How to get unemployment benefits online this year?

unemployment benefit

From April 2020

unemployment benefit

Registered via the Internet.

To obtain unemployment benefit It is necessary to register in the employment service.

For unemployment benefits, you do not need to collect:

  • wage certificates
  • Order of dismissal
  • And also apply a copy of the workbook.

Registration of documents for the receipt of unemployment benefits takes no more than 30 minutes.

Just fill in the online application and summary.

After submitting the application For 10 days You will receive offers about vacancies.

If for ten days they did not find a job, then on the 11th day they prescribe unemployment benefits.

In this article I will show how to register online to issue the status of the unemployed.

How to get on the labor exchange and get an online unemployment allowance?

Before proceeding with unemployment benefits, I will note an important nuance.

Despite the lack of need to submit a certificate of salary, order and labor book, all information is checked.

Video instruction, part 1st

Employment centers that pay unemployment benefits are inspected by interdepartmental interaction.

The audited data is requested from the tax service, the Pension Fund, the Migration Service and other organs.

This circumstance should be considered when filling out documents for unemployment benefits.

Subscribe to unemployment through state services by means of service: "Work in Russia".

On TRUDVSEM.RU. Click the button: Apply .

Then press the button: Make an unemployment allowance.

TRUDVSEM for registration of unemployment benefits

The system of the "Work in Russia" site will be offered to log in using the ESIA State Service.

If you are registered on the website of the State Service, then click Log in and log in.

unemployment benefit through state services

In a personal account, fill in the application for the provision of a citizen of a state service to promote suitable work.

Since the entrance is made through public services, the system itself will load personal data from the public services service.

In other words, FULL NAME, Passport details, Inn, SNILS system will fill automatically.

I remind you

The payment of unemployment benefits begins from the 11th day after submitting an application.

In the next step, choose resume.

Summary for unemployment benefit

If not previously used this system, it will offer to fill in the summary.

Filling a summary in the service is simple, because you just fill out the proposed fields.

Creating a summary consists of 13 steps.

At each individual step you need to enter information about yourself and click the button: Further .

Application for unemployment benefit

After saving the resume, you can choose to be selected in the application that we fill.

The next step fill out the address of the residence.

From the drop-down list, select the region, district, town and street.

Specify the house number and apartment.

residence address


The address of the place of residence must accurately comply with the place of registration in the passport.

If there are discrepancies in the address, then the unemployment allowance will not be prescribed.

At the next stage, choose:

  • Place of providing services
  • The method of obtaining unemployment benefits.

Carefully treat the choice of the provision of services.

Method for obtaining benefits

Choose a region and employment center at your place of registration.

Employment Center issues unemployment benefits at the place of residence.

If you select the employment center not at registration, then you will be registered as a job seeker. But you will not get the status of the unemployed.

In other words, the unemployment benefit will be denied.

Therefore, choose the center of employment that is valid at the place of your registration.

Receipt of unemployment benefits is possible at the current account or postal transfer.

In options, a way to get unemployment benefits, select one of the 2 values:

  • checking account,
  • Postal transfer.

If you have chosen a benefit on the account, fill out the bank details of your account.

The account may be from a bank card.

It is important that it be discovered in your name.

When choosing a benefit for unemployment benefits, specify your address.

At the final stage, specify the communication method:

  • telephone,
  • email.

Check boxes (checkboxes) about the consent to the processing of personal data, as well as warnings. Click: Send a statement.

Application for unemployment allowance sent.

After sending a statement in the Personal Account, you can track the consideration stages.

The application takes place different stages of processing.

At each stage, a statement is assigned a certain status.

Unemployment benefit remotely passes several stages and has 10 status.

Consider all the statuses and their meanings.

The application is processed

Status processed means that the employment center is looking for suitable vacancies according to your application.

Let me remind you to place an unemployment allowance after unsuccessful attempts to find work through the employment center.

Immediately, "from the threshold" to receive unemployment benefits will not be possible.

Statement is registered

If the personal account is displayed "registered", then you are registered as a job seeker.

This status does not mean that you are unemployed. You were only registered as a job seeker.

To get 1 unemployment benefit, you need to change the statement of the applicant to the unemployed.

This stage takes at least 10 days.

Filling information

Status - Delivery information means that the employment authority requests updating information.

Probably, when filling out the application, errors were allowed. They need to be corrected.

To correct, open the application in the Personal Account.

Find the fields in which the employment center asks to actualize.

Make adjustments and re-send an application.

Request information

The request for information means that the retirement fund was sent a request.

The purpose of the request is to get information about the work of the applicant.

For this reason, when filling out the application, it is advisable to specify reliable information. Because the information is checked.

Information is not enough

The status is not enough, means that your employer has not transferred information to the FIU.

