For reference and additional information it is useful to apply italics.

One of the most favorite users of the methods for reviving the presentation are to dilute it with special effects of the transition between slides. It really adds speakers and enhances the concentration of viewers on the material in the process of the report (the full name of the function "Go to the next slide")

  • To add transitions between slides, go to the "Transitions" tab.
  • Next, select the slides in the left vertical window for which you wish to apply the effect you like - cutting, fading, shift, or a couple of dozens of others, broken in turn to sections - simple effects, complex or dynamic.

Use both mouse buttons - as to select elements, that and to call additional features that are available when you open the drop-down menu with the right mouse button.

To the left of the image of the selected slide will appear an asterisk that informs that the display effect is tied to a separate slide.

By clicking on the field just below the asterisk, you can reproduce the effect of animation in the main window.

  • To configure the animation inside the slide layout, for example, with a gradual display of its contents, use the Animation tab and the Animation Setup command.
  • After selecting the desired effect, click on the object, or the text that needs to give the effect of the animation, after which in the task area "Animation effects" opened on the right side of the screen, click the "Add Animation" button.

In the area of ​​tasks, the effects will be sequentially located in order to add them. Here Yes, you can control the moment of the beginning of animation, direction and speed of execution.

By clicking the "View" button to start the animation, we apply the selected effect to the open slide. If you wish, you can copy it to other slides or impose entirely on the whole project.

To make a presentation in PowerPoint pleasant to perception, do not abuse the added effects when changing frames and during the appearance of new pop-up elements of information on the screen - it distracts from the main theme of the speech and does not contribute to memorizing the material!

Sound can accompany the change of each of the slides and is reproduced when performing a number of conditions.

  • To insert audio in the presentation, in the "Insert" tab on the right side of the panel, select the "Sound" icon, after which it will remain to specify the playable file on the computer in one of the popular formats. Previously, it was WAV files, now you can use more distributed MP3.
  • Next, select the sound playback method - automatically, or after clicking on the slide.

Among the additional parameters, you can set the sound playback duration after the start of playback, playback delay and the loudness of the file.

As background support, it is better to use lightweight quiet music, otherwise your speech will be illegible for listeners. But remember that Pavpoint does not allow you to place one song to the entire project with the condition of cyclical playback. The sound will drop when it is over, so count the timing and use the audio detectors to help handle simple files to glue several songs.

It will only remain to maintain the resulting presentation in a format convenient for you and make sure that it will be sent to e-mail and read on the equipment that is used in the audience. As a rule, the universal format of the presentation files are PPT, (less often PPTX - the latest versions of Microsoft Office) and the good old PDF - it will take a special program to play. Also come up with a little accession in order to profitably serve your material before the audience.

In addition to the details of the Microsoft PowerPoint program, we have prepared a review for you the best programs for creating presentations, including free-distributed Impress, Kingsoft Presentation and others. Besides at delivery, you can use any analogue - Online Services CANVA, Google Presentations, Apple Keynote Editor for computers on MacOS. The principle of operation of all tools is approximately the same.

We wish you good luck in a more vivid expression of thoughts using the keyboard in the form of a presentation!

KAK-SDELAT-PREZENTATSIYUGood time to everyone!

The word "presentation" although it sounds fashionable and loudly, in fact (In most cases) It implies a document of several sheets (slides) with textual and graphics information. (something like a wall-newspaper, which were in everyday life 20-25 years ago, before the start of PC's popularity) .

The main goal is to clearly and briefly demonstrate the results of your work, to convey basic information to the listeners, to submit some kind of project.

Difficulties with its creation, usually arise from those users who have never faced this issue before. In fact, if you start making a presentation on the steps (gradually sacrificing with each element) - then everything is simple enough, and under-force even a completely novice user.

In this note I will present a visual instruction with pictures of each step. To work, you will need such a program as PowerPoint (included in the Microsoft Office set installed on most home PCs) .


To help!

Programs and online services for creating presentations (for beginners) -


How to make a presentation: 10 steps

Note: All screenshots in the article are shown from the PowerPoint 2019 program (as the newest today).

Step 1: Run PowerPoint and create a "empty" presentation

To start PowerPoint in modern Windows 10, it is even completely optional to "find" its shortcut in the "Start" menu - just click on the search icon, and enter into the "POWER" string. Next, if you have this program - you will see its label among the search results (see Example below).

If you have a PowerPoint - then after entering the search for "Power", Windows 10 will find it

If you have a PowerPoint - then after entering the search for "Power", Windows 10 will find it

Start creating a presentation I recommend with "zero" - it will be easier to deal with the main elements of work (To do this, select the option "Empty Presentation") .

Creating a new "empty" presentation

Creating a new "empty" presentation

If no errors have arisen and PowerPoint works correctly, you should see a document that is still only one slide (sheet). See Example below.

First sheet (slide) presentation

First sheet (slide) presentation

You can move on ...


Step 2: Adding new slides (sheets)

Of course, the presentation (most often) It can not consist of one sheet, and you will need to increase their number.

To do this, go to the section "The main" (or "Insert" ), click on the instrument "Create Slide" and select the layout of the sheet that you need (In his example, I stopped at the option "Comparison") .

Creating a second sheet (slide). Please note that the layout of the sheet is different from the first.

Creating a second sheet (slide). Please note that the layout of the sheet is different from the first.

Also, the layout of the sheet can be changed: To do this, select the desired sheet. (Arrow-1 on the screen below) , then click on the tool "Layout" (section "Home") and select a new location of the elements.

If you have incorrectly selected page layout - you can always change it

If you have incorrectly selected page layout - you can always change it

Sheets and their numbers are displayed on the left panel. They can also be changed in places (using the left mouse left button) .

Add the required number of sheets to the presentation (slides)

Add the required number of sheets to the presentation (slides)

Note : Also add a slide using a combination of Ctrl + M buttons.


Step 3: Select the theme and its colors

From registration of the presentation, it is almost half of its success! And in this plan, PowerPoint gives fantasy to raise.

To install a new presentation design - go to the section "Constructor" and choose one of themes (there are a lot of them enough) .

Choose one of the package (which is most suitable for your work)

Choose one of the package (which is most suitable for your work)

I will add that there is also additional shades (lighter, darker) to each topic. Set the shade in the same section "Constructor" (see Screenshot below) .

Please note that in addition to the theme - there are different options for its design.

Note that in addition to the theme - there are different options for its design.


If you are going to print your presentation (or demonstrate it on the projector) - Be careful with the choice of color clearance.

For example, light yellow, pink, and other faded colors can be very badly visible. (especially if you look at your work from a certain distance) .


Step 4: Working with text

In this regard, working with PowerPoint is not much different from the usual Word. Choose a sheet, then the block, and write in it the necessary text (You can insert predetermined information from the same Word) .

To start editing the text in a specific slide block - just click on it ...

To start editing the text in a specific slide block - just click on it ...

Please note that PowerPoint automatically checks the entered text on spelling and punctuation errors. Of course, it finds not everything, but the coarsest will be emphasized by a red wavy line (example on the screen below) .


Pay attention to all underlined words (PowerPoint automatically finds most of the rough mistakes)

In most cases, if you right-click by error - PowerPoint will offer correction options.

To correct the error - just click on it right mouse button

To correct the error - just click on it right mouse button

By the way, the text in the block can be rotated to a certain angle (or to write it vertically).