Simply put, in the pension fund there are no information about what you are dismissed.

In other words, the employer did not file information about your dismissal to the pension fund.

This status creates a problem because it will not allow:

  • put you on account as unemployed
  • Eliminates the receipt of unemployment benefits.

Do not fall into despair.

What is the way out of the situation?

Call the old work and find out whether information about dismissal in the FIU.

It's not so difficult to correct the situation. Because almost all information is submitted to the Pension Fund online.

In other words, it is possible to correct the situation for 1 day.

If the employer "overtooking a horn", then immediately contact the work inspection.

You can submit an online complaint to the inspection.

Proposed vacancies

Status - proposed vacancies - means that the resume was sent to a potential employer.

In the personal account there is a section "Fees and invitations".

All interactions with a potential employer track in the specified section.

In other words, the results of interviews will be reflected in the Personal Account.

Minimum benefit on unemployment 1500 rubles.

This amount of benefits is set up for 2020 by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 27.03.2020 N 346.

Assigned manual

We want for many status testifies to the appointment of unemployment benefits.

In other words, you were recognized as unemployed.

Employment Center sends unemployment benefits to the method specified in the application:

  • to the current account
  • postal transfer.

The permafrost period is 6 months.

If you prenets, then unemployment benefits pay 12 months.


Status - it is employed - says for himself.

The employment center fulfilled its function - found you a job.

There can be no speech unemployment benefits. Forward, towards labor feats.

The maximum amount of unemployment benefits is 12130 rubles.

The above-mentioned unemployment benefit in 2020 do not pay.

This amount was established by the Government of Mishustina M.V. in Resolution No. 346.

Disposal statement

You can withdraw your application for unemployment benefit.

In this case, the system will change the status of the application.

In other words, the provision of the service is completed. The unemployment benefit procedure is discontinued.

denied manual

The most unpleasant of all statuses.

In this situation it is advisable to find out the reasons for refusal.

If the reasons are eliminated, then you can repeat the attempt and submit a new application for unemployment benefit.

So we reviewed

How to place an unemployment allowance online.

In general, the online procedure is not complicated.

Pseudo Quarantine for Coronovirus will check for strength online system.

Because the influx of people of losing work hardly weaken in April 2020.

Second part of the video instruction manual

I wish you to stand tightly on your land and live decent, despite the chaos around.

On December 31, 2020, part of the "coronavirus" payments ceased to act, and those that would not stop, in 2021 they will count on a new principle. We have dealt with, what recent changes have occurred with unemployment benefits for March 2021, in the context of the assignment of benefits in loss of work, when dismissing to reduce states, in size and payouts, and further in this article we will describe in detail.

Unemployment benefit for March and April 2021: What's new?

The maximum amount of the benefit for the unemployed was kept for 2021 - it will be 12,130 rubles. But so much will pay not the entire period after dismissal, but only three months. Then the unemployed will be obtained even less than it could be before the introduction of temporary rules.

Changes in the conditions of appointment of benefits with loss of work were made in the first days of 2021. That's what you need to know about them.

Size of unemployment benefits in March and April 2021 in Russia, the latest news

In 2021, the minimum unemployment allowance will remain at the same level - 1500 rubles. You can get it for three months.

The maximum allowance depends on the duration of payments:

  • three months - 12 130 rubles,
  • The next three months is 5,000 rubles.

Prenets have the duration of payments do not affect the limit, it will be 12,130 rubles.

The exact amount of benefits depends on the average earnings before dismissal:

  • The first three months is 75%,
  • Then - 60%.

Prenets receive allowance longer, in six months they pay 45%.

Until March 31, 2021, it is possible to register through state services.

Who concerns

This concerns those who are already registered in the employment center or plans to register there. Those who are officially recognized as unemployed, the state helps to find a job or pays a manual - this is temporary support for the time that there is no earnings.

As a manual is assigned

Unemployment benefit is appointed if it did not work out to find a suitable job. At first, the unemployed put pressure to find a job and offer options for employment. If nothing has come, after 10 days a manual is prescribed.

How changed amounts and timelines in March and April 2021

To pandemic

Until 2019, the minimum unemployment allowance was 850 rubles, and the maximum - 4900 rubles. In 2019, the sums rose to 1500 and 8,000 rubles, respectively, and prenets could even receive 11,280 rubles. The minimum allowance was paid for three months, the maximum - to six months, and prenets - even longer.

Since 2020

Everything has changed in April 2020, when, because of the pandemic, many began to lose work. Even those who have had a high stable income, often remained without earnings on reasons independent of them.

But these measures were temporary, they gradually stopped working, and only one was acted by October: an increased maximum amount, taking into account the average earnings. And December 31, 2020 and this measure ceased to effect. The new year began without a document on the extension of temporary rules for the unemployed.