To turn the text: First, select the block, the arrow will appear above it for the "pull" in the desired side of the left mouse button (block will change its angle as in the example below) .

To rotate the text block - click on the arrow above it

To rotate the text block - click on the arrow above it


Step 5: Inserting pictures, audio and video

For a visual representation of some moments without a media content, just do not do. In PowerPoint, it is possible to insert not only pictures and photos, but also audio, video files.

Tip! Do not insert too many pictures on one slide (sheet). Better Make 2-3 sheets more and insert media files larger (so that they are clearly visible).

And so, to add pictures to your presentation, go to the section "Insert" and click on the tool "Pictures" .

Insert - Pictures / PowerPoint 2019

Insert - Pictures / PowerPoint 2019

The picture you choose will be added to the slide. You will stay to place it in the right place and correct the size. (All this is done with the mouse) .

Next, with the help of the mouse, place a picture (photo) in the right place, adjusting the size ...

Next, with the help of the mouse, place a picture (photo) in the right place, adjusting the size ...

As for adding video and audio: This is done similarly. First select the desired list, then go to the "Insert" section and click on the tool "Multimedia / Video" (or "Multimedia / Sound") .

Insert video or audio is performed equally

Insert video or audio is performed equally

When you insert video, you can also place it in the right place slide (as well as set the width and height of the window) . Please note that specials are displayed under the video. Buttons that allow you to play it and adjust the volume.

So the video is displayed in the presentation

So the video is displayed in the presentation

Step 6: Inserting charts, graphs

Charts and charts are very necessary when it is required to show any dependence, calculations, statistics, etc. For clarity, in your example, I'll show you the popularity of some programs in the video recording segment on the circular diagram from the screen.

And so, to add diagrams to the presentation: First select a sheet (slide), then go to the section "Insert" and click on the tool "Diagram" .

Alternative option : If you have a block with a diagram on the sheet layout, you can click immediately on the tool icon (see screen below).

Insertion chart

Insert Chart / PowerPoint 2019

Next, you need to select the chart option (your eyes 👀 👀 here). There are a variety of option: linear, circular, point, petal, etc.

In your example, chose a circular one below.

Chart selection (graphics)

Chart selection (graphics)

After you need to fill out a small data tablet. For example, in my case, this is the name of the program and its popularity in the market in its segment.

Note : How fill in the sign with the diagram data - just close this window.

Filling data

Filling data

Immediately after filling the plate, you will see how the diagram will be built on the slide. Of course, its size (width, height), design and location can be corrected.

The resulting diagram (as an example)

The resulting diagram (as an example) / clickable


Step 7: Working with Tables

PowerPoint allows you to create tables from scratch (directly on the slide page), so insert ready-made from Excel. I will consider the first option (as the most common).

For a table to your work: select the desired slide, then in the section "Insert" Click on the tool "Table", And specify the desired number of rows and columns.

The table is displayed in real time.

The table is displayed in real time.

Next, with the mouse, you can change the width, height and location of the plate on the sheet (example below).

Fill the table with text in the classic way:

  • manually, feeding the required text from the keyboard;
  • insert (Ctrl + V) from another document.
Note that the table can be stretched and transfer from one place to another

Note that the table can be stretched and transfer from one place to another

PowerPoint has the ability to change table design (for example, you had brown, and you need an orange or blue ...) .

You can do it like this:

  • Select the desired table on the slide (clicking on her mouse) ;
  • In the top menu, follow the link "Working with Table" (see arrow-2 on the screenshot below) ;
  • in the subsection "Styles of tables" Choose a new design.
To change the style of the table ...

To change the style of the table ... / PowerPoint 2019


Step 8: Transitions and Animation

In general, animation and transitions are far from the mandatory thing in the presentation. (especially if you browse the presentation) . However, in some topics it allows you to quite live and diversify it.

For reference! Transition - This is how a new slide appears in the presentation. Probably, everyone saw in various films as some frames "dissolve", others - turn as a sheet of books, third - shifted to the side. As an example, below shows a small gif animation.

Example of transition

Example of transition

And so to add transition, you need:

  1. specify a sheet (slide);
  2. Go to section "Transitions" ;
  3. Select one of the transitions (by the way, PowerPoint will immediately show how it will look);
  4. Next, you need to specify the next sheet and select the transition for it (, etc.).
Selection of transition

Selection of transition

Animation is an analogue of the transition, it is only applied not to the sheet (slide), but to a separate block (text, clip art, video, etc.). Those. Choosing any of the blocks on the page and specify an animation option to it. (see Screenshot below) - You can make it rotating, darling, etc.

Application of animation effects to the picture

Application of animation effects to the picture

Step 9: Demonstration (Launch Slideshow)

When your presentation is ready (It would seem 😉) - Run it out (key F5, or menu "Slideshow / first" ). Next, look at each slide carefully: everything is fine with them, not "left" whether there is a markup, there are no coarse mistakes, etc.

Starting a presentation from the start (F5)

Starting a presentation from the start (F5)

In addition, I highly recommend Set up time show slides. It can help to help relent the presentation, improve your performance and meet the time provided to you.

Time setting (presentation rehearsal)

Setting the slide display time (presentation rehearsal)

Still a couple of tips:

  • Do not smack! In the slide view mode, try to move away from the monitor and see how your text blocks, photos, video materials from the distance look like, whether some blocks do not need to make and make a larger;
  • If you have a second computer / laptop - try to open your presentation on it. Thanks to this, you can "see" some underwater "stones" (How will the color design of your work on another device look like, is there any non-readable blocks, etc.) .

Step 10: Review and verify errors. Preservation

Well, the last touch before saving work is to check it on errors and typos (this is especially true if you have a lot of text, complex terms, etc.).

To verify the presentation : Go to section "Review and click on the tool "Spelling" (or just click on the key F7. ).

Review of spelling check (PowerPoint 2019)

Review of spelling check (PowerPoint 2019)

After that, PowerPoint will begin to show all the errors found alternately (you have to either correct it, or skip). At the end, when the check will be completed, a window must appear. "Spell check is completed. Now everything is in order!" .

Errors not found

Errors not found

In addition to errors, I recommend to start checking readability (located in the section "Review / Special Features") . This check is capable of finding complex proposals that are not very clear in meaning, non-combined words missed headlines, etc.

Check readability

Check readability

In my example, PowerPoint just found the missed headers ...

Please note that there is no header somewhere, the English terms are used (and you should double-check them)

Please note that there is no header somewhere, the English terms are used (and you should double-check them)

After these two checks, you can proceed to the "final" preservation of the presentation ... ✌

Preservation of the presentation

Preservation of the presentation

From myself I can also recommend familiarizing yourself with one short note, in which the most popular errors are given when making a presentation (The link to it led below) .

To help!

How to make a presentation (with examples of errors) -


Additions on the topic, as always, are welcome ...

All the best!



Useful software:

  • Video editing
  • Video installation
  • Excellent software to start creating their own videos (all actions go down the steps!). Video will make even newcomer!
  • Utility for optimization
  • Computer accelerator
  • The program for cleaning Windows from garbage (speeds up the system, deletes the garbage, optimizes the registry).

In today's article, we will consider in detail how to make a presentation, what problems arise in the manufacture of which you should pay attention to. We will analyze some subtleties and tricks.

In general, what is it? Personally, would give a simple definition - this is a brief and visual representation of information that helps the speaker to reveal the essence of his work in more detail. Now they use not only businessmen (as before), but also simple students, schoolchildren, and in general, in many areas of our life!