In 2021.

On January 2, 2021, the Government has established new rules for the purpose of the benefit. The news was announced as the extension of the maximum amount for 2021. But everything is not so simple.

The minimum amount in 2021 does not change and will be 1,500 rubles.

In 2021, the maximum unemployment allowance will be 12,130 rubles - although the minimum wage increased to 12,792 rubles. That is, in 2020, the unemployed received one minimum wage, and in 2021 payments will be less than minimum wage.

At 12 130 rubles it will be possible to receive only the first three months after registering in the employment center.

For the next three months, the maximum amount will be 5,000 rubles.

It may be more taking into account the district coefficient.

At the same time, the amount of payment will depend on the average earnings:

  • The first three months can be obtained 75%,
  • Then three more - 60%, but not more than the maximum amount set.

For example, Electric Ivan lost his job in December 2020. His official salary was 35,000 rubles. In 2021, he registered at the Employment Center. The first three months Ivan will receive 75% of the average earnings, but not more than 12 130 rubles. If the work does not work, from the fourth month Ivan will pay 60% of the average earnings, but not more than 5,000 rubles.

Other rules are valid for persons pre-age

1. If the Prenancer has 26 weeks of the experience over the past year, he receives a manual within 12 months:

  • The first 3 months is 75% of the average monthly earnings in the last 3 months (but not more than 12,130 rubles, and at least 1500 rubles);
  • The next 4 months is 60% of the average salary (but not more than 12,130 rubles, and at least 1500 rubles);
  • Later - 45% of the salary (but not more than 12,130 rubles, and at least 1500 rubles).

2. If the pre-announcing has not had 26 years of experience in the last year, then the manual is appointed in minimal amount (1500 rubles) for up to 12 months.

3. If the Prenanceman quit more than a year ago or earlier did not work or could not provide a certificate of salary over the past 3 months, then he receives a minimum allowance (1500 rubles), and only 3 months.

If the manual is scheduled until 2021

The decision with new limits is valid from January 1, 2021. That is, it concerns those periods of payments that began or continue in the coming year. Even if the manual is assigned before, updated conditions are now apply.

If in January 2021, the fourth month of payments went, the manual will not be more than 5,000 rubles. The unemployed will no longer receive 12 130 rubles, as it could according to the rules of 2020, he will not pay even 8,000 rubles, as it was before the pandemic. The state believes that if the job search did not have three months, then the allowance should be reduced.

For instance:

  • With a salary of 21,000 rubles or more in 2020, the unemployment benefit from the fourth month would be 12,130 rubles.
  • In 2021, with the same salary, the benefit will be 5,000 rubles.

Features of the payment of unemployment benefits after layout to reduce the state in 2021

When reducing the staff of workers, the dismissed should receive payments from the employer and register into the employment center. As long as a person does not find a new job, he will receive unemployment benefits.

In what cases is the abbreviated employee assign payments from the exchange?

The dismissed employee can receive payments from the employment center only if he registered as unemployed.

In addition, he will receive unemployment benefits not from the moment of registration, but from that day, when a former employer has ceased to pay the average monthly earnings, which is reduced (in a different way, it is called "saved" manual).

The dismissed two or three months receive compensatory payments from the employer until they are not employed again.

If during this time it was not possible to find a new job - begins to charge the benefit of unemployment from the state.

Application for the payment of benefits for the third month in reducing

The strict form of the application is not legally approved, so it is written in simple writing. The personnel service of the organization can be offered its own form of statements.

How to get payments after dismissal to reduce states?

The procedure for calculations with employees in the reduction of state regulates Article 178 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

Fired as a result of the reduction should have time to register at the employment center for two weeks.

Payments are allowed to all who are registered and before dismissal worked at least 26 weeks.

The necessary conditions

  • The person has no work (in this case, due to dismissal);
  • A person has no other permanent income - for example, scholarships or pensions.

Payments from the former employer in this case are not taken into account.

The employment service should recognize the person unemployed no later than 11 days from the date of the labor exchange. In the first 10 days, options for employment will be enjoyed. If during this period it is not possible to get a new place, the employment service recognizes man unemployed.

Documents for registration on the Labor Exchange

To register on the Labor Stock Exchange, the following documents will be needed:

  • application for registration in standard form;
  • the passport;
  • employment history;
  • Help with the last place of work, in which the average salary will be indicated over the past three months;
  • education document (school certificate, diploma, documents on additional education);
  • Insurance certificate (if necessary);
  • INN (if necessary);
  • Details of the bank account.

The labor exchange will put on account only with a marking on permanent registration in the region of residence.