As a rule, the presentation consists of several sheets, which represent images, diagrams, tables, a brief description.

And so, let's start to deal with all this detail ...

Main components

The main program for work is a Microsoft PowerPoint (and, and it is on most computers, since it comes together complete with Word and Excel).

Next you need high-quality material: text, pictures, sounds, possibly video. Slightly touched on the topic, where all this takes ...

How to make a presentation - step-by-step guide

An example of a presentation.


The best option, if you yourself in the presentation and can yourself write text from personal experience. For listeners, it will be interesting and fascinating, but this option is not suitable for everyone.

You can do with books, especially if you have a good collection on the shelf. Text from books can be scanned and recognized, and then transfer to Word format. If you do not have books, or there are few them, you can use electronic libraries.

In addition to books, there may be a good option abstracts, perhaps even those that you themselves wrote and passed earlier. You can use popular sites from the catalog. If you collect a few interesting abstracts on the necessary subject - there may be an excellent presentation.

Not excess will simply search the article on the Internet in various forums, blogs, sites. Very often come across excellent materials.

Pictures, Schemes, Graphics

Of course, the most interesting option would be your personal photos that you did in the process of preparing for writing a presentation. But you can do and search Yandex. In addition, there is no time and opportunity for this.

Graphs and schemes can be drawn by yourself if you have any regularities, or you considered something by the formula. For example, for mathematical calculations, there is an interesting program for making graphs Graph.

If you can not find a suitable program, the schedule can be written and manually, draw in Excel, or simply on the sheet of paper, and then take pictures or scan it. Many options ...


Remove high-quality video - it's not easy, and even cost. One camcorder is not for everyone to pocket, and you still need to correctly process the video. If you have such an opportunity - use it. And we will try to try to do ...

If the video quality can be somewhat neglected - a mobile phone will be completely for recording (in many "middle" chambers of mobile phones). Some things can be removed to them to show in detail some particular thing that is difficult to explain in the picture.

By the way, many popular things have already removed someone and you can find them on YouTube (or on other video hosting).

And one more interesting video creation option - it can be recorded from the monitor screen, and add more and sound, such as your voice telling what is happening on the monitor screen.

Perhaps, if you all already have the above and lies on your hard disk, you can begin to make a presentation, more precisely to its design.

How to make a presentation in PowerPoint

Before switching to the technical part, I would like to dwell on the most important plan of the presentation (report).


Whatever your presentation is - without your speech, it is just a set of pictures and text. Therefore, before you start doing, decide on your performance plan!

First, who will be the listeners of your report? What are their interests that they would have liked it. Sometimes success depends more not from completeness of information, but on what you focus on!

Secondly, determine the main goal of your presentation. What does she prove or disprove? Perhaps she tells about some methods or events, your personal experience, etc. Do not interfere with different directions in one report. Therefore, immediately decide on the concept of your speech, consider that you will speak at the beginning, at the end - and, accordingly, what slides and with what information you need.

Thirdly, most of the speakers cannot correctly calculate the time of their report. If you give a very little time - then make a huge report with video and sounds - there is almost no sense. The listeners will not even watch her time! Much better, make a small performance, and the rest of the material is placed in another article and everything is interested in - copy it onto media.

Work with Slide

Usually, the first thing is made, at the beginning of work on the presentation, is the addition of slides (i.e. pages that will contain textual and graphical information). Make it easy: Run Power Point (by the way, the example will be shown in the example), and click "Home / Create Slide".

How to make a presentation - step-by-step guide
How to make a presentation - step-by-step guide

By the way, you can delete slides (click on the left side of the desired and press the DEL key, move, change between them with places - using a mouse).

As we have already noticed, we have the simplest slide: the headline and text under it. To have the opportunity, for example, place text in two columns (easy to compare objects with this location) - you can change the slide layout. To do this, click right-click on the slide on the left in the column and select the setting: "layout / ...". See the picture below.

How to make a presentation - step-by-step guide

I will add a couple of slides and my presentation will consist of 4 pages (slides).

All pages of our work - while white. It would be nice to give them some kind of design (i.e. choose the desired topic). To do this, open the "Design / Topics" tab.

How to make a presentation - step-by-step guide
How to make a presentation - step-by-step guide

Now our presentation is not so flexible ...

It's time to go to edit text information of our presentation.

Work with text

With the text in Power Point work simple and easy. It is enough to click on the desired block with the mouse and enter the text, or simply copy it and paste from another document.

Also, with the help of a mouse, it can be easily moved or turn if you hold the left mouse button on the border of the frame surrounding the text.

By the way, in Power Point, as in the usual Word, are highlighted in a red feature all words written with errors. Therefore, pay attention to spelling - it is very unpleasant when you see rough mistakes on the presentation!

In my example, I will add text to all pages, it turns out about the following.

How to make a presentation - step-by-step guide
How to make a presentation - step-by-step guide

Editing and inserting graphs, charts, tables

Charts and graphs are usually used to visually demonstrate a change in some indicators relative to others. For example, show the profit of this year, relative to the past.

To insert the diagram, click Power Point: "Insert / Charts".

How to make a presentation - step-by-step guide

Next, a window will appear in which there will be many different types of charts and graphs, it remains only to choose the appropriate one. Here you can find: Circular diagrams, point, linear, etc.

How to make a presentation - step-by-step guide

After you decide on the selection, the Excel window will open in front of you to enter the indicators that will be displayed on the graph.

In my example, I decided to make an indicator of the popularity of presentations by year: from 2010 to 2013. See the picture below.

How to make a presentation - step-by-step guide
How to make a presentation - step-by-step guide

To insert the tables, click on: "Insert / Table". Please note that you can immediately select the number of rows and columns in the table being created.

That's what happened, after filling:

Working with media

Modern presentation is very difficult to imagine without pictures. Therefore, insert them extremely desirable, because most people will be boring, if there are no interesting pictures.

For starters do not smack! Try not to place many pictures on one slide, better make pictures on a larger and add another slide. From the rear rows, sometimes, it is very difficult to see the small details of the images.

Add picture Simply: Click "Insert / Image". Next, choose a place where you are stored for pictures and add the desired one.

Inserting sound and video are very similar in nature. In general, these things are not always and everywhere should be included in the presentation. First, not always and not everywhere it is appropriate if you have to sound music in the midst of silence of students trying to analyze your work. Secondly, on the computer on which you will present your presentation may not be the necessary codecs or any other files.

To add music or movies, click: "Insert / movie (sound)", then specify the place on your hard disk where the file is.

The program will warn you that when viewing this slide, it will automatically start playing video. Agree.

The imposition of effects, transitions and animation

Probably, many have seen on presentations, and even in films that beautiful transitions are made between some frames: for example, a frame as a book page, turns on the next sheet, or smoothly dissolves. The same can be done in the POWER POINT program.

To do this, select the desired slide in the column on the left. Next, in the "Animation" section, select "Transition Style". Here you can choose dozens of different shifts of pages! By the way, when you hover on each - you will see how the page will be displayed when demonstrating.

Important! The transition acts only on one slide that you have chosen. If you have chosen the first slide, the launch will start from this transition!

Approximately the same effects that are superimposed on the presentation pages can be applied to our objects on the page: for example, the text (this thing is called animation). This will make a sharp pop-up text, or emerging from emptiness, etc.

To overlay this effect, select the desired text, click on the Animation tab, and then click on "Animation Setup".