Appointment procedure

Consider how the benefit on the stock exchange is paid:

  • The manual is prescribed with certain obligations for the unemployed.
  • The employment center needs to attend at least twice a month.
  • There is a vacancies for the unemployed, he goes to the interview.
  • Work for those who stand on the labor exchange are selected, given the level of profric training, the conditions of the last place of work, the state of health and transport accessibility.
  • If a person is not suitable for the proposed posts, it is necessary to bring a blank to the employment center, then the day off will continue to pay.
  • If the vacancy is not suitable for him, it should also specify the reasons. However, after two failures, the employment center may suspend the payment of benefits.
  • In addition, the days appointed by employees days should be reinstated on the stock exchange and again confirm their status of the unemployed (paragraph 6 of Art. 31 of the Law "On Employment of the Population in the Russian Federation").
  • If a person missed a visit to the JN without a good reason, the allowance will stop paying and remove from accounting.
  • A good reason is the disease or death of relatives.

Deadlines for the accrual of benefits dismissed to the reduction of states

For dismissed allowance, they begin to pay after the completed payments from the employer.

That is, on the third or fourth month.

The permissions permissal period should not exceed half a year within 12 months.

If a person has not worked for a year, he has the right to re-apply to the employment center for obtaining social assistance.

In this case, he will receive unemployment benefits in minimal.

The manual is paid every month, provided that the unemployed is re-registration in the CZN.

How much do they pay fired to reduce states?

The employer who has reduced the employee will two months pay him an average monthly salary. If the dismissed stood in the employment center, then the payment from the former employer can be obtained for another third month in the same amount.

The second and third compensation is charged if the employee did not find a new job.

To get a second payment, an employee needs to write an application for the name of the former manager, and transfer the document along with a copy of the workbook in the personnel department of the organization. The statement indicates a request for payment and reason for receiving money. Labor book serves as a supporting document that dismissed and did not find a new job.

Minimum payout size

The size of the minimum payment in 2021 is 1,500 rubles. It is obtained by the following categories of unemployed:

  • Those who have not worked before or do not work for more than a year.
  • Those who were fired for violation of discipline.
  • Those whose experience over the past year is less than 26 weeks.

Maximum size

The law "On employment of the population in the Russian Federation" is said, as the unemployment allowance is calculated. How much is paid by the labor exchange to a person after his dismissal, depends on the average wage over the past three months before reducing.

The first three months will pay 75% of the average salary, the next three months is 60%.

By law, payments may not exceed the maximum amount of unemployment benefits in the country. In 2021, it is 12,130 rubles, incl. And for citizens of pre-age.

That is, if 75% of the average monthly income exceeded the maximum, the unemployed will be paid 12 130 rubles.

The remaining period is 60%, but not more than 5,000 rubles.

In some subjects there are surcharges for the manual. The maximum amount is multiplied by the district coefficient, it depends on the climatic conditions in the region of residence. In particular, the increasing coefficients apply to payments for residents of the Far North.

According to Art. 318 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, Northerners can receive a third payment from the employer, while not getting registered into the employment center.

Additional cash surcharges also laid:

  • participants of the liquidation of the Chernobyl catastrophe;
  • Persons who conducted the collection of radioactive waste on the Tcha River;
  • victims at the union "Mayak".

Important recommendations fired to reduce states

After abbreviation, you need to have time to register in the employment center within two weeks, then you can get the third compensatory payment from the employer.

It is important to observe all the conditions from the CHN: to go to the interview, to report on their search for work, not to skip the center. Otherwise, the benefit will not pay.

If the dismissed found work - the status of the unemployed is annulled and the allowance cease to pay.

What with remote accounting: how to register unemployment via the Internet?

From 2020, the unemployment can be registered without a personal visit to the Employment Center - via the Internet. This condition was extended until March 31, 2021. If you lost work, apply for public services.

Regional specific payments for unemployed

In the regions there are features related to the status of the unemployed. The procedure for registration is no different and regulated by federal rules. Whereas payments can vary from the region:

  • Moscow authorities have established a minimum benefit for all who have lost their work due to coronavirus in 19500 r.
  • In the Moscow region, the limit is 15 000 r. (if a citizen worked 60 days in 2021).
  • In the Tula region, the maximum payments of 12130 r.
  • The payments are produced in KMAO with a coefficient of 1.7: a minimum is 2550 p., Maximum 20621 p.
  • In the Orenburg region, a coefficient of 1.6 is used: the manual is paid in the amount of 2400 to 19408 p.

In addition to the federal benefit, the unemployed in Moscow can receive payments from the city:

  • extra charge to the unemployment benefit - 850 rubles;
  • Compensation of expenses for the use of urban public transport services - 1,450 rubles.

Are there any payments for children to unemployed parents

Payments for unemployed parents in the amount of 3000 p. For each child under 18 years of age were introduced in June 2020. Initially, they were planned to pay in August inclusive, but then the payment was additionally extended to September. If both parents became unemployed, then payments received one of them.

From October 2020, the payment was canceled

How to apply for unemployment allowance in 2021

To receive unemployment benefits, you need to register with the Center for Employment of the Population (CZN) and register as unemployed. In 2021, this requires only to fill out an application at the State Service portal or on the work of "Work in Russia". Follow the status of the statement can also be online. Within 10 days, employment specialists will select and send employment options to the applicant's personal account. If there are no suitable vacancies or, according to the results of the interview, we failed to settle, then on April 11, after the appeal, the applicant is recognized as officially unemployed and prescribe a manual.

Where you can apply to the employment center for payments to the unemployment

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the government temporarily changed the procedure for registering unemployment: now register with the JN and apply for unemployment benefits online.

The remote procedure for registration of unemployment benefits in Russia has extended until 31.03.2021.

If in the future such a measure will show its effectiveness, the remote design of the unemployed status can be consolidated in legislation on a permanent basis.

Now you can stand on the Exchange of Labor in a simplified order in three ways:

  • Through the portal "Gosvousvugi".
  • On the site "Work in Russia".
  • Through the site of the employment center at the place of registration. This order is established in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

If the option with online registration is not suitable, the citizen has the right to contact the Employment Center personally.

How to apply for unemployment benefits through public services (step by step)

To apply for the assignment of benefits through civil servants, only users of the portal with a confirmed account (on the site "Work in Russia" it will also be needed).

When filling out the application, data will be required:

  • passports;
  • education document;
  • Labor book;
  • bank account or post office address for payments.

You do not need to apply a photo or scan-copy of income certificate over the past three months, employment data and the reason for dismissal from the last place of work. All necessary information Employment Center will request a pension fund.

The procedure for applying the application is as follows:

Step 1. First you need to go to your personal account on the portal.

Step 2. Then from the main page Go to the "Services" tab and find the section "Work and Employment". Next, you need to click on the very first service "Obtaining unemployment benefits and registration at the Employment Center".

Step 3. After that, a description will appear, it needs to be read carefully, and then click on "Get the service".

Step 4. Next, the electronic application form opens. It needs to specify only information about the required documents and attach their scanned copies (you can photo), as well as select the CZN at the place of registration.

The remaining data of the portal will pull out automatically from the applicant's profile in public services.

Through the official website "Work in Russia"

To register as an unemployed and apply for the appointment of benefits through the "Work in Russia" website, a confirmed account with the Public Services portal will be required. The time for submission of the application will be needed a little more, as it is necessary to fill out more and resume.

How to find out the status of an application for unemployment benefit

Since registration in the CHN is carried out in remote mode, many applicants are asked: how to find out the status of the statement?

This information can be clarified at any time by email or by telephone local CZN.

If the application was filed through civil servants, it is necessary to check its status. All information will be displayed in the "Notifications" section.

In addition, information can be obtained through the official mobile application of the portal. It can be downloaded to the Play Market or App Store and install yourself on a tablet or smartphone.

Also follow the course of treatment can also be on the site "Work in Russia". To do this, go to the site, click on the string with your Full name. in the upper right corner and choose the item "Registration of unemployment benefits." On the page that opens, the user can familiarize himself with the current status of its appeal. In the event of a change in the status in the personal account of the applicant next to the profile icon, a red exclamation mark is displayed.

After what time after submission of the application, the allowance is paid

The decision on registration or to refuse to recognize the unemployed is made within 11 calendar days from the date of application. If the application was filed at the weekend or festive non-working day, the date of acceptance is considered the next day of circulation.

If during this time a citizen will be able to get a job, he will not be put on accounting to the CHN and the manual will not prescribe. However, if the interviews do not bring the result or suitable vacancies at all, there is no future, on May 11, the citizen is recognized as an officially unemployed and appoint a corresponding allowance. At the same time, money is charged from the first day of recognition as unemployed.

When can the unemployed be removed from the account?

If a person found a job, he is removed from accounting on the labor market and cease to pay benefits. But, according to Art. 35 FZ "On employment of the population in the Russian Federation", there are other cases where the unemployed status is canceled:

  • Retired.
  • Died.
  • Replaced the place of residence. Then you will have to get up for the CZN in the New Region.
  • The man did not work before and did not hesitate, while refused to undergo a thoroughtry from the CZN.
  • Does not attend the Employment Center without a valid reason.
  • Fake the documentation and fraudulently received unemployment payments.
  • Refused to pay himself.
  • Appeared in the center of employment in a state of alcoholic intoxication.
  • The unemployed condemned correctional work or sent to prison.

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This material is updated 24.01.2021

Labor Exchange is an intermediary between an employee and an employer: helps them find each other. Usually the state institution is called - the employment center (CZN).