Before you, on the right, there will be a column in which you can add different effects. By the way, the result will be displayed instantly, in real time, so you can easily pick the right effects.

Demonstration and view

To start showing your presentation, you can simply click on the F5 button (or click the "Slideshow" tab, and then select "Start Showing from the beginning").

It is desirable to go to the display settings and adjust everything you need.

For example, you can run a presentation in full screen mode, changing the slides of time or to manual (it depends on your preparation and type of report), configure image display settings, etc.

How to prevent errors

  • Check spelling. Rough spelling errors can completely spoil the overall impression of your work done. Errors in the text are emphasized with a red wavy feature.
  • If you used the sound or movies in your presentation, and you are going to represent it not from your laptop (computer), then copy these multimedia files along with the document! It will not be superfluous to take the codecs that they must be played. It is very often it turns out that there are no data on another computer and you will not be able to demonstrate our work in full light.
  • Follows from the second point. If you plan to print a report, and submit it in paper form - then do not add video and music to it - it will not really be visible and audible on paper!
  • Presentation is not only slides with pictures, your report is very important!
  • Do not smack - from the rear rows to see the small text is difficult.
  • Do not use fading colors: yellow, light gray, etc. It is better to replace them on black, dark blue, barded, etc. This will allow the listeners more clearly see your material.
  • The last advice is probably very useful to students. Do not postpone the last day developing! According to the law of meanness - on this day everything will go awry!

In this article, in principle, we created the most ordinary presentation. In conclusion, I would not like to stop at some technical moments, or advice on the use of alternative programs. In any case, the basis is the quality of your material, the more interesting of your report (add to this photo, video, text) - the better your performance will be. Good luck!

How to make a presentation

In this lesson, I will show how to make a presentation on a computer and laptop. We will learn to make presentations in the POWER POINT program. It is part of the Microsoft Office package, along with Word and Excel.

Presentation "This is something like a film, demonstrating what the narrator talks about. There you can add not only text and photos, but also schemes, graphics, charts, videos and music. Such mini-films are used to accompany lectures, reports, visual representation of some product or service.

Creating presentations in PowerPoint

Go to the Start - All Programs - Microsoft Office and select from the Microsoft Office PowerPoint list.

How to open PowerPoint.

The program will open, outwardly very similar to Word. But she has a slightly smaller sheets and are called slides. It is on them that all information will be located.

Window program

To add a slide, click on the "Create Slide" button at the top ("Home").

How to create a new slide

On the left side of the program, all added sheets are shown to be more convenient to switch between them. To delete too much, you need to click on it with the right mouse button and select "Delete" item.

Removal slide

To change the location of the items, click on the button "Layout" at the top and select the appropriate option from the list.

Selection of layout

Save the presentation should also be in the same way as in the Word program - through the "File" (round button in the left corner) - "Save as ...".

Learn more about the preservation, you can learn from this lesson.


Initially, slides are added in classic form - white, as ordinary sheets. But this species can be changed. To do this, the program has a special tab "Design".

Modifying design

The most important part is Topics . These are ready-made options.

Selection of the theme of decoration

By default, the selected topic applies immediately to all pages. But it is possible to assign it only for some. To do this, highlight the desired slides (on the left side, holding the Ctrl key), then click Right-click On the topic and select "Apply to the dedicated" item.

And you can adjust the designated design through the "colors", "fonts" buttons, "background styles".


Slides are filled with information in the same way as in Microsoft Word.

Text . To print text you need to click to the place where it should be (for example, in a part of the Slide Title). Starting a wand that symbolizes the cursor. Just print the text on the keyboard.

Adding text

You can increase or decrease the letters through this field:

Changing the size of the letters

And the font, that is, the appearance of the letters, you can change here:

Change font

You can do it both before printing and with the ready-made text. Only it needs to be pre-allocated.

To do this, click on the left mouse button at the end of the text and without letting it, pull it at the beginning. As soon as it is painted with different color (and, it means, it is highlighted), the mouse button must be released.

A photo . Click on the "Insert" tab at the top of the program. To add images, use the "Figure" and "Clip" buttons.

How to add an picture

The "Figure" button is used to add a photo from its computer. To do this, choose a photo through a special window.

Selection of photos from a computer

And you can simply copy the photo from the computer and insert it to the page.

"Clip" are pictures that are built into the program itself. You can choose any of them through the search form on the right side.

Adding pictures from the Microsoft collection

In more modern versions of PowerPoint, there is another button "Snapshot". Through it, you can take a picture of the screen and insert this snapshot directly into the slide.

But it can be done in the usual way, with the help of a screenshot.

Table . Click on the "Insert" tab at the top of the program. To create a table, click on the "Table" button in the left corner.

How to insert table

Select the required number of cells and click the left mouse button to secure the result.

Setting rows and columns

To fill the table, click on the desired cell and typing the text. At the top, via the tab "Designer" (work with tables) you can change its design.

Changing Table

Graphics, diagrams . To create them, we also use the "Insert" tab - through the "Diagram" button.

How to add a chart

After selecting the appropriate option, another program will open (Excel) with data. Through them and you need to rule the added diagram.

How to edit chart

Video and sound . The corresponding buttons are also in the "Insert" tab. "Sound" adds musical accompaniment to the slide, and the "film" (video) is a video.

How to insert video, audio

Other . Also, the "Insert" tab allows you to add geometric shapes, mathematical formulas, spectacular text (WordArt) in the slides, and much more.


For the demonstration, go to the "slideshow" or "show". By clicking on the "from the beginning", the presentation will begin with the first sheet. And by clicking on "from the current slide" - from the one that is currently opened on the screen.

Run Presentation

When showing the presentation, each slide will be expanded on the entire screen. By default, switching between them occurs manually - the mouse or buttons with the arrow on the keyboard.

To exit the demonstration mode, press the key ESC on the keyboard (at the top of the left).

ESC key

If you need to switch slides not manually, but automatically, click on the "Time Settings" button.

After such a setting, as a rule, sheets will be displayed a little differently, which is not always convenient. To return to the same type, simply double-click on the left mouse button along any slide.

Animation . When demonstrating the slides go to each other without any effects - they simply change. But you can configure different beautiful transitions between them. This is done using the "Animation" tab ("Transitions" in Versions 2010-2016).

Here you can choose a suitable transition. By default, it applies to the slide that is currently opened. But you can apply and to all slides immediately, to do this, click on the "Apply to all" button.

Adding effects

You can also make such transitions not only between slides, but also between the elements. For example, there is a headline on the slide, text and photos. You can make it so that the title appeared first, then the text smoothly arose, and after it - the photo.

In PowerPoint 2007, in the tab, there is a special part "Animation" and "Animation Setup".

PowerPoint 2007 Animation Setup

In more modern versions of the program (2010, 2013, 2016, 2019), to configure such transitions made a separate tab "Animation".

Setting the Animation PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019

Before applying the effect to any element, you must first allocate.

Author: Ilya Krivoshevoved: 09.01.2021

Sooner or later, each user will ask the question, how to make a presentation on a computer . In today's article, we will look at the available programs, as well as a guide to work in one of them. Today there are some simple options, besides the usual Microsoft PowerPoint, but having received the skills of working with a presentation in it, the user easily will lose and everyone else.