Incovering the Employment Center becomes to receive benefits, and there is still free of charge with new professions. In the article, we will tell about the conditions for registration and what documents are needed for the labor exchange and how to get there.

Is there an electronic accession to labor

In the usual time to get on the science of labor via the Internet will not work. For this you will have to come to the Employment Center personally and with documents.

How to get on the labor exchange in self-insulation

Due to the coronavirus pandemic until the end of 2020, it is possible to get up on the Internet on the Internet on the site "Work in Russia". For this, it is enough there to fill out the application and summaries. Provide a copy of the employment record, the order of dismissal and the certificate of average monthly earnings from the previous employer is not necessary. This information will receive this information by the interdepartmental interaction system.

Offers vacancies will come to a citizen to a personal account. If within 11 days a citizen failed to get a job, he would be prescribed a benefit.

In Moscow, in the conditions of self-insulation regime since March 30, the employment center "My work" began online acceptance of applications from citizens to remote service. Application service will begin on April 6.

You can make an application for the receipt of the service like this:

  1. Go to the site
  2. Select the service.
  3. Fill out the application.
  4. Attach scans / photos of the required documents.
  5. The Center Specialist will contact you by phone specified in the application or email.

But employing centers work sites - they can be considered electronic exchanges. Usually on sites there are information on how to register.

Start page of one of the employment centers in Voronezh
Start page of one of the employment centers in Voronezh

Another work is called ad sites, where employers are looking for employees, such as Avito, Hedkhanter or Superjob. There is also a all-Russian base of vacancies of employment centers.

On such sites, you can read how to register, it is also convenient to learn about various events here: seminars or trainings. For example, on the site there may be alert about the job fair. Representatives of organizations are collected at such events and advertise themselves, and applicants choose the appropriate job.

There is still a portal "Work in Russia". This is the all-Russian base of vacancies. The portal works just like most commercial sites for the search and selection of work. But all services are free.

On the portal, specify your region and specify the city to start searching for work
On the portal, specify your region and specify the city to start searching for work

How to get the status of unemployed

Stand on the stock exchange - it means to get the status of the unemployed. The unemployed pays allowance, help look for work, master the free new specialty or run your business.


You can go through various courses, all of them are several dozen. For example, accountant courses, a boiler room or lifter operator. Training lasts from month to six, after it is issued a certificate. Thought for free. During the course of courses, a scholarship is paid.


Registered unemployed pay allowance. The size and period of payments depends on several factors. For example, whether a person worked before, how much I paid over the past three months in the last place and how much he worked for the last year.

Complete our short test and find out what the size of the manual is laid and how long it will be paid.

Grounds and conditions for registration

Officially unemployed is not anyone who does not work, but only the one whom the employment service has registered.

Stand on the labor exchange can be able-bodied man without earnings, which is ready to look for a job and proceed to it. Not any income is considered earnings.

Terms and procedure for recognizing the unemployed

For registration on the labor exchange, you need to bring documents. It is better to know in advance from the staff, what documents are needed for the exchange. The employment service should be recognized as unemployed no later than 11 days from this moment. During the first 10 days, they will offer employment options.

The future unemployed is issued a list of vacancies, he chooses suitable and gets directions to work. The direction indicates the name and address of the company, as well as the phone number and the position of an employee with whom to communicate. If you do not take a job, the employer notes in the direction of the cause. Most often they write: "denied in connection with the consideration of another candidacy."

Sample direction to work from the CZNSample direction to work from the CZN

You can search for options and yourself. In this case, the Employment Center issues another form - "Individual work search plan." In the people, it is called "Runner". This is the table in which you need to record the date, the steps of passage and the result of the interview.

In the "runner", the employer also makes marks on the results of the consideration of the candidacy.

"Runner" from labor exchange
"Runner" from labor exchange

If no one will take to work in 10 days, then the employment service recognizes the unemployed. For these first ten days, allowance will also pay.

Registration on the Labor Exchange imposes some responsibilities. We will have to periodically visit the Labor Exchange and receive referrals to employment. It will be necessary to come no more than two times a month, it will rather say the Exchange Employee.

Exchange will offer several vacancies, usually two-three . Over the next three days, you need to interview in these organizations. If the candidacy does not suit anyone, you need to bring a blank to the employment center, and then the benefit will extend. If you do not come to the CZN, the amount of benefits can reduce or will completely stop paying.

Who do not need to be executed as unemployed

Unoccupied citizens are not obliged to get up on the labor exchange. If a able-bodied person does not work anywhere and is not looking for a job, it cannot be forced.

Therefore, there are no such categories that need or do not need to be issued as unemployed. But there are cases when an adult does not actually work, but it will not work for the Birjan.


Individual entrepreneurs can not be embarked on the labor exchange. Even if the IP has no revolutions for a long time, this person does not recognize the unemployed. The same about the founders of commercial organizations.