Selection of the program

So, what programs are available in free access today.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint - unchanged classic. If Microsoft Office is installed on your PC or laptop (for example, you use the Word text processor), then this program is also required. It is enough to find it and open or simply initiate the creation of a presentation by clicking the right mouse button on the empty space of the desktop.
  • PowerPoint Online is a simplified and free service based on the program presented above. It is possible to use them if there is no need for the PC. You can find the service in the ONEDRIVE cloud.
  • LibreOffice Impress is an alternative set of office programs. More simple than Microsoft, but no less effective. The principle of creating and editing presentations is similar to previous options.
  • Google presentations - Online service to create the necessary files based on Google disk. Compatible with the first program, therefore allows not only to create from scratch, but also upload ready-made presentations with subsequent saving and conversion to suitable format for editing.

This is not a complete list of available programs. There are more professional and complex options for a simple user. We will not consider them in the current article, since a simple presentation in the PowerPoint program is most often enough.

How to make a presentation on a computer , step-by-step instruction

As already mentioned above, if the user sends a simple PowerPoint program, then it will not have problems with the rest of the constructors. In this connection, the instructions for creating will be described in exactly this utility.

Creating a presentation

In order to create a new presentation, it is enough to start the program from the "Start" menu. Or simply click on the right mouse button on the free desktop field and click "Create", and then select the "Microsoft PowerPoint presentation" and open the resulting file. how to make a presentation on a computer

As a result, the program window opens with the first slide blank while the presentation. Click on the field of the constructor, in which the slide is located and proceed with the design of the presentation.

Design Slide

Slide can be arranged independently or use the ready-made template. The second option allows you to reduce a lot of time on the design, but if the result is a non-standard product, you should use it.

  • To create slides with template design, open the "Design" tab and select the appropriate one in the "Topics" section. The program offers 26 preset options and the ability to search for other topics on the PC (they first need to be found on the network and download).
  • After selecting the topic on the right side of the window, you can change the coloring of the proposed option, fonts, background styles and display effects.
  • Click on the "Background format" button and you will find a more detailed parameter setup panel. In it, you can configure the fill type, change the parameters of the gradient and even select the patterned fill. how to make a presentation on a computer step by step

Pressing the "Apply to All" button automatically distributes the settings to all other presentation slides, it allows you to withstand a single style throughout its entire. If you do not give such a command, then the settings will be displayed only on the slide, over which work was carried out. If something went wrong and the result did not meet the expectations, you can click "Restore the background" and will return to the initial position.

Work with text

To add the individuality of the finished presentation worth working with fonts, since the standard offer is not happy with its sophistication. Let's deal with how to make a presentation on a computer With original font and text display settings. how to make a presentation on a computer photo

To design a title and subtitle of the title slide, simply click on the desired blocks and enter the required text. Change the current style and characteristics of characters in the main tab. To achieve greater individuality, use the "Format" tab. There you can perform more detailed and accurate font settings. It is important to highlight the desired part of the text before starting work.

Images on slides

The presentation without images on slides looks sad and not convincing. You can add a picture, a photo, a chart or diagram through the "Insert" tab. The program offers not only to set a picture from PC, but also to find and download an image from the Internet. You can also add the SmartArt object, which allows you to more clearly submit important information. how to make a presentation on the computer instruction

You can also use the editor in the "Format" tab. This will allow you to configure the display effect, brightness, configure color correction and other subtleties. For a more complete understanding, go to the tab and experiment. Do not worry that something can not work, and you will spoil to the workshop, you can always cancel the last action by the "Back" arrow in the top of the program.

Registration of transition

How to make a presentation on a computer With pleasant transitions, not many know with a simple change of slides. And this is one of the important details of the finished product. Always more pleasant to look at the smoothly replacing slides with the configured transition effect. how to make a presentation on computer video

To implement this setting there is a special tab "Transitions". The user can choose both simple and more spectacular slides change techniques. The "Effects" button will help to give even more individuality. The transition can be accompanied by sound effect. You can also overflow slides yourself, and you can automate the process. All settings are performed in the current tab.

Using sound support

At this stage, the presentation is already practically ready. Now the resulting product is perfect for providing information at the time of the report in the office. Slide change and speaker's speech complement each other. But if you want to create a presentation accompanied by sound, you need to work a little more.

In the "Insert" section, select the Multimedia tab, it allows you to insert not only sound to the presentation, but also video files. And you can use not only the files loaded on the PC, but also from the Internet. how to make a presentation with music on a computer

Now questions how to make a presentation on a computer should not stay. All highlights are discussed in detail in the instructions. Do not be afraid to experiment, remember that any action can always be canceled and roll back to the previous version.

The instruction is written on Microsoft PowerPoint, but the principles for creating and editing the presentation are also saved in other programs. What programs do you prefer to use? What is more acceptable for you, use the installed program or online service? How do we draw slides, templates or create your own design?

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Presentation is a brief and intelligible statement of information that allows a person much more effectively clarify the essence of the question. Presentations create many users at different stages of life: schoolchildren, students, businessmen, etc. Today we will consider in detail the issue of creating a presentation.

First of all, a few words about the program to create presentations. Today there is a fairly large selection of office applications, some of which apply to a fee basis, while others are free. This is both LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office and many others. Today we will consider the process of creating a presentation on the example, perhaps the most popular program for these purposes - Microsoft PowerPoint.

A few words about the material

Before you start creating a presentation, it is necessary to take care of the material:

1. Text. Of course, the entire textbook should not fit in the presentation. The presentation should enter the most short text that eloquently will talk about the essence of the question and explain the individual important points.

2. Pictures. The presentation without pictures not only looks sad, but also less intelligibly can explain to the audience the topic exciting you. Use in the presentation as your own pictures and downloaded from the Internet. The main thing is that the pictures are strictly on the topic.

3. Graphs and schemes. Graphs and schemes are developed in the presentation process. Another good way to clearly demonstrate information.

4. Video and music. Optional point, but if you have a video or sound related to the topic, it can be added to the presentation.

5. Plan. Without a predefined presentation plan, in most cases, completely lose their informativeness. Be sure to place the goal of the presentation, we comply with the presentation from which the presentation will begin how to go to the essence of the question than it is completed.

Getting started in Microsoft PowerPoint

Creating and removing slides, setting up template

Each presentation has separate slides that briefly demonstrate one or another information.

In order to add a new slide in PowerPoint in the tab "The main" Click on the button "New Slide" .

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

If you click on the icon itself, a simple slide appears on the screen, which, if necessary, can be changed. If you click on the inscription "New Slide" The following menu will appear on the screen in which you will immediately be prompted to select the slide pattern.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Switching between slides is carried out in the left area of ​​the window, where their thumbnails are located. If necessary, slides can be transferred to a new position on the presentation. To do this, hold down the slide mouse cursor, and then move it to the new presentation area. As soon as you release the mouse button, the slide will secure in a new position.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Excess slides can be deleted. To do this, right-click on the slide thumbnail and in the displayed window, select "Delete Slide" .

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

If you want to change the slide template, then click on the slide right-click and in the displayed window, go to the point "Layout" . An additional window will operate on the screen in which you can select a new template for the slide.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Changing the appearance of slides

All default slides are white. To diversify the slides, you can ask them a new background.

To do this, go to the tab "Design" and pay attention to the header of the program on the block "Topics" . There is already a set of selected topics where fonts and background are customized. If you are in a hurry, use for the subject slides.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

In order to see how the topic will look at your slide, it is enough to highlight the thumbnail of the slide, and the loan to bring the mouse to your favorite theme. If you liked the topic, apply it by simply clicking on it once the left mouse button.