On the contrary, one of the options that the employment service will offer is to open an IP to work well. Also money can give - read how to get on the stock exchange and open your business.


The pensioner will not be issued and the benefit will not pay, but they can help choose a vacancy if he wants to work.

Stand on the stock exchange will not even be able to retire before the generally accepted age, for example, by service. Exception - disabled people-bodied groups. They are recorded.

Civilian legal contracts

It is also impossible to register on the Ludi Stock Exchange, which regularly provide paid services under civil law agreements. Those who constantly perform one-time orders on such contracts are considered labor. If you get money for your services, you actually conclude a contract, even if it is not in writing.

For example, Labor Exchange in the Republic of Tatarstan refused to register the unemployed due to The fact that he concluded with one company an indefinite agreement for the provision of services.

Illegal receipt of benefits may be a crime. At the same time, the amount of illegally received allowance does not matter - even for a thousand rubles they can be responsible. For this, a fine of up to 120,000 rubles can be written or sent for forced work for up to 2 years.

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How to register on the labor exchange

On the Rostruda website, find out where the main management of employment services in your region is located. First, it is better to call them, because there may be several district employment centers in the city. On the phone they will say how and where to get on the science of labor. For example, if you are not 30 years old, can tell how to get up on the youth exchange.

The employment center will necessarily require a passport and documents on education and qualifications, such as a diploma or certificate. We will need For labor exchange, additional documents depends on Lie worked Man before.

On the Rostrud website, select your region
On the Rostrud website, select your region

Previously worked citizens

Those who used to work should need to take a labor book and certificate from work on average earnings over the past 3 months.

The manual for this category depends on the cause of dismissal. For example, if the employee was fired by his fault, then pay the minimum.

If the employee quit his own request, by agreement of the parties or reduced it, the first three months he will receive a manual in the amount of 75% of the average monthly earnings, which is calculated over the past three months in the last place of work. The next three months is 60%, but not more than 5000 Р. At the same time, the amount of benefits will not be higher than the maximum - 12 130 Р- and below the minimum - 1500 Р- quantities.

Restriction on the maximum amount from the fourth month will not act for pre -sening - they will be the limit of 12 130 РFor the entire period of payments.

If a year before the recognition of the unemployed worked less than 26 weeks, 1500 will pay Р. You can get them for three months.

The maximum and minimum benefits may be increased by district coefficients. For example, Moscow pays 19,500 Рper month, in the Moscow region - 15 000 Р, in Omsk - 13 950 Р.

Those who have not previously worked

Previously, not working should provide only a passport and documents on education and qualifications. For this category, payments will be the smallest - 1500 Рper month.

After abbreviation

If you have been reduced, you will also need to bring an employment book to the employment center and a certificate from work on average earnings over the past 3 months. In some regions, this amount increases to district coefficients.

The company that has reduced the employee will pay the average monthly salary within two months. If an employee regards into account the employment center, then another month in the same amount.

After the cessation of payments from the company, the unemployed will receive a manual with labor exchange.


Pregnant women can also stand on the labor exchange. But after 30 weeks, it is meaningless - the status of the unemployed in this case does not give anything.

If the term of pregnancy is up to 30 weeks, the woman receives an unemployment benefit. She then gives her pregnancy vacation and childbirth for 140 days, and payments from the CZN are terminated. During this period, it is considered disabled and receives a manual for pregnant women.

The payment of unemployment benefits at this time also does not go. When a woman comes out of the decree, she will again receive unemployment benefits so much time as she remained before making a maternity leave.

In some cases, a disability leaf is given before the thirtieth week. For example, if a woman is pregnant with several children.


The disabled is registered if the health examination recognized it to be able bodied. Therefore, the disabled person will be required to bring an individual rehabilitation program that contains the conclusion about the recommended nature and working conditions.

In fact, only disabled people of the second and third groups can get up on the labor exchange.

Re-appeal to the employment center

If the labor exchange refused to recognize the unemployed, it can be re-trying in a month from the date of refusal.

Features of circulation

It is possible to get up on the Exchange of Labor and at the place of actual stay, not just registration.

Not at the place of registration

No need to confuse regional, urban and district labor exchanges. The regional employment service is located in the regional center, but there will not be registered with the person who is registered in this city. They work with the inhabitants of the region. Conversely: The urban labor exchange will not take into account the resident of the region.

The employment service of the Voronezh region is located in Voronezh. But if a resident of Voronezh comes there, and not the region, the status of the unemployed and the benefit will not give him. They can only provide vacancies and try to employ.

With temporary registration

Citizens recognize the unemployed employment center at the place of residence. But this does not mean that without registration, it will not work.

The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation explained that the lack of registration at the place of residence in the presence of temporary registration at the place of stay in itself could not be the basis for refusal to register as unemployed.