After applying the topic, the right will change the block "Options" which provides for several options for the appearance of your topic.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Even the right is the button "Format background" . By clicking on it, an additional menu will be launched in the right window in the window, in which the background is performed more detailed: it is possible to use and configure the fill, add your own image available on your computer, etc.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

By default, the selected background will be applied only with respect to the current slide, but if necessary, all slides can be endowed with a similar background - you only need to click on the button "Apply to all" .

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Working with text component

And here we smoothly switched to work with the text. Add text is performed very easily: To do this, click the mouse over the desired slide block, after which you can enter the text or insert it from the clipboard.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Pay attention to small pictograms that appeared around the perimeter of the frame: Circles allow you to expand or, on the contrary, reduce the block in which the text is located, and the arrogant is responsible for the rotation, i.e. You can turn the text at any angle.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Go to the program to the tab "Format" . Here you can make a detailed setting of text, as is done in Microsoft Word: font, color, size, location on page, break, etc.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Working with charts, graphics and tables

We smoothly go to a visual demonstration of information.

Charts and graphs allow you to shift the dynamics of something, for example, profit indicators for the last and current quarter.

First of all, go to the slide where the diagram or graph will be located. If the slide contains several blocks allocated to images and graphs, then select the mouse click.

To add a diagram or graph to the presentation, go to the tab "Insert" and then click on item "Diagram" .

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

A window will appear on the screen in which you need to select the appropriate version of the graph or chart.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

The screen displays a table with indicators filled with example. In the first column you will need to enter the names of the parameters, and in the second - indicators for each of the specified parameters.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

If you needed to place a table on the slide, open the gentle slide and select a block in which the table will be placed.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Go to the tab "Insert" and select "Table" .

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

A simple tabular editor will unfold on the screen, in which you need to manually specify the number of rows and the number of columns.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

After creating a table on the screen, the tab will appear "Constructor" where the appearance of the table is configured in detail.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Filling the table is carried out in the usual way - you just just select the cell, then you can move to filling it.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Working with pictures

Go to images. In order to add a picture to the slide, go to the desired slide, select the block to which the image will be added, go to the tab "Insert" and select "Pictures" .

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

The Windows Explorer will be launched on the screen in which you will need to insert the desired picture.

In the desired area of ​​the window, the picture is displayed, which can be stretched, narrow and rotated in the same way as it was done with the text.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Also on the screen will automatically open the tab "Format" in which the display is configured: the boundaries, correction, adding effects, etc.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Work with music and video

Inserting sounds and video in the presentation is made equally: go to the desired slide, select the block to which the media file will be inserted, open the tab "Insert" and select "Video" or "Sound" .

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Working with animation and transitions

When the main part of the presentation is ready, you can proceed to setting the animation and transitions. Transitions will provide a smooth and beautiful change of one slide to another, and the animation will allow you to beautifully display the contents of the slide.

In order to configure the transitions, open the tab. "Transitions" And then in the proposed transition options, select the appropriate.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

At will, for each slide, your animation can be applied, but if you want to save a uniform transition style for all slides, click on the button "Apply to all" .

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

You can also configure the duration of the transition from one slide to another, as well as, if necessary, each transition may be accompanied by sound, and you can choose one of the proposed sounds and download your own.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

By default, the program moves from one slide to another click, but, if necessary, the program can do it automatically. To do this, you will need to remove a check mark "Click" And then specify the time during which the slide will be played.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Now a few words about animation. In order to add an animation to the slide, go to the tab "Animation" , Select the desired slide, and then the object for which the animation will be applied. Next to you stay right "Add Animation" .

The screen will display a sufficiently large list of available animation. After applying the animation, the system immediately demonstrates it, after which you can leave it as it is, change to another or remove it at all.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

To the right you can configure whether the animation will be played automatically or click the mouse, adjust the animation duration, as well as the delay.

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Preservation of the presentation

Creating a presentation approached the logical conclusion, which means it is time to save it to a computer.

To do this, click on the button. "File" and go to the tab "Save" . If necessary, specify the name of the presentation and location on the computer, and then right click on the button "Save" .

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

Show presentation

And a few words about how to show a presentation. In order to show a presentation on a computer, it must be opened in PowerPoint, go to the tab "Slide show" And then choose one of the items to choose from: "First" or "From the current slide" .

How to make a presentation: Step-by-step instructions

If you set an automatic slide change when setting up the transitions, then you only stay to wait for the presentation, if not - you will independently switch between the slides of the mouse.

A small conclusion. And although we considered far from all the nuances of working with PowerPoint, this article will give you a causing idea of ​​working with this program.

With the help of a qualitatively made presentation, you can attract the attention of the viewer and clearly show him what you are talking about. Today the presentation is so much common that not one professional program was released for their creation.

The best programs for creating a presentation

You can create high-quality presentations both using applications and using online editors. Some applications are completely or partially free, others have only a paid version.

Microsoft PowerPoint.

Probably the most popular and well-known program from the Microsoft Office package. Purchase or download its trial version available for full work within 30 days from the date of installation, you can on the official website of the company. The cost of PowerPoint depends on the Office selected by the user and the subscription period.

PowerPoint application
PowerPoint is the most part used application for creating presentations.

Detailed instructions for creating a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint is below.

LibreOffice impress

This program is an analogue of PowerPoint from another company. In appearance and functionality, it is similar to the above-described application. You can download the most relevant version of LibreOffice IMPRESS from the developer's official website.

Appendix LibreOffice Impress
The LibreOffice Impress application allows you to build graphs

In the program, you can draw graphics, work with the background, add geometric and arbitrary figures and much more. The interface may seem outdated, but in spite of this it is convenient and understood, since all the most commonly used features are put in the shortcut panel:

  • The application window is broken by three compartments: the left contains a list of created slides, in the central - selected slide, in the right - properties of the selected item;
    Content Distribution in LibreOffice IMPRESS
    LibreOffice IMPRESS window is broken into three sections
  • Through the slide list, you can add, delete, cut, copy and rename slides;
    Working with Slideshow in LibreOffice Impress
    LibreOffice Impress you can quickly change the number of slides.
  • All tools needed for drawing and inserting various additions are located in the bottom of the shortcut. For example, you can choose the "brush" tool, its color and draw any image on the active slide. In the right unit, the parameters will appear that allow you to adjust the brush more accurately;
  • The cross, and the left, and the right pane, allows you to free the viewing area from unnecessary blocks;
    Clearing viewing window in LibreOffice IMPRESS
    Closing unnecessary blocks, you cleanse the site for the slide
  • Selecting a viewing mode is an interesting feature that is missing in many programs. Over the slide there are five tabs: drawing mode, structure, notes, abstracts, slide sorter. The choice of one of them will change the appearance of the viewed slide, which will allow working with a picture in the most suitable environment.
    Select LibreOffice Impress View Mode
    Selecting the appropriate mode, you change the slide view

OpenOffice IMPRESS.

Another set of Office programs similar to Microsoft office programs. It is distributed free on the developer's website. The appearance and feature set is very similar to the design and features of PowerPoint. The program you can create slides, text, animation, background, and more, as well as edit the design of each element.

Appendix OpenOffice IMPRESS.
OpenOffice IMPRESS is a free equivalent of PowerPoint

The program has a set of all necessary functions for a comfortable process of creating a presentation. It allows you to edit text, insert pictures and music, draw shapes and so on. Most elements can be customized in detail: change style, size, thickness, color, etc.