If the Employment Center refuses to take into account without constant registration, his refusal can be challenged into the prosecutor's office.

Documents to regain

Any labor exchange requires the following documents:

  1. Passport of the Russian Federation.
  2. Employment history. No one who has not worked before.
  3. Help from the last place of work on average earnings over the past three months.
  4. Documents on education and qualifications. For example, a certificate or certificate of courses.
  5. Details for transfer benefits.
  6. For disabled, the program of individual rehabilitation.
  7. Military ticket, if there is.

The list of necessary documents can be wider: some labor exchanges are asking for a reduction or marriage certificate, although there are no such claims in law. It is better to clarify in advance what documents are needed for a specific stock exchange.

What you need to take with you when you go to Voronezh CZN. This list is issued in the same place, but you can specify in advance by phone or in law, what documents are needed for labor exchange
What you need to take with you when you go to Voronezh CZN. This list is issued in the same place, but you can specify in advance by phone or in law, what documents are needed for labor exchange

At the same time, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation explained that employment centers do not have the right to refuse to recognize the unemployed former individual entrepreneurs or citizens who seek to resume labor activities after a long (more than one year) break, only on the grounds that the certificate of average earnings are not presented Over the past three months in the last place of work.

Why may not recognize the unemployed

The labor exchange refuses to three groups of reasons: disability, employment and non-fulfillment of the requirements of the employment service.

Will refuse disabled. These include:

  1. Those who have not yet turned 16 years old.
  2. Women with baby up to one and a half years.
  3. Pensioners. Pensioners for disability can be recognized by worm-bodied, and then they can be recognized as unemployed.

Will refuse able-bodied, but engaged. These include:

  1. Those who have paid work, including temporary. It does not matter, an employment contract or a civil-legal agreement. Even work on an incomplete day deprives the opportunity to become unemployed. Exception - Public works.
  2. Individual entrepreneurs and founders of a commercial organization.
  3. Servicemen.
  4. Schoolchildren and students-glasses.
  5. Convicted and prisoners.

Will refuse able-bodied and unoccupied but not fulfilling the requirements. These include:

  1. Those who have abandoned the proposed work for ten days. No appearance in the employment service is equal to such failures.
  2. Those who did not work on the work on the Economy of Labor and did not study and at the same time discussed twice to undergo training from the employment center.

Unemployment benefit

The unemployed pay allowance. If the unemployed went on learning from the labor exchange, for this time the manual is replaced with a scholarship.

From January 1, 2019, the size of unemployment benefits increased almost twice. Previously, the minimum size was 850 Рnow - 1500 Р. Maximum size rose from 4900 Рup to 12 130. Р.

Minimum payment - 1500 Р- Get:

  1. The unemployed, which previously did not work or do not work for more than a year.
  2. The unemployed, who was fired for violation of discipline, for example for absenteeism.
  3. Unemployed, whose experience over the past year less than 26 weeks is about six months.

The rest of the first three months will pay 75% of the average salary over the past three months of work. If the amount works more than 12 130 Р, then only 12 130 will pay Р. The next three months is 60%, but not more than 5000 Р.

Restriction on the maximum amount from the fourth month will not act for pre -sening - they will be the limit of 12 130 РFor the entire period of payments. They receive benefits longer. The first three months - 75% of the average earnings, the following three - 60%, after six months - 45%.

The amount of benefits The employment center will calculate on the certificate of average earnings from the last place of work.

How much can you be registered

Pay became more, but not as long as before. Until 2019, we could pay the year, and now six months.

There are exceptions when the period of payments is even less - only three months:

  1. Who is looking for a job for the first time or does not work for more than a year.
  2. The unemployed, who was fired for disorder discipline.
  3. The unemployed, whose experience over the past year is less than 26 weeks.

When they stop paying the manual, it is not removed from the records. You can remain unemployed before retirement.

In what cases is removed from the registration

When the unemployed finds a job, it is celebrated on the Labor Stock Exchange and is removed from accounting.

In addition to employment, the unemployed will be removed from accounting if he:

  1. Became a pensioner.
  2. Died.
  3. Moved. In this case, you need to register at the employment center at the new place of residence.
  4. Previously, I did not work anywhere and did not study, but on the Labor Exchange two times in a row refused to study.
  5. Does not come to the Employment Center without a valid reason. In such a situation, the allowance will be reduced either will be removed from the metering.
  6. Received a guide to deception. For example, faked documents for labor exchange. In this case, the exchange through the court may recover the amount of illegally received benefits, as well as ask law enforcement agencies to initiate a criminal case.
  7. He himself refused the benefit.
  8. Came on the labor exchange drunk.
  9. It was convicted of correctional work or he was imprisoned.

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