  • Each time, creating a new project, you will receive a choice: start the formation of a new presentation, download the already existing or use pattern. Templates are already created by the presentation developers, in which you will only stay insert your text;
    Creating a project in OpenOffice IMPRESS
    The choice provides three options for creating a project.
  • In the bottom panel of quick access, you can choose one of the proposed shapes and place it on the slide. Inside of some figures, for example, in the dialog box, you can add text;
    Location of elements in OpenOffice IMPRESS
    The program is logically divided into several panels.
  • The top-access panel changes depending on which item is selected. If the picture is active, the functions will appear that allow it to stretch and rotate if a block with text is active - buttons for changing the bow, style, design, etc.
    OpenOffice Impress Top Panel
    The top panel changes depending on which element is selected

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office Online is a set of Microsoft programs that are included in the Microsoft Office package (a package that can be downloaded and installed in the computer's memory), but with one feature - they all open and work exclusively in the browser. The browser version has PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office Online has a PowerPoint to work in the browser

After you enter your Microsoft account, you will find access to the application. Of course, there are no some functions in the browser versions, as any of them, even the most modern Google Chrome, is inferior to a productivity to a whole computer. But all the basic functions associated with creating a slide, inserting pictures and text, editing appearance, are present. Therefore, in the online version, you can quickly create a simple, but pleasant presentation for the eye, and then load it to the disk and, if necessary, finish it in the full-fledged computer version of PowerPoint.

To understand how to create a presentation in PowerPoint Online, read the "Microsoft PowerPoint instruction manual" below.

"Google Presentations"

"Google Presentations" is a free service from Google, which allows you to create a presentation of various complexity in the browser. You can find it using the search string of the browser. Opening the desired website and starting creating a presentation, you will get all the necessary tools that will allow you to do and then download a beautiful set of slides.

Tab "Insert" in "Google Presentations"
On the Google service you can create a presentation online

Detailed instructions for using the service are offered at the first time on the site. But it is not necessary to read it, since the interface is most simple and intuitive.

The program has a minimum set of functions for creating a full-fledged presentation: the generation of slides, the insertion of the text and the elements of the media, change the style, size, and other appearance parameters.

  • On the left side of the program there is a list of slides. Also, between pictures, you can switch using the top shortcut panel. By clicking on the icon in the form of a printer, you run the printing of the presentation;
    Switching between slides in "Google Presentations"
    You can select the slide using the left block or toolbar.
  • In the Slide tab, you can access the speed of the transition speed from the slide slide. Speed ​​parameters can be installed both for two or more individual pictures and for all at once;
    Setting the transition between slides
    In the "Google Presentations" you can choose the time of the transition from one slide to another
  • The top control panel contains tools with which you can insert a text block, photo or figure. The "pencil" tool draws arbitrary figures with a selected thick and style. With the help of the "roller" you can quickly change the background of the slide;
    Tools for creating a presentation in "Google Presentations"
    In the "Google Presentations" there are tools for inserting various elements and figures
  • In the "View" tab, you can install a tick opposite the stitch "show notes of the Rapporteur", thereby take advantage of the interesting ability of the online service - the ability to add notes to slides. After that, you can add any text to a special window under the slide. For example, a good idea will be there a plan of a part of the message that you want to tell under the selected slide;
    Adding a notes in "Google Presentations"
    Under the slide you can insert a note
  • The program offers two viewing options: with the author's notes and without them. The second option is the usual scrapping of the presentation in full screen, the first is a sequential launch of slides with a separate notes block and a timer showing how long the display will continue. Mode with additional elements will tell me how much time goes to the demonstration of the entire presentation.
    View presentations with notes
    In a special view mode there is a built-in timer

Video: How to create a presentation in "Google Presentations"

Service prezi.

PREZI - Online service to create more professional presentations. It provides an extensive package of functions and opportunities provided by the browser. On the official website of the program, it is described in detail how to quickly implement your idea. To begin work, you will have to register and choose one of the available tariffs, among which there are free, but includes some restrictions.

Creating a presentation in Prezi
PREZI has both paid and free subscriptions.

The advantage of this service is that you can store your presentation in the cloud, that is, on the site itself. It is not necessary to finish it completely at once - you can make a part and postpone on later. To access access again, it will be enough to enter your personal account.

  • The top panel provides access to all PREZI tools. Thanks to them, you can insert a picture, text, select the topic (template) or export the created presentation in the format with which Microsoft PowerPoint is able to work;
    Prezi tools
    All necessary tools are located in the top panel Prezi
  • The element formatting panel appears near the selected block, so distracted and search for the necessary functions is not necessary. For example, if you select a block with the text, the settings, size, size and thickness settings are immediately deployed;
    Additional formatting tools
    Element formatting tools appear near the selected item
  • On the site you can find a computer application that allows you to work with offline presentations. Using it, for example, you can start creating a project in the browser, and finish in the program.
    Program from Prezi.
    The online service has a computer program that allows you to work with offline presentations.

Slidesser service

Another online service where you can create both the simplest and in a detailed presentation. The official website presents all tools and detailed instructions. There is a free access with some restrictions.

Presentation on Slides
On the site Slides you can create a high-quality presentation, and then download it.

Directly on the site you can create a sufficient number of slides, place the text on them and format it, add the necessary pictures and music files, as well as draw arbitrary drawings using the built-in editor. The service interface is most simple as possible, although not translated into Russian.

  • All service tools are located on the left side of the window. In addition to the standard set of functions, there are interesting features: a special window for code (need programmers) and mathematical functions. The use of special inserts will help separate them from the bulk of the text;
    Special types of inserts in Slides
    In Slides, it is possible to insert code and mathematical formulas
  • The width and length of the slides, as well as the pre-style can be selected during the creation of a new project. Slides is almost the only service that allows you to choose an arbitrary slide format.
    Creating a project in Slides
    Slides allows you to choose arbitrary length and width of slides.

Microsoft PowerPoint MICROSOFT Instructions

All the above-described applications and online services are somehow similar to appearance and set of functions on the PowerPoint application. Therefore, having understood how it works, you can easily create a presentation in any other program.

Of course, to explain all the possibilities of PowerPoint in one article unrealistic, as they are too much. The following actions will help you master the basins that will be enough to create a simple but full presentation.

Creating Slide

Running the program, you will see that one slide has already been created. There are two blocks on it - the title and subtitle. These blocks will be on all slides if you do not disable them in the settings. They can be filled with text and pictures or delete by clicking on their contour and pressing the Delete key.

Creating Slide
Click on an empty place in the list and choose the "Create Slide" function

To create another slide, just click on an empty place in the slide list area and select the "Create Slide" function.

Pouring background.

The background is one of the most important parts of the presentation. You can make it in different ways, but all of them are combined in one section, to get into which by following the following:

  1. Click on the slide in the list of all slides in the right mouse button and select the Format Format.
    Go to the background setting
    Click on the PCM slide and select the section "Format of the background"
  2. Select from the available ways to fill the background (pouring monolithic color, creating a gradient, installing duplicate patterns or loading a picture from a computer memory or buffer) necessary.
    Background setting
    Select the appropriate parameters for the background

Using a template

The template is a finished presentation in which you can substitute your text. Templates are distributed free on the official website of Microsoft.

  1. Go to the List of Templates and select the one that suits you the most. Click on it.
    List of PowerPoint on Microsoft website
    Choose your favorite topic
  2. Use the Download button to download it.
    Loading theme
    Press the button "Download"
  3. Go to the downloaded file and run it using the PowerPoint program.
    Opening the topic
    Run the downloaded file via PowerPoint

Ready, now you have a decorated presentation that you can fill out with your text and supplement any elements (pictures, inserts, tables and others).

Editing text

The text is almost the main component of the presentation. To edit it, a large number of functions are provided, ranging from resizing and font and ending with the shadow, style and framing.

  1. Click the Home tab and find the standard parameters of the editable text in the "Font" block.
    Simple text editing
    In the "Font" block there are standard text settings
  2. Open the "Format" tab to see the additional settings associated with the color and design. Consider, it appears only when focusing the mouse on a text element, that is, from the moment you press any text block with the left mouse button.
    Tab "Format" in PowerPoint
    You can apply different strokes and text formats in the "Format" tab.

Adding sound

If you want to accompany the entire presentation or one of the slides of the soundtrack, go to the "Insert" tab:

  1. Lay the last block "Multimedia" and click on the speaker icon.
    Adding music to PowerPoint
    Press the "Speaker" button
  2. The program will prompt you to choose which file should play while showing the slide. Specify the way to it.
    Music search for insertion
    Indicate the way to music
  3. After a successful adding music on the slide icon, located in the list of all slides, a small speaker icon will appear, indicating the availability of sound.
    Symbol added to the slide of music in PowerPoint
    There appeared icon in the slide list and on the slide itself

Overlay Animation

Animation allows you to make the transition from the slide to the slide more interesting. For example, the closed slide may fly to pieces or curl into the tube.

  1. Animation setting occurs in the "Animation" tab. It can be found in it with a complete list of standard transitions and choose the one that most suitable in your case.
    Adding an animation
    Choose animation for slide
  2. If the animation is added on the slide, then its icon in the list of all slides will contain the starrel.
    Animation Added
    Slide marked up the symbol in the form of the stars

Animation display occurs only in presentation view mode. Spreading slides without this mode cannot be seen.

View mode

After completing one of the stages of creating a presentation, save it and go to the viewing mode to check how it looks with all the effects and additions at the moment. You can run it in two ways: Press the F6 key on the keyboard or go to the "Slideshow" tab and start the display from the first item. To exit a full-screen mode, use the ESCAPE key.

Switch to viewing mode
Click on the "View Mode" button and choose "from the beginning"

Video: Basics of working with PowerPoint

There are many services and applications that facilitate the process of creating a presentation. Using any of them, you can create a simple presentation. If you turn to professional samples (PowerPoint or Prezi), you will also apply to animation, and sound effects, and other important design items.

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Presentation is a classic way of holding reports. The output of the most important information on the screen allows you to make a report more interesting and understandable to the public. Now for presentations use computer and special programs. Thanks to this, a presentation with slides can be made literally in a couple of minutes.

In which programs you can make a presentation

In order to make a presentation with slides on your computer you will need a special program for creating presentations. The most popular program of this kind is PowerPoint, which is included in the Microsoft Office office. Therefore, if Microsoft Office is already installed on your computer, then you have the right program.

If Microsoft Office is not installed, then you can install it yourself. On, you can download a trial version of Microsoft Office, which will work within 1 month. In the future, you will need to buy a full version or purchase a subscription.

You can also make a presentation using free programs. For example, you can use the Impress program, which is included with the LibreOffice Free Office Program. To do this, go to the site, download the LibreOffice software package and install it on your computer.

In this article, we will tell you how to make a presentation on the example of the PowerPoint program from the Microsoft Office office package. Since this software package is very common and most users have already installed.

How to make a presentation with slides on a computer

To make a presentation with slides on your computer first need to run the program. To do this, open the Start menu, go to the Programs List and find there PowerPoint. Also, this program can be launched by searching in the Start menu or using a desktop label.

Running PowerPoint

After starting the PowerPoint program, a list of different designs that can be used to design a presentation. Here you can choose any option. In the future, if the selected design you will not like it, it can be changed, without reworking the presentation from scratch. For example, choose the design of a green color called "aspect".

Selection of template for presentation

After that, you will appear in front of the PowerPoint program in which you will make a presentation. The PowerPoint interface is divided into three parts. To the top of the toolbar divided into tabs, on the left list of slides, and in the center themselves the presentation slides themselves.

Initially, only one slide is presentation. This is the title slide from which the entire presentation will begin. Here you need to enter the name of the presentation and some additional information about it, for example, the name of the organization.

Program interface for creating a presentation

After filling in the starting slide, you can proceed directly to the creation of the presentation itself. It is done very simply, add a new empty slide to the presentation, fill it with information and go to the next one. If you used to work with the Word text editor, then the filling of the presentation slides should not create problems for you, because everything works exactly here.

In order to make a new presentation slide, the Create Slide button is used, which is located on the Home tab. Click on the arrow under this button, and you will see a complete list of possible slide layouts.

button to create a new slide

In the list "Create Slide", select that layout of the slide that you most suitable, and a new empty slide appears in front of you. In the new slide there will be several fields that you need to fill out information. It can be fields to insert the header of the slide, text, images. To fill text fields, you just need to click on the empty field and insert the text.

Filling the slide text information

If the field assumes insertion of the pattern, then you need to click on the icon and in the window that opens, select the image to insert the image. Fields of other formats are filled in similarly, click on the icon and enter the necessary data.

inserting pictures on the slide

If standard slide layouts do not suit you, you can delete some fields or vice versa to add new ones. To add new fields, use the tools on the Insert tab. There are buttons that allow you to insert text fields, pictures, tables, charts, videos, audio recordings in the slides, pictures, and more. For example, in order to add a new image to the slide, use the "Pictures" button, and to add a text field, press the "Inscription" button and draw the desired field size to the mouse.

Picture Button

You can also change the design of the ready presentation. To do this, go to the Designer tab and select there one of the proposed designs.

Selection of template for presentation

In order to make a full-fledged presentation, you need to adjust the transitions between slides. To do this, open the Transition tab and select one of the options proposed. Also on this tab there is the "Apply to all" button, which applies the current transition settings to all presentation slides.

Selection of transitions between slides

To preview the resulting presentation, go to the "Slideshow" tab and use the "from the beginning" or "from the current frame" buttons that run the presentation playback from the first or current frame.

Starting a presentation playback

On the other tabs there are also useful tools, be sure to study them yourself.

How to save your presentation on a computer

After the presentation is done, it must be saved. In PowerPoint, this is done in the same way as in other programs, you need to open the "File" menu and select "Save As". But, there are some features related to the selection of the file format. The main format of PowerPoint presentations is PPTX format, which is also called PowerPoint Presentation. When using this format, you will have the ability to open the file and continue to edit the presentation, so you need to save a presentation in PPTX.

PPTX Presentation Saving Presentation

But if the presentation has already been done, and you are ready to demonstrate it, then in addition to the PPTX format, you can save a PPSX presentation, which is also called "PowerPoint Demonstration".

PPSX Presentation Preservation

A feature of the PPSX format or "PowerPoint" format is that the PowerPoint program interface does not appear, instead, users will immediately see the first presentation slide, which is open on the entire screen. This allows you immediately after opening the file, proceed to the show of the presentation made. But, PPSX files cannot be edited, so you always need to have a copy of the presentation stored in PPTX format.

